Season 5 Episode 4

Waiting for the Miracle

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jan 29, 2012 on Showtime

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  • Waiting for the Miracle

    The dinner scene was just so painful. So many opportunities for comedic gold, but we got none of it. Oddly enough, this show usually doesn't deliver when the whole gang is together which is surprising given the talented cast.
  • Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

    Hank gets a rude surprise when Kally, (the ever gorgeous Natalie Zea), arrives at Charlie's place saying that she tracked his phone and has gotten a job in Los Angeles. The two end up sleeping together and once they're done Karen and Becca show up Becca needing to get out of the house after her breakup with Tommy or (The Young Hank). Karen invites Kally and Hank to join them at dinner at her and Bates' house which Kally accepts contrary to Hank's objections. The party is to celebrate the optioning of Bates' book into a movie that Stu and Runkle put together. Meanwhile, Charlie gets set up on a blind date with a friend of his nanny's who turns out to be a virgin and things don't actually turn out as she had hoped for her first time. Californication didn't really have many things in the ways of redemptive, other than sex talk, this episode since all the dinner conversation was all about this sexual thing or that sexual thing. It really gets tiring sometimes when Tom Kapinos is trying "too hard" to push the boundaries by just simply being on a cable network (just like House of Lies has a tendency of doing, but I still watch it because that's all it it.) Californication has a heart that is getting harder and harder to see this season since Hank wants to leave, but doesn't. The writers merely giving him more and more reasons to stay, understandably so from a writing perspective. The hard fact is that the only good part of the episode is Karen talking to Hank while smoking outside after Kally resolves to not be with him ever again. Karen says that Hank is really enticing and he shouldn't lead women on so thoroughly as he has a tendency of doing. Hank contemplates that what if they ever got back together and the only destiny he has is "to wait until the band gets back together." Sad but it also explains a lot of what Hank's going through with his trademark "lack of commitment" being especially lacking these days. Californication is supposed to be a raunchy show about a sexaholic writer trying to adjust to the women in his life's needs both as a father and with his own career. Right now, we're not seeing much of that and I hope things turn for the better soon especially with the recent announcement of a Season 6. If these guys are really out of gas a third of the way into the fifth season, do we really need a 6th? And stop badmouthing Charlie Marcy yes he may have been bad as a lover but the guy is decent and is the father of your child, give him a freaking break.