Call 911

Discovery Fit & Health (ended 2012)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Family Dramas at Home

      A woman calls 911 when her elderly father falls and hits his head in the bathtub.

      Then, when a woman goes into labor at home, her husband and mother must deliver the baby with the help of a 911 dispatcher.

      Later, a father is severely burned when he tries to extinguish a grease fire in the kitchen. He starts to go into shock while on the phone with 911.

    • No Time to Waste
      No Time to Waste
      Episode 16

      A mother pulls over and calls 911 when her baby has a seizure in the car.

      Then, a 911 dispatcher helps a man deliver his wife's baby on Easter Sunday.

      Later, a woman calls 911 when her elderly roommate begins firing a shotgun inside their home.

    • Peril on the Ground and in the Skies

      A bank teller hides behind a desk and calls 911 during a robbery. Later, a police officer locates the robbers and they attempt to flee on foot before backup arrives. Two off duty sheriff's deputies aid in the chase.

      Then, a couple calls 911 from their airplane when they lose their lights and radio in the dark. The 911 dispatchers must notify the airport manager to turn on the runway lights so the plane can land safely.

    • Family Held Hostage

      A couple calls 911 when their mentally unstable son takes them hostage in their own home. The police call the son and try to negotiate a peaceful surrender.

    • Extreme Tension
      Extreme Tension
      Episode 13

      A mother calls 911 when she sees a man trying to break into her kitchen window. Police respond and catch the burglar breaking into another house.

      Then, woman sees a house on fire while driving to work. Fearing that someone is trapped inside, she calls 911.

      Later, a man calls 911 when his wife unexpectedly goes into labor at home. The caller must deliver the baby with the help of the dispatcher.

    • High Risk Rescues
      High Risk Rescues
      Episode 12

      An elderly couple and their granddaughter are trapped in a burning house with several oxygen tanks. The grandmother calls 911.

      Then, a woman stops breathing and goes into cardiac arrest at home during a blizzard. As paramedics brave the blinding snowstorm, the victim's husband performs CPR with the help of a 911 dispatcher.

    • 911 Nonsense (2)
      911 Nonsense (2)
      Episode 11

      More bizarre 911 calls are showcased, including a woman who locked herself in her car, an off-duty cop who thought he and his wife overdosed on marijuana brownies, a disgruntled restaurant patron, a man who ate too much hot sauce, a man on drugs who requested a police escort to a rap show, a man with flies in his apartment, and a drunk man who parked his Ferrari in the path of an oncoming train.

    • 911 Nonsense (1)
      911 Nonsense (1)
      Episode 10

      Bizarre 911 calls are showcased, including a burglar who got stuck in a ventilation shaft while attempting to break into a museum, unhappy fast food customers who called 911 from the drive-thru line, a drunk woman whose roommate stole her beer, and a woman who tried to get a date with an attractive cop. Also, dispatchers recount some of the strangest calls they have received.

    • Seconds From Tragedy

      A man shoots his wife and flees the scene before officers arrive. Later, the suspect's girlfriend calls 911 to report that he his hiding at her house. Police arrive, and a standoff ensues.

      Then, a cat alerts a sleeping woman when her house is on fire. Trapped in her bedroom, the woman calls 911 for assistance.

    • Sudden Terror
      Sudden Terror
      Episode 8

      An eight-year-old boy is home alone when burglars break into his house. He locks himself in a bedroom and calls 911.

      Then, a girl calls 911 when her brother has a seizure.

      Later, a mother and daughter are attacked by a bobcat while hiking, and the daughter's friend calls 911. After paramedics arrive, Game & Fish and police officers must locate the bobcat so it can be tested for rabies.

    • Critical Calls
      Critical Calls
      Episode 7

      A woman calls 911 when she is mugged in a parking lot. Determined to get her purse back, the caller chases the suspect in her car as other civilians call 911 and join in the pursuit.

      Then, bystander calls 911 when a woman experiences labor complications in a parking lot.

      Later, a young boy calls 911 when his mother has a seizure, and the dispatcher must help him figure out his address.

    • Mysterious Emergencies

      A mother and her daughter are indoors when bolt of lightning goes through the ceiling and strikes them both. The woman's nine-year-old son calls 911.

      Then, a woman calls 911 after being kicked by a horse, but she hangs up without saying anything. Dispatchers use clues in the caller's voicemail greeting to figure out who she is and where she is calling from.

    • Triple Traumas
      Triple Traumas
      Episode 5

      A woman calls 911 when her husband has a heart attack. The caller is unable to roll her husband onto his back, so the dispatcher instructs her to do back compressions until the paramedics arrive.

      Then, a man calls 911 after he is burned in a tractor explosion. As firefighters and paramedics race to the scene, the man uses a shovel to keep the fire from spreading.

      Later, a hiker falls off a cliff in a remote area. His friend runs over a mile back to their car to call 911.

    • Our Worst Nightmares

      A young boy's leg is shredded when he accidentally slips under a lawnmower. The mother calls 911 as she tries to keep her son from moving around and further injuring himself.

      Then, a man with asthma and COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) stops breathing. His wife calls 911, and the dispatcher instructs her to perform CPR.

    • Intersection Traumas

      Two boys riding a go-kart in the road are struck by a pickup truck, seriously injuring one of them. The driver of the pickup calls 911.

      Then, when a pickup truck crashes into a smaller car at a traffic intersection, a teenage girl and her two younger sisters are seriously injured and trapped inside the car. A woman who witnesses the accident calls 911.

    • Tragedies at Home

      A teenage girl calls 911 when she wakes up to find her house on fire. The girl is able to escape, but her family is still trapped on the third floor.

      Then, a teenage girl hides in the bathroom and calls 911 as two female burglars ransack her house.

    • Unexpected Peril
      Unexpected Peril
      Episode 1
      An elderly woman wakes up to find her house on fire. She calls 911, but is unable to get out of her bedroom. The dispatcher tries to keep the woman from passing out until rescuers arrive.

      Then, a baby experiences an apparent seizure and labored breathing, and the parents call the hospital. The hospital tells the parents to call 911. The baby's condition worsens as paramedics are sent to the scene.

      Later, a young brother and sister call 911 when their diabetic father passes out.moreless
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