Season 1 Episode 11

Turn The Page

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Oct 22, 2007 on Showtime

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  • Mia steals Hanks book and there is nothing he can do, Becca wants to move in with Hank

    Oh man, I hate Mia. I realize I am starting to sound like a broken record but come on, 16 year old kids are not that awful in real life are they? She trapped him into statutory rape since she knew exactly who he was and he had no idea. Then she tortures him and then continues on to steal his work?! He was right, she is a sociopath. And now her stealing the work is making Becca miserable and that is clearly unacceptable. I love Becca she is wise beyond her years and adorable. Karen cannot marry Bill he is an idiot and I don't know why a cool chick like her would ever be with a loser like him. Ew. I cannot wait for the season finale to my favorite new show!
  • Cant wait for the finale

    Hank is a little depressed by the way things are falling into place. His daughter moves in with him. He doesnt know Mya is about to sell his story. Hanks Ex is now on the crossroads. Hank has won over his daughter but lot is said which might make us think otherwise. This episode deals with alot of rhetoric which is a welcome change. Hopefully the next episode will end well cant wait to see the marriage. Its goin to be total mayhem. If all goes well what can i say that never does happen on this show. So enjoy the finale like i will.
  • How this season is going to finish is anyone's guess!

    Well I think I can only start off by echoing most people's sentiments when I say that I really do dislike Mia. Her brazen attitude and reasoning for stealing Hank's book infuriated me immensely. I do however think that she'll come good. Clearly when Becca spoke to her, you could see her words had an effect on Mia, and she may just own up in the season finale but it may not just be owning up to the true author of the book.

    I was glad that Charlie spotted it was Hank's work, but I think that Danni may prove difficult in that respect holding what she does over him.

    And then there's the whole marriage to Bill! It won't happen ... will it?

    Next week's episode just has so many possibilities! It should be a great end to a great first season.
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