Season 4 Episode 11

Call Me Enemy The Richmond File

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM May 10, 1972 on ITV
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Call Me Enemy The Richmond File
Callan takes a defecting Russian spy, Richmond, to an isolated country house for debriefing. With just the two of them together they begin a battle of wills, manipulating with sly taunts and lies to gain power over each other. Richmond says he wants to disappear from his KGB masters but Callan thinks he is there for a big operation. Although there may be a traitor in Section, it's only when Meres arrives unexpectedly that Callan considers someone wants them both dead.moreless

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  • Callan is assigned the task of debriefing a defecting KGB agent, Richmond. Though they have much in common they also have much to hate in each other. So what happens when two killers share a house? A battle of wills and manipulation - and treachery.moreless

    This is the beginning of the end of the Callan series, the first of the three-part Richmond File. We met the KGB killer, Richmond, in the first episode of the season when Callan was released from the Russian prison and exchanged in Helsinki for Richmond. It was a brief introduction to the genial, well-spoken Richmond who seemed quietly threatening for no apparent reason. In this episode Callan is minding Richmond, alone, in the debriefing house and trying to find out why the KGB killer has seemingly defected. Or is it part of a more complex plan that Richmond is involved in? The usual themes of alienation due to the job, class and status, powerplays, treachery and manipulation are all here as the two verbally joust. The dialogue is smart and believable as the two prod and poke at each other, scoring points as they find each other's weak spots. For an episode which is really just talk in several rooms, it is a complex and revealing tale which gives us great understanding of both Richmond and Callan - and to some degree Hunter's plans and Meres. Trying to find the truth among the lies is all part of the game. As much as you like Callan, despite him being a cold, bullying assassin, is as much as you also like the smooth Richmond. But despite their similarities, he is the enemy. In the scheme of things though, is he more of an enemy than Hunter and Meres? And that's part of the beauty of this episode. Who is what and who can you trust?

    The only down points of this episode are the lack of Lonely (only there at the start), and the fact you know there are only two more episodes to go. But the thought of the ongoing battle between KGB and British assassins coming to a conclusion one way or another is enough to make you keep going. And as the dreary, dour series continues on its way you just can't tell who is going to survive - it's not beyond the writers to kill off Callan, and you know it.moreless

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    • (Callan tells Lonely to drive the taxi back to London.)
      Lonely: It's been a long drive, Mr. Callan. It's seventy-three miles on the clock. I couldn't half spend a penny, too...
      Callan: Later.
      Lonely: I just hope there won't be any... accidents.
      Callan: Well, drive carefully, you'll be all right, won't you?
      Lonely: I didn't mean that kind of accident.

    • (Callan and Richmond arrive at the interrogation house.)
      Richmond: You've been here before, of course?
      Callan: Of course.
      Richmond: It was a debriefing, too?
      Callan: In a way.
      Richmond: Successful?
      Callan: Perhaps I should show you to your room.
      Richmond: Tell me, what happened here last time?
      Callan: That's none of your concern.
      Richmond: I'm curious. Professional curiosity. How did it go?
      Callan: He talked.
      Richmond: And afterwards?
      Callan: He died. It was an accident.
      Richmond: Of course. We're like surgeons. The operation was successful, the patient died.

    • Richmond: You see, if you were in my shoes you'd have been brought here in a staff car with dark windows and driven by a cold-faced goon.
      Callan: That I know.

    • Richmond: I take it that we're quite alone?
      Callan: Yes.
      Richmond: Absolutely on our own?
      Callan: Yes.
      Richmond: So that whatever happens, it's between us two?
      Callan: If you like.
      Richmond: I like it very much. It appeals to me. It shows imagination.
      Callan: Yes... it wasn't my idea.

    • Callan: Anything you need?
      Richmond: What, like a shot of pentathol?
      Callan: They tried that once, didn't they?
      Richmond: Hmmm. You and I can be quite proud, you know that, Callan? The way we stood up to it.
      Callan: Yeah, I hope your lot gave you a raise.
      Richmond: What did you get?
      Callan: I got a job I didn't want.

    • (Callan serves up dinner.)
      Richmond: I'm allergic to shellfish!
      Callan: Hard luck. You'll have to skip yours, won't you?
      Richmond: Isn't it in my dossier?
      Callan: Well, perhaps our caterers didn't read it.
      Richmond: Surprise, surprise. We note everything in our files. You never know when it could be useful.
      Callan: Oh yeah? Listen, allergy to bloody shellfish isn't exactly a fatal weakness, is it?
      Richmond: Any weakness can be fatal.

    • (Richmond claims he has not come to London to defect.)
      Callan: Well then, if you haven't changed sides...?
      Richmond: I'm on nobody's side now.
      Callan: Then why are you here?
      Richmond: To vanish.

    • Richmond: Are you armed, Callan? Of course you are. To protect me or...?
      Callan: You know perfectly well.
      Richmond: Well, I don't, actually. I've never been what your Sunday papers lovingly call a 'KGB executioner'. I'm not much good with guns.

    • Richmond: What's your rank, Callan?
      Callan: Civil servant.
      Richmond: Come along, you must have a rank. When we had you in Lubjanka (prison) we graded you major.
      Callan: Did you really? You wouldn't believe it, would you? The treatment I got.
      Richmond: But you were in the army?
      Callan: Yes. Sergeant. Promoted to Private.
      Richmond: Is that all?
      Callan: Listen, what are you so bloody high-and-mighty about this morning then? What are you, a General?
      Richmond: No. I am a Colonel.

    • Richmond: We do the same job. What I'm curious about is why do you do it?
      Callan: I could ask you the same question.
      Richmond: I believe in the future. I believe in the kind of world that we're building.
      Callan: Which is why you deserted.
      Richmond: No, I'm tired. I've had enough. It doesn't mean I regret anything. Why do you do it?
      Callan: It's a job.

    • Richmond: They put you inside, didn't they? The 'Scrubs? Your father was on the dole, you never had decent schooling... The army even took away your medal.

    • (Richmond looks for Callan's sore points by discussing why they both do what they do.)
      Richmond: I volunteered. Sword and shield is the motto of the KGB. Sword to fight, shield to protect. I have been both, but you? You they blackmailed into it. They blackmailed you and you sold out.
      Callan: Watch it.
      Richmond: You sold out everything you stood for. The joke is, what has it got you? Only their contempt. And believe me, they have contempt for you. Okay, maybe they're a little afraid, too, but only a little. They've got you too well trained, you see.

    • Callan: From now on you don't do anything without my permission. Colonel. Sir.
      Richmond: Aren't you going to call Charlie?
      Callan: What do you know about Charlie?
      Richmond: Charlie is your emergency code word, isn't it? When something like this happens?
      Callan: Who told you about Charlie?

    • Richmond: Don't you want to know who the traitor is?
      Callan: Oh, I see. We're going to do a deal now, are we?
      Richmond: I'll give you a clue. Who hates you in the Section?
      Callan: Wrong, son. Wrong, wrong, wrong. We are not paid to like each other.
      Richmond: But somebody hates you, don't they?
      Callan: (Laughing.) Go on, have another try.

    • Richmond: Meres shot you, didn't he? Don't tell me you've forgotten.
      Callan: It was a mistake.
      Richmond: How convenient.
      Callan: He was trying to save Hunter.
      Richmond: Unfortunately Hunter got it, too.
      Callan: Meres doesn't hate me.
      Richmond: Would you like odds?
      Callan: He saved my life, too.
      Richmond: Not intentionally.
      Callan: How the hell do you save someone's life unintentionally?

    • Callan: So Meres is a traitor? Why?
      Richmond: Expensive tastes. Slightly bizarre tastes, which make them even more expensive.

    • Richmond: You know, I suddenly had a vision of Meres taking his seat at the House of Lords. A hired killer with sadistic undertones.

    • (Rochmond claims Meres is a traitor.)
      Callan:You're a fool. I know Meres. I know he's not a traitor.
      Richmond: Do you really believe that Eton, Cambridge, Sandhurst and blue bloods are treasonproof?
      Callan: I am talking about the man.
      Richmond: An arrogant, sadistic, vicious bastard. Thinks you need dry cleaning.

    • Callan:You ever killed a man?
      Richmond: Look, some other time.
      Callan: Richmond? Have you ever killed a man?
      Richmond: No.
      (Hunter, listening to them from a remote speaker, laughs.)
      Hunter: Hah! He's lying. Never killed anyone, indeed!

    • (Callan snaps at the smug Richmond.)
      Callan: I'm sick and tired of your holier-than-thou attitude. The 'I'm a nice, honest, KGB man and you're a dirty, hired killer' routine.

    • (A smug Meres unexpectedly appears inside the locked house.)
      Callan: How did you get in?
      Meres: Front door key. I am over eighteen.

    • (Callan gestures at Meres' gun.)
      Callan: What's the point of that?
      Meres: Oh, forgive me. Force of habit. Didn't know you'd be in here.
      Callan: Who were you expecting?
      Meres: Well, you never can tell.

    • Callan: What are you doing here, Toby?
      Meres: Hunter sent me.
      Callan: Oh yeah? Why?
      Meres: Hate to be tactless but he seemed to think you needed protecting. Both of you.
      Callan: Oh, that's very decent of him.
      Meres: Yes, isn't it? Especially on my day off.
      Callan: Well, if I need any help I'll ask for it so perhaps you'd like to go back and tell him that.
      Meres: Oh, I'd love to but he was quite firm, David. And you know me. Orders are orders.

    • Callan: Just go back and tell Hunter what I told you, Toby.
      Meres: I'm not your messenger boy, David, and I don't take orders from you!
      (Richmond laughs.)
      Meres: Would you ask tovarich what he finds so amusing?
      Richmond: It's just the sight of British security men first hand. Discipline, comradeship and devotion.
      Callan: Shut up, Richmond.
      Richmond: We have our problems, too, in our service, but we don't fight like fishwives.

    • Meres: I'm sure Hunter would want me to stay. He's not too happy about shots popping off at dining room windows and that sort of thing.
      Callan: Oh yeah, I'm sure.
      Meres: Actually, which one of you were they trying to get? (Looks to Richmond) Was it you? (Looks to Callan) Or was it you?
      Callan: Have a guess.
      Meres: Well, I don't know. I can think of an awful lot of people who'd like to have a go at you, David. But then again, chummy here must have one or two enemies as well.
      Richmond: And you've already had your try at Callan.

    • Callan: Where are you going?
      Meres: I'll be... around.
      (Meres grins and leaves the room.)
      Richmond: That man is going to kill you.

    • (Hunter and Bishop are listening in to the conversations between Callan and Richmond.)
      Hunter: By my score, both sides are even on points.
      Bishop: It's not Wimbledon, for God's sake, Hunter!
      Hunter: I don't know... two champions, facing each other on equal terms...
      Bishop: If anything happens to Callan we've lost our best man.
      Hunter: One of our best.

    • Hunter: We've found out (Richmond's) job here is bigger than Callan.
      Bishop: They've been after Callan a long time.
      Hunter: They don't send a Colonel of their directorate just to murder Callan.
      Bishop: I'm not sure.
      Hunter: Besides, he had his chance and he didn't take it.
      Bishop: Callan is armed.
      Hunter: Richmond had a much better weapon on him. Their latest hydrocyanic acid pen.
      Bishop: Impossible! He was searched, wasn't he?
      Hunter: Of course.
      Bishop: Well, how could they miss a thing like that? Basic training.
      Hunter: They didn't miss it.
      Bishop: What?
      Hunter: It was overlooked. On my orders.

    • (Callan explains his current thinking to Richmond.)
      Callan: Right, I'll tell you. There is this Russian whose name is Richmond. He's a bit of a mystery but he's a pro. Oh yes, he's a pro, all right. Now, he knows that we know who he is because we've had him once before. But he comes over here, allows himself to be picked up as easy as pie.
      Richmond: Go on.
      Callan: Now, he knows he's going to be put through it by another pro, right? We naturally want to know what he's really up to. Oh, he says he wants to disappear, to vanish, but we think he may be here for something very special.
      Richmond: Of course.
      Callan: Mind you, he tells us nothing but the truth. He tells us he's still loyal to his lot. He tells us all he knows about us. He makes it quite clear that he dislikes us. Quite clear. See? Nothing but the truth.
      Richmond: Correct.
      Callan: And then, just for good measure, he puts the kiss of death on one of our blokes. And you know what I think? I think it's all a bloody lie.
      Richmond: But you're not sure, are you?
      Callan: No.

    • Richmond: (Finally explains his motives to Callan.) Now let me tell you something. There's a man called Callan. A killer who hates to kill. A man who hates himself. Supposing he had enough. Supposing he wanted to escape? Where could he go? Oh, he could go to Hunter and say 'I quit'. He could even walk out, but you know what would happen then? A red file for Callan. That's what they call it, isnt' it? A red file? A car accident? A lift shaft? A high window? A short...? No escape. Except one place – the other side. Where Hunter can't just pick up the phone and have you eliminated. Where you could vanish. Where you'd be safe, but you'd have to do exactly as I've done. You would have to be honest. So, I've come to the other side. You see, Callan, for people like you and me, safety can only be found among our enemies. It's our friends who will kill us.

    • Bishop: Well done, Callan. Congratulations.
      Callan: Thank you, Sir. What, for being hit on the neck?

    • Bishop: Interesting man. He thought he'd won you over but finally he couldn't take a chance with you. He had to show his true colours.
      Callan: Did he?
      Bishop: Well, don't tell me you believed any of it, David?
      Callan: Maybe.
      Bishop: Like what?
      Callan: Like it's our friends that kill us.

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