Season 3 Episode 5

Suddenly – At Home

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM May 20, 1970 on ITV
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Suddenly – At Home
Callan and Cross are assigned to protect a woman, but Callan becomes involved with her.

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  • A film-maker wants to interview the widow of a foreign affairs secretary, and Hunter is concerned secrets will be exposed. He assigns Callan to stop her, but Callan in a soft moment falls for her. When she is killed, he is not a happy assassin.moreless


    A French film-maker, Joinville, specializes in interviewing politically interesting figures and asks Lady Janet to be interviewed. She is the widow of a high-ranked government minister and, for the money to help her sons through Eton, she agrees. Hunter is unimpressed, worried she will reveal secrets, and assigns Callan to stop her and Cross to watch her.

    Callan decides on a nice approach and visits as a member of the ministry, asking her to reconsider for the sake of security and because she really does know a lot - and if the interviewer is sneaky enough he will manage to manipulate her for answers she doesn't want to give. She sees the sense in it and agrees to stop. She and Callan continue talking, touching on the topic of toy soldiers, and they agree to see each other again. She immediately procures a book on toy soldiers and starts reading up. Callan hunts out his best cavalry officer to give her. Hunter is pleased Callan succeeded so easily and is astonished she was so easily persuaded - he expected some blackmail or threats.

    Joinville is annoyed the interview is cancelled - he is an agent for the Eastern Block, and his controller wants him to persuade Lady Janet in any way possible. Joinville tries persuasion - it doesn't work.

    Callan visits Lady Janet and they have a pleasant evening - they even share a chaste kiss - and he leaves.Being Callan, he spots the surveillance out the front and beats up the guy in the car - then realizes it's Cross. Cross is merely amused that Callan's got a girlfriend.

    Concerned she is being watched, Callan has Lonely watch Cross - just in case Cross tries something.

    Joinville is ordered to kill Lady Janet and sneaks into her home, shooting her dead. Cross sees an intruder and hears shots, finding the body of Janet,and pursues the killer. Lonely sees Cross go into the house and hears shots - and runs straight to Callan's flat.

    Hunter is angry Lady Janet is dead - not as much as Callan is, though - and they suspect Cross. Cross comes in and denies the allegations, but Callan is unconvinced and ready to take action. Callan goes to his flat and sits miserably with Lonely, who tries to cheer him up. Cross appears and asks Callan to help him find the real killer. Using the information Lonely gathered, they figure the killer is Joinville. They realize he is financed by the Eastern Block and that he must be an agent. Hunter allows Cross to redeem himself by ordering Joinville to be picked up and brought in for interrogation to discover his controllers. Cross breaks into Joinville's hotel room up on the tenth floor but is confronted by an armed Joinville. Joinville plans to kill him as an intruder but first admits to killing Janet. Just as he is about to shoot Cross, his window slides open and Callan, out on a window cleaner's winch, shoots Joinville dead. Cross believes Callan set him up and rather than being grateful he blames Callan for everything.

    Back at Section, Hunter is annoyed Joinville was not brought in alive but in hearing Cross was nearly killed, he understands - although he suspects it was revenge. Callan is concerned about Lady Janet's sons but Hunter tells him they'll be fine.

    An episode which allows Callan to be nice, a gentleman and happy for a change - but as soon as he's out the door of Lady Janet's he's ready to kill, threaten and (of course) beat up Cross. It also shows a little more of the relationship and trust (or lack of both) between the operatives in the Section. Even Lady Janet is a nice enough character - often when they bring in a love interest for a main character you spend most of your time thinking, "You've got to be kidding - why would he go out with her?!" Poor old Callan.moreless
Tony Beckley

Tony Beckley

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Dorothy Alison

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Frances Tomelty

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