Season 5 Episode 2

The Way of the Fist

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jan 15, 2012 on Showtime

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  • The Way of the Fist

    Samurai is just such a generic and cliched rapper character that I really can't get too invested in it when we've seen it done better on other programs.

    It had its moments, but fairly storyline free.
  • Way of the Fist

    Hank has a bad dream that sees him sleeping with record girl, the one he made out with on the plane, (don't remember her name so we'll call her record girl) with Samurai Apocalypse shooting him for doing so. Charlie has to make amends when his son pulls his penis out in front of another student at his preschool and he goes over to the other student's mother's house to apologize. Hank spends the day with Samurai Apocalypse who promises to make him see that he needs to write his movie. A lunch with Peter Berg who appears as himself much as he did in Entourage, gets into a fist fight with Hank over a girl he slept with while Pete was with her even though Pete was cheating on her anyway. Hank's attempt at reparations with Becca sink him deeper into loathing of her new boyfriend, and while at a club with Sam Apoc he sees him making out with another girl and he warns him (in not so many words) to not hurt his daughter's heart. He voices his concern about the issue and record girl and Sam Apoc like that about him. Hank says he passes on the project, and Charlie does a weird sexual thing with the other student's mother which results in the nanny getting fired for walking in on them. Charlie hires her to nanny his son, since Stu and Marcy have just fired the other one. Hank accepts Becca's new boyfriend despite his wanting to punch him but it turns out Sam Apoc took his meaning to heart and busted the boyfriend outside of the club as a way to convince Hank to write his script. While a show like Californication doesn't tend to surprise so much with its overuse of overt sexual content and themes it does show us a main character who legitimately cares and tries to break the habits of his ways. The writers are really skilled at putting Hank into unique situations where consequences weigh supreme since if he were to sleep with record girl Sam Apoc would probably bust him up in some way but the chemistry is definitely there. I am actually liking Samurai Apocalypse for some reason he seems to want a movie treatment much like the crazy actor Rob Lowe played last year who wanted to play Hank in the F & P movie he's crazy but crazy cool. The boyfriend getting jumped is a leap this show has never taken before and I also hope that Charlie's son doesn't turn into a pervert of sorts because after all this may be cable but he's a three year old people have some limitations!