Season 3 Episode 4

A Village Called 'G'

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM May 13, 1970 on ITV
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A Village Called 'G'
Hunter's secretary, Liz, is out for someone's blood - and it's personal. Secretaries should do what they do best and leave the killing to Callan. And Cross, at a pinch.

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  • When Liz, Hunter's secretary, doesn't show for work a red alert is called. She knows too much and if she's been taken there could be serious problems. It all comes down to revenge for war crimes and the things people do for love... or at least lust.moreless


    When Hunter's secretary, Liz, doesn't show for work it almost seems overkill for Hunter to call a red alert, but as he points out - she knows more than any of them. He calls Callan in from his day off and assigns everyone to finding Liz. If necessary, they can kill her.

    Callan and Cross go searching. Callan finds nothing in her flat but reports many books in foreign languages and asks Hunter for Liz's file in order to understand why. Reluctantly Hunter explains that Liz was the sole survivor of a Nazi war crime which wiped out an entire village. She was adopted by a British couple after the war and joined the service her new father was part of.

    With this info Callan sniffs around her flat again and meets up with a nosey caretaker who implicates Cross as Liz's boyfriend. Callan confronts Cross about this major breach of rules and Cross admits the affair. Further checking at work shows Liz has been learning to shoot and has stolen a gun from the range. They discover she had accessed files relating to a Swiss doctor the Israelis think is an ex-Nazi war criminal.

    Callan decides Liz is going to shoot this doctor, Sabovski, as he is visiting London.

    Meanwhile, Liz has confronted Sabovski but before she can kill him he disarms her and injects her with a drug. He drags her back to her apartment and arranges a suicide with the gas fireplace, but Lonely is on watch and informs Callan.

    Callan and Cross save Liz and take her to Callan's flat. Lonely brings a seedy underworld doctor who revives her.

    While Callan and Lonely are busy caring for her, Cross goes to 'watch' Sabovski - and Callan expressly tells him to only watch. When Callan later arrives to meet Cross an ambulance is taking Sabovski's corpse away. He apparently jumped from his hotel room window.

    Back in Callan's room, Cross and Callan are glad Liz is feeling better. Callan rounds on Cross about killing Sabovski, beats Cross up and humiliates him in front of Liz, making the younger man admit he cares more about his job than about her.

    Hunter is grateful Callan has Liz back at work unharmed but he is concerned about her and Cross continuing their affair. Callan says it won't happen because he humiliated Cross and made Liz see what the man was truly like in order to stop them, something Callan found distasteful. Hunter is amused.

    This is an episode which explores the world of the Section and those within it, with most of the action within the building. Callan's casual trouncing of Cross just highlights how good he is compared to the younger Cross who is always trying to prove himself better than the old man. The episode is all about feelings, really - Hunter for his secretary, whom he is fond of (but they can kill her if they must); Cross for Liz (but his job is more important so he doesn't try too hard to find her at first); Liz for her murdered family and willing to put everything on the line for revenge; Callan doing what he must to restore the status quo regardless of hurting people, even though he hates it; and even the armorer Judd who teaches Liz to shoot because he likes her. So much emotion - subdued of course - in a show that relishes having very little of it.moreless

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