Season 3 Episode 1

Where Else Could I Go?

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Apr 08, 1970 on ITV
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Where Else Could I Go?
The new Hunter cannot decide whether Callan is to return to the Section or not.

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  • Though Callan's recovered from being shot while killing Hunter, he's lost his nerve. The new Hunter wants him back and deadly so with the help of a new, arrogant partner called Cross and Lonely stuck in prison, Hunter hopes to rile Callan back to normal.moreless


    It's a quieter, more polite Callan we see at the start of this episode meeting his new partner, Cross, and the new Hunter. Eager to get back to work (too eager) he comes across as conciliatory and apologetic. He is also unwilling to shoot targets on the weapons range that look like people. The section's doctor believes Callan has lost his nerve to kill (and to be shot at, having only just survived a bulet in the lung). Hunter and Cross manipulate Callan (and his only friend, Lonely, put in prison by Cross) in order to bring back his usual cold aggression. As usual with the series, you feel sorry for poor Callan, the odd fish out in the department - it seems - because he does seem to care. This episode especially brings that out because everyone seems to pick on him and he is reluctant to bite back. But when he does in order to defy Hunter and make him bail out Lonely it is a remarkably satisfying scene in a disturbing way. No more mister nice guy - the killer is back and that is a good thing... isn't it? The scenes with Callan taking a good tongue-lashing from Lonely for a change are resolved nicely when Callan's temper snaps and he threatens his terrified 'friend' with violence, and of course Lonely replies with his usual scent of terror.

    As the first episode back after the possible death of Callan, this made a nice intro back into the world of the Section, the new Hunter and Cross, and set the frame for the new series.moreless
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Gary Watson


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Judd may be the guy in charge of the armoury but that is obviously because he can't keep track of the score as Callan shoots. Is that three bulls, two inner, or not? He can't seem to make up his mind.

    • Hunter may be the head of a Section of accomplished killers and blackmailers, but as usual the actor, William Squire, has problems with his intercom system as he does in the whole series. The prop from hell.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Hunter: All right, you're back with Charlie. Well? Are you pleased about it?
      Callan [ sighing]: The question doesn't arise. Where else could I go?

    • Callan: You're giving me the push, aren't you? Before I've even had a chance. I don't call that normal. It's not even fair!
      Hunter: Oh we're never fair if we can help it. If we were we'd lose.

    • Callan: I understand you got bail.
      Lonely: Yeah, three thousand quid. You don't happen to have it on you, do you?
      Callan: No.
      Lonely: No. Still, I mean, you won't have to pull a wages snatch or nothin'… Nah, you'll just have a glass of sherry with your bank manager while his understrappers opens up the vaults.
      Callan: I don't have three thousand quid.
      Lonely: Oh dear, you'll just have to pop one of your Boticellis, won't you?

    • Henshaw: When it comes to the trial I can plead that Callan will look after you, as a friend. See you don't get into trouble again.
      Lonely: Blimey!You don't know my friend Callan at all, do you?
      Henshaw: I thought I did.
      Lonely: Hah! Him? keep me out of trouble? Gawd, stone me!

    • Hunter [ on Callan ]: You knew him before all this. How would you describe him?
      Dr. Snell: Brave, aggressive, sexually normal. No significant traumas. Quite ruthless when he believes in the justice of his cause.
      Hunter: And deadly with a pistol. How many have I got like that?
      Dr.Snell: Six, possibly seven, but none in his class.

    • (Cross informs Callan his flat has been closed and he is now homeless.)
      Cross: Hunter's orders.
      Callan: What about my stuff?
      Cross: Oh, your furniture? I sold it. Junk man took it. he offered me fifteen [quid] but I insisted on twenty. I reckon I cheated him.

    • Cross: My name's Cross.
      Callan: I've seen you before, haven't I? You're Grade Two… Walker's section.
      Cross: Not any more. I'm Grade One now.
      Callan: Oh dear, we must be very short of men.

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