Season 4 Episode 3

First Refusal

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Mar 15, 1972 on ITV
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First Refusal
Callan has become the new Hunter and his first job is to retrieve a list of British undercover agents before they are sold to the KGB.

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Coral Atkins

Coral Atkins

Myra Kessler

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Martin Wyldeck

Martin Wyldeck


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Carl Bohun

Carl Bohun

Vopo Officer

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Lisa Langdon

Lisa Langdon


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Geoffrey Chater

Geoffrey Chater


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    • Callan: So you're going over to find him, aren't you? I mean, he's really got something to sell now, hasn't he, Toby? And when you find him, you tail him, and you move him onto a NATO patch, and when he's there you grab him! And you bring him back. I don't care what condition he's in, Toby, but I want him back!

    • Kessler [ of Bristac's double cross ]: Surely you don't expect me to believe that.
      Callan: No, not at first. None of us like to feel we've been conned, do we? Least of all me, darling.

    • Callan:You really doused the flames, didn't you? You're a bloody psychopath. You haven't changed, Toby, have you? You just haven't changed.

    • Callan: Mr Kitzlinger, I have to ask you a favour.
      Kitzlinger: A filthy word. It has no place in the vocabulary of commerce.

    • Meres: It could be a slip of paper. Something easily concealed about the person, perhaps. Let's find out, shall we?
      Kessler: I'm sorry, I don't understand you.
      Meres: Yes, yes you do. You start with your shoes and I'll tell you when to stop.
      Kessler: No!
      Meres: I'm afraid I can't offer you a musical accompaniment. But we can give you assistance. Should you require it.

    • Callan [ on Lonely ]: Now we either take him in or we take him out. And that means right out. But you'll have to take me first.
      Bishop: I don't know what to say. The fellow appears to have an IQ of two-and-a-half.
      Callan: He's a late developer.

    • Callan: We need an MCF – Mobile Communications Facility.
      Bishop: Oh not bad, Callan, not bad at all. Had you expressed your request in that abysmal jargonese in the first place…

    • Cross [ on the file ]: Why don't you ask Hunter? He sent for it. If he wants you to know I'm sure he'll tell you.
      Meres: You know, I really enjoy pulling rank.
      Cross: You may outrank me but I don't think you outrank him.
      Meres: True. But we live in a changing world. And if things change as they might, you could be a Cross I wouldn't bear.

    • Callan: Toby, you and I have no reason to like each other but you are working for me now, and I'm willing to bury the hatchet. But just don't repeat history, son. Don't you bury it in my back.

    • Meres: Now, if I were handling it…
      Callan: But you are not handling it, Toby, are you? I am. So we will do it my way, won't we? I'll tell you exactly what I told Cross. I can lean very hard. Don't push me.
      Meres: Cross is the type to be impressed.
      Callan: Another face that doesn't fit?
      Meres: Oh, first impression… neurotic boy?
      Callan: Seen your file?
      Meres: No. Seen yours?

    • Meres: Well, I started to consider my transfer when I first heard you'd been appointed Hunter. You see, David, your face doesn't quite fit.
      Callan: Oh thank you.
      Meres: Oh, it's no offence it's just that some people are born to be…
      Callan: Other ranks?
      Meres: You know what I mean.
      Callan: No, I don't.
      Meres: Well, let me put it this way. You fail to inspire confidence.

    • Meres: I'd already applied for transfer.
      Callan: Really? Home posting?
      Meres: Well the prospects looked so good.
      Callan: Which department?
      Meres: This one.
      Callan: I've always got room for a good man in the field. Not much opportunities for promotion, though.
      Meres: Oh. Well, I'll make my own opportunities.
      Callan: Really? Where do you think they'll take you?
      (Meres points to Callan's chair.)
      Callan: You are bloody welcome, mate. That's what I always liked about you. You don't dodge around do you? You come right out with it.
      Meres: Well, it's best to be frank.

    • Callan [ on recalling Meres ]: I need good men; you're a good man. At your job. Sorry I deprived you of your cushy number, Toby.
      Meres: Oh, don't apologise. The Washington thing was beginning to bore me anyway.
      Callan: No opportunity for your real talents?
      Meres: Not much. Friendly territory and all that.
      Callan: Cramped your style, did it?

    • Meres: So you're in the hot seat now. Dangerous job.
      Callan: Yeah. [ alluding to being shot by Meres] It doesn't do to turn your back.
      Meres: You should know.
      Callan: Shouldn't I just. Still, that's in the past, isn't it?
      Meres: Is it?
      Callan: It better be.
      Meres: Anything you say, David.
      Callan: Hunter.
      Meres: Not Sir?
      Callan: If you like.

    • Kitzlinger:Price is 100,000 pounds. Small sums are undignified.

    • Kitzlinger [ selling a list of agents' names ]: I don't want to press you but time is of the essence. You will appreciate that the goods are… perishable.

    • Kitzlinger: Dyspepsia. You don't suffer from it, Mr. Bishop?
      Bishop: I'm thinking of taking it up.

    • Bishop [ on sitting behind Lonely ]: It's like sitting behind a smouldering rubbish tip.

    • Lonely [ on signing the Official Secrets Act ]: What does all this mean, Mr. Callan?
      Callan: It means, mate, you keep your trap shut, or I'll tear you apart.

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