Call Me Fitz

DirecTV (ended 2013)


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  • By far one of the best

    This series from Canada is hilarious, weird and so fresh! I really love it and can't understand how HBO or Showtime didn't purchase it yet. Great acting and self-deprecating comedy, with twists and a zest of weirdness makes it on the most pleasant surprise of this year for me. Unlike 'Sandbur', I highly recommend it if you like comedy shows like 'WILFRED', 'SUBURGATORY', 'BORED TO DEATH', 'EASTBOUND & DOWN', 'HUNG', 'WORKAHOLICS', 'THE RICHES', 'WEEDS' etc... or even 'RAISING HOPE' or 'THE OFFICE' to some extent (for the weirdness and lack of laugh-track), or -if you're old enough- "DREAM ON", a series from the 90's i truly loved. I got hooked from the first episode, which happens rarely.
  • "Zero" if I could give it.

    You know, I like to support home grown shows if I can, but I can't be bothered going to the trouble for this one. This is the most self absorbed, unredeeming waste of air space I have ever had the misfortune to give my valuable time to.

    As advertised, it combines a substance abusing, woman hating loser of a used car salesman (positive combo so far, eh, what?!) who has, well, to repeat an already used phrase; no redeeming qualities. And that's the nicest thing I can say about the character.

    He works in a used car dealership full of other losers much further down the food chain if you can imagine that, and its all supposed to be a dark comic look at empty people, cheap sex, and bad language. And that's the nicest thing I can say about the show.

    Aside from the fact that this route has been traveled before in other, far less offensive shows, this is just lazy writing, performing and producing. Anyone can make this stuff.

    Apparently, anyone has...