Season 4 Episode 6

None of Your Business

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Apr 05, 1972 on ITV
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None of Your Business
Callan is fired as Hunter and put on 'special leave', but his plans to go on holiday are thwarted by his lack of passport. While he tries to solve his own problems a new Hunter must be found, and Meres has a case to investigate.

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  • When Callan is ousted from his Hunter position and put on suspension he decides to go on holiday - all he needs is a passport. Meanwhile Meres is investigating a document forging racket, and a new Hunter is being sought for Section.moreless


    There's a nasty car accident with lots of broken glass, steam, damage and police. Oh, and a body. A common enough occurrence usually, but not in this case.

    Over in Hunter's office Mere's gives Bishop a photo of this body, cleaned up a little for the camera. Meres is certain it is the KGB assassin Vardin and he was killed in an accident due to a worn tyre. Ironic, Meres says,"We've had him on a red file for five months and he ends up like this."

    Bishop agrees with this but also thinks it is fortuitous for the Section. It isn't often they are saved the fuss of an assassination, letting the road toll do it for them.

    Although Bishop thinks that's the end of it Meres disagrees and wants to investigate further because Vardin was travelling as Gerald Clark, a turbine salesman, and was found with a large range of identification documentation - licenses, birth certificate and so on - all expertly forged. Meres wants authority to investigate a man called Paul West, a university lecturer who is on file, who they think might have provided the documents. If you didn't know better you would think Meres was trying to look good so he could get promoted... No, no-one is that cynical. Bishop thinks it unusual to ask for this authority as normally they just do these things, but Meres reminds him that the situation is far from 'usual', because at the moment there is no Hunter. Bishop agrees.

    Callan walks in to Liz's office and asks how she is. Obviously worked up still over Cross's death last episode, so Callan does his best to comfort her by telling her Cross is dead and she should forget him. Perhaps she should take some time off.

    Just then Meres comes out to ask Liz for something, but pauses and smiles smugly when he sees Callan and bids him good morning in that polite tone of his that seems snide and impolite. Callan seems confused that Meres is early, but Meres corrects him and says Callan is late.

    So Meres asks if Callan remembers Vardin and then tells him he is dead.

    "Who did him?" Callan asks out of professional curiosity. "A worn tyre," Meres replies. Callan says he'll study the report and goes into Hunter's office.

    When Callan goes into the Hunter office he finds Bishop in his chair - which should be a bit of a giveaway what is to come but Callan doesn't seem to realise why. They discuss how tasteful Cross's funeral was. Bishop tells him the Burov affair is being investigated internally but Callan is not sorry for shooting the man who killed cross, even if he didn't have authorisation to do so. Bishop tells him the official verdict for Cross's death from Dr. Snell is suicide. Callan disagrees with this decision but says it doesn't matter anymore anyway. It just has to be a neat decision, because that's what Bishop likes most - he likes neat paperwork because he is an officious pen pusher.

    Bishop ignores this and says Callan broke the rules by leaving the office while working as a Hunter. The office is where Hunter is, that is what Hunter does, Bishop says, then admits they were wrong to make Callan Hunter as he does not have the necessary... application.

    This makes Callan snap. He just wishes Bishop could have been up on that roof with Burov and Cross so Bishop would know what it's really like out there, so they could actually get one second of total commitment from Bishop. Bishop sneers at this. "Im not here to help you realise your fantasies, Callan."

    Callan explains he did what he thought was necessary at the time. Bishop disagrees and says the problem was he didn't stop to think at all. He indulged his emotions and went against everything he was trained to do - i.e: have no emotions at all. "You blew it, Callan," Bishop says, "In the worst possible way."

    So Bishop has something else to tell Callan - he is now officially relieved of his duties.

    Sacked, Callan asks?

    Suspended, Bishop says, then changes his mind as he finds a better, bureaucratic term. "Oh, better still, let's call it 'special leave'."

    Either way, Callan is unimpressed. He didn't want to be Hunter in the first place. Until the new Hunter arrives Bishop is gong to take the position. Callan wants to know his fate now and Bishop tells him he will be seconded to another department - training perhaps - which is less stressful, and Bishop recalls that Callan asked for that once before. Something nine-to-five and non-operational, was the request, but now Callan doesn't seem too happy with this notion. He has second thoughts.

    Callan wants to know who the new Hunter is but Bishop refuses to say. Just then Meres comes back in and Bishop tells Callan to go. Callan asks if he may presume when the new Hunter arrives his 'special leave' will be over? Bishop sneers that he should not presume anything.

    Meres and Stafford are interviewing Paul West, the university professor, asking him about his 'organisation', but West denies there is such a thing - just a group who do what they have to as each case arises. They are financed by West's family money. Meres wonders what his father would say if he knew his inheritance was being spent harbouring political fugitives. West ignores him. Then Meres shows him a photo of Vardin and asks if he recognises him - West denies it with a smile. Then Meres shows him the photo of Vardin's corpse and West is horrified.

    Reluctantly West explains the photo was a man called Fuller, an engineer from Rhodesia who would have been arrested if he returned home but the British Foreign Office wouldn't help him out, so West and his friends did by giving him a new identity in Britain. Meres wants to know how this man knew to come to West for help but he gets no answer. Meres laughs at the professor's naivety and tells him he was used.

    This 'Fuller' went to West for help to become Gerald Clark and receive all the the documents necessary, but this man was not 'Fuller', Meres explains, he was a Swedish man called Vardin who was trained as a KGB assassin and has killed several people in Britain - including two women.

    West is shocked and disbelieving, but when Meres hands him the Vardin file he starts to realise the truth. West still refuses to cooperate and give names, however. Stafford asks if Meres wants to take him to Section but Meres is reluctant to stand on any departmental toes. Perhaps Meres is trying to be laid back for a promotion. It's unlike him to not want to turn to more forceful torture.

    In the back of a taxi Lonely is asleep under a newspaper - until Callan beeps the horn and startles him awake. Callan gets in the back seat with him and asks if he knows Wickham Street, but Lonely is edgey and evasive. Wickham Street, Callan tries to prompt his taxi driver mind. You know, Wickham Street, in Finchely... in London... England? Oh, that one, Lonely recalls, then looks sad as he confesses he has been ordered not to help Mr. Callan. Infuriated with his Section, Callan storms off.

    Paul West is playing solitare as Stafford is watching out the window, keeping him under guard, both obviously bored.

    When Callan arrives in Liz's office she tells him Bishop is at lunch and won't be back for hours. Callan says he didn't come to see Bishop he came to ask Liz for his passport as he has decided while on 'special leave' to go on holiday while he can. However, Liz says she can't give it to him even though she would like to. Bishop rings Liz and Callan snatches the phone away, demanding he be allowed to leave the country for a holiday. "You're not going anywhere," Bishop tells him, but Callan just sneers, seeing this as a challenge against authority. "You want to bet?"

    Paul West is playing with his food, scratching the plate annoyingly with his fork, putting Stafford's teeth on edge, so Stafford turns on the radio.

    Callan shares a drink in his flat with the ex-Hunter who says he just dropped in to see how Callan is. Callan doesn't believe that. Ex-Hunter relents and says he was called by Liz to see if he could get Callan's passport but he was unable to because of the state the Section is in at present. Callan thanks him for trying and says he assumes his days with Section are over now after what Bishop said to him that morning. This makes ex-Hunter angry as Bishop had no right to give that impression. Callan has too much valuable experience for them to lose. Callan is vaguely flattered.

    Callan wants to know why he's being treated like a leper. He can't use Section transport, can't have his passport, can't know who the new Hunter is, and he can't go on holiday. Ex-Hunter tells him to stop being so bloody-minded, but Callan is angry. He says he will go on holiday regardless of everyone else and whether he has a passport or not. Ex-Hunter leaves him with a word of warning - don't try to leave the country. it's like a red rag to a bull.

    Paul West and Stafford have called a sort of truce as they keep each other amused playing cards. West instructs Stafford in bridge. Suddenly West spasms and dies, spilling his hand of cards onto the floor. Good hand, pity.

    Callan hides in Lonely's squalid flat till he arrives and tells the thief he wants a passport by Saturday, no questions asked. Lonely says he will ask a friend of a friend of a friend...

    Meres listens to the report from the pathologist regarding West's death. Apparently he suffered a fatal heart attack but there were no signs of poisoning - however the circumstances prove it was, so that means the poison is sophisticated and simply untraceable. Such expertise is not easy to find and both Stafford and Meres wonder who could be so good. Stafford asks if Meres wants him to check West's girl but Meres wants to do that task himself.

    Meres talks to West's girlfriend, Stella, and pretends he loaned West some books he wants back. Stella knows nothing about these, in fact she doesn't even know where West is. Meres shrugs off her concerns and her idea of going to the police. He wonders if she should ring some of his friends, but she says he hardly has any.

    A weaselly balding man - Reeves - is in the office of a car yard, promising Mr. Lucas he will send the other half of the money, all two hundred and fifty pounds. Lucas offers to lower the price to just two hundred pounds and Reeves still complains about the amount but promises to try and get it. As he leaves Callan appears in the doorway.

    Once Reeves leaves, Callan and Lucas sit down to talk. Lucas asks if Callan has been told the price of the merchandise he sells and Callan laughs, saying he has heard but that much was obviously a joke. No, Lucas smiles, a passport by Saturday will cost a hundred pounds.

    Outside in the caryard Callan bumps into the weaselly Reeves who wants to know if Callan is buying a passport, too. When Reeves is told the price Callan has to pay, which is much cheaper, Reeves storms off.

    Lucas hangs up the phone and tells the man in his office that their 'friend' doesn't like the sound of Callan and wants something done about him. The other man in the office, Dorman, agrees.

    Lonely is in his bed in his flat reading one of his dirty magazines when the door is opened by a tough looking large man in a suit. This is Lucas's minder, Dorman. Lonely is instantly worried, as well he should be because this man is big and threatening. Dorman says he is investigating Callan for the firm and apparently Lonely is his friend - although Lonely denies this and says Callan is just an acquaintance from the nick who did time for being a safe opener. Lonely lets slip Callan's real name, which makes the minder even more suspicious. After a bit of torture Lonely relents and gives Dorman the address to Callan's flat.

    Up in Callan's flat the minder, Dorman, searches and eventually stumbles upon Callan's only vice - his toy soldiers. He steals one.

    In an deserted shop Strafford is conducting a surveillance operation on West's girlfriend Stella, who works over the road at an art gallery. Strafford gets all the good jobs, but at least this time he has a thermos.

    Lonely explains what happened to him with the minder as he and Callan affive at Callan's flat. Lonely says he just gave a little bit of information but certainly didn't say where Callan lived or anything important Just then Callan discovers one of his model soldiers is missing, which could only have been stolen by Dorman. When Callan realises Lonely lied and told the minder where he lived he punches Lonely. Lonely accepts the punishment for doing something wrong, which makes Callan hate himself more.

    Lucas studies the toy soldier his minder is holding with vague interest but says the fact that Callan's flat was so sparse and lacking - it isn't right. Lucas thinks it is the flat of a man without an identity. And he has two names so it's even more suspicious.

    Lucas goes out for shopping but when he comes back to his locked office, Callan is waiting inside to have a little conversation - just like Lucas's minder did with Lonely. Lucas panics and tells him he cannot get him a passport due to... organisational problems. Callan tells him in no uncertain terms to work these out. Of course, as soon as Callan goes Lucas flees to his supervisor - and Lonely follows.

    Back at the art gallery West's girlfriend, Stella, is reading and looking bored, when one of her boss's friends arrives - Mr. Lucas.

    After receiving a call from Lonely about the gallery, Callan goes straight there.

    At the gallery Stella greets Callan when he arrives, and he says he is looking for an anniversary present for his wife. While they poke around through artworks, over the road Stafford is frantically calling Meres to tell him Callan has turned up. Meres is outraged because he knows Callan is suspended, so what is he doing there?

    While Callan is looking at art the gallery owner, a Mr. Black, arrives and takes over helping Callan find a painting. Callan pulls him aside and says he is a friend of Lucas and has the money, and wants to buy the merchandise. But Black has no idea what Callan is talking about.

    Lucas calls Callan at home and says he has decided to get him the passport after all and will come see him for the photo and money, but after hanging up Lucas tells his minder to go visit Callan instead.

    In Callan's flat, Callan is in his dressing gown and finishing breakfast when the minder, Dorman, turns up. Callan gives him a passport photo and the money as agreed but the minder disregards both. Dorman says Lonely told him Callan was a good safe cracker and good with his hands but Callan shrugs it off, wondering how much Lonely said to the bloke. Then the minder threatens Callan quietly, talking about a previous safeman with good hands who had his hands badly hurt -repeatedly - in a lift accident and never worked again.

    He grabs Callan by the lapels of his dressing gown and asks if it was a friend of Callan's. Callan looks meek and concerned and says he doesn't have many friends - then proceeds to turn the kitchen table onto the minder and beat the living hell out of him. Never believe it when Callan looks meek, old son. It's always a trap.

    Callan shoves his way into Lucas's office and wants to know who fingered him - was it Lucas or someone in the gallery? Lucas denies everything and now offers the passport for only twenty five quid because Callan is a friend - and Lucas is obviously scared stiff, for good reason. Callan tells Lucas to go pick up his minder, who's in a very bad way, from his flat, then Callan heads back to the gallery.

    As Black locks up the gallery for the night the weaselly man from the car yard - Reeves - is standing at the rear. Reeves is not so weaselly now and seems a whole lot more sinister and refined. And in control. Reeves says he is unimpressed with the Black's business on the side forging passports and even less impressed by his colleague Lucas, whom Reeves dealt with to ascertain the company they were dealing with.

    Black tries to walk away but Reeves says he is also unimpressed by West who has surprisingly died from a heart attack in a 'most sad and unexpected occurrence'. Not unexpected to Reeves, by the sound of it.

    Black is aghast. West didn't know about you, he says, but Reeves says he knew enough. The main problem now, Reeves says grimly, is you.

    Over the road in the old shop, Stafford is still watching the gallery. He sees Callan quietly pick the lock and break in, and races to intercept him.

    As Callan walks through the darkened gallery he stumbles upon the body of Black. As he looks closer, Stafford appears and draws a gun on him.

    Back at Section, Stafford, Meres and Callan meet. Stafford says he saw no one else enter or leave the gallery. When Callan asks why they were watching it they tell him it was to watch the girl, but every lead seems to end up with a corpse in a cul-de-sac. Just then the ex-Hunter appears tells them he is looking after the place while Bishop recovers from food poisoning. He wants to know what is going on and is given the latest reports to read. After taking the information on board he orders Callan to lean on Lucas and find out more on Black, and Meres to tell West's girlfriend of West's death.

    In the caryard building Lucas waits nervously for Callan. Callan arrives and leads him into the office, telling him he is in a lot of trouble unless he cooperates. Lucas is terrified now and more than willing to help out. Callan tells him Black is dead and wants to know more about their relationship. Lucas says it was a monetary deal - he gave Black the clients and Black made the forgeries. Lucas knew nothing more about him. Black only seemed to be friends with West and his girlfriend, Stella. The passport business was never big enough to bother any other crime firms. Black was smart, an intellectual, but he did like to play cards - bridge.

    Meres presses Stella for information about West's friends. She doesn't know much but he did like to play bridge.

    Meres and Callan arrive at a very posh bridge club. Meres looks like he could fit right in but Callan is uncomfortable with the idle rich. Callan sees a familiar face - the weaselly man, Reeves. Callan sends Meres out the front while he goes to confront him, but Reeves spots him and flees out through the kitchens and passages - past Meres - and up stairs. Callan and Meres pursue him to a room with an open window. The furniture is covered in sheets.

    They deduce he climbed down the outside pipes, so they race down the stairs to intercept him. As soon as they have gone Reeves emerges from under a sheet, gun in hand and sneaks out. As he leaves the room a gun is shoved up against his temple.

    In Hunter's office, ex-Hunter and Callan share a very poor quality scotch. Bishop is still sick. Callan asks if the new Hunter has arrived yet and the ex-Hunter says yes, he's in Section at the moment in fact. Callan is still annoyed, even though he's back in Section again. He says he wants to meet this Hunter and can't understand why he's taking so long to appear. Is he shy, playing god or something? Can't get his act together? Ex-Hunter just laughs at this.

    When Callan asks why, the ex-Hunter tells him. "I'm Hunter."

    Callan seems wearied by this. Again? Yep, again, Hunter says, then passes Callan his passport. As Callan picks it up, Hunter tells him he can't use it.

    Why not? Callan asks. It's out of date.

    Callan snarls and throws it onto the desk in disgust.

    The first episode after Cross's death at least deals with some of the events in the previous, highly important episode. The repercussions of Callan's rule as Hunter are felt and his career seems to be on the line. Meres seems quite restrained in this episode, as if hoping to prove he is Hunter material. Of course it is good to have the old Hunter back - one of the best Hunters, this one - and it was nice to see Lonely being his oily self and getting into trouble, as it was to see Callan being the short-tempered, violent killer he tries to hide. Not the greatest episode ever, but certainly good and ticks all the right boxes. And it leads us towards the stunning finale by setting up the pieces.moreless
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    • Callan: I can see it all. There am I, swigging champagne on some moonlit terrace, nice rich widow playing kneesy under the table, and up in my room a thirty-gallon drum of Amber Solaire, oh I can see it all.

    • Lonely [ on sleeping in the taxi cab ]: Well I wasn't actually kipping, was I? I was more sort of… researching.
      Callan: You were what?
      Lonely: I was just, you know, checking on the upholstery and the vehicle suspension.

    • Bishop:As from this morning you are officially relieved of your duties.
      Callan: Sacked?
      Bishop: Suspended. Oh, better still, let's call it 'special leave'.
      Callan: Mate, you call it what you like. I didn't need Hunter, I didn't like Hunter and I didn't want Hunter.

    • Bishop: I'm not here to help you realise your fantasies, Callan.

    • Callan: But then you are a very neat man, aren't you, Mr. Bishop? You have neat hands, neat clothes, neat manners, neat mind. Place for everything and everything in its place. Cross — stroke — suicide — stroke — file closed — stroke — what's for lunch? — stroke… Neat.

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