Call of the Wildman

Sunday 10:00 PM on Animal Planet Premiered Nov 06, 2011 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • 9/14/14
      A treetop retreat is built by Squirrel, Jake and Cole, who face limited supplies and challenges from young copperheads, swamps and a large snapper.
    • Ticked Off
      Episode 11
      A close call in a cave is just the beginning of Turtleman and Neal's latest mission in a hidden valley, where they encounter swarms of insects and make a deal for supplies with an old friend, but find their way out blocked by a raging river.
    • Trail Blazers
      Episode 10
      A narrow cavern passage leads to a valley deep in the woods that Turtleman hasn't seen in years as he and Neal deal with a gar and honeybees.
    • Tough Cookies
      Episode 9
      A cattle farmer needs help when a critter is digging holes on his property and his herd can't get to a watering hole. Also: The guys decide if Team Turtle is ready for a new member.
    • Fang Nabbit!
      Episode 8
      Squirrel arrives in Montana just in time to help out at a woman's ranch, where a critter has been digging tunnels all over her land and under her stables. Meanwhile, Turtleman confronts a ferocious animal that's been eating a woman's rabbits.
    • 7/20/14
    • 7/13/14
      Turtleman goes to Montana, where he searches for a bison calf that was scared by a wildfire. Also: A charcoal manufacturer complains about an animal that's ruining his product.
    • 11/17/13
      Dodging high-speed paintballs is all part of the job when Team Turtle takes a critter call from the owner of a paintball park. Then, Turtleman's excitement explodes when he's called to a fireworks store with a major critter problem.
    • Kneel Before Sod
      Episode 5
      Turtleman's former teacher calls about a critter that's digging tunnels under his barn. Later, Turtleman enters a dance contest at the Daniel Boone Festival.
    • 11/3/13
      When the owner of a storage facility hears a critter in one of his storage units, he knows it's time to call Turtleman. Then, Turtleman must track down the animal that's eating through the high value product in Allen's cigar warehouse.
    • Headless Horror
      Episode 4
      A critter is damaging trees in a vacation community near Kentucky's Red River Gorge; a chicken coop is menaced by a poultry-loving predator.
    • 10/27/13
      Team Turtle must stop a pair of menacing predators stalking a local haunted forest attraction, but first, Turtleman and the boys must find their Bigfoot-searching buddy, Squirrel, who on Halloween eve has gotten lost deep in the Kentucky backwoods.
    • Bear Necessities
      Episode 3
      Turtleman has the flu, so the rest of the team help a real-estate agent get rid of a critter that's raiding garbage cans and bird feeders at a house he's trying to sell.
    • Mudzilla Attacks
      Episode 3
      Team Turtle gathers at a goat farm where a vicious animal is picking off Mary's "fainting" goats one by one. Then, Turtleman is called to an off-roading park to save a critter from a mud hole that the park's visitors drive through.
    • Snap 'n' Splash
      Episode 2
      A water park needs help when an animal is stuck in a wave pool's filtration system; an antique store is plagued by critters that are gnawing on expensive items.
    • Apocalypse Meow
      Episode 2
      Turtleman, Neal, and Jake set a trap to catch the vicious animal that has been terrorizing the horses at Pauls Mill horse farm. Then, Turtleman and Neal rush to help their buddy, Jake, whose racecars are getting damaged by a troublesome critter.
    • Phantom Menace
      Episode 1
      Turtleman ventures into the woods with "Finding Bigfoot" team members Bobo and Ranae. Meanwhile, a man needs a hand with a burrowing creature; and a 6-year-old boy keeps hearing an animal in his room at night.
    • 10/6/13
      Turtleman comes face-to-face with a crafty critter he has never before tackled. Then, Turtleman and Team Turtle must find and safely return a prized peacock that has gone missing from a local Renaissance Fair.
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