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Starz presents Camelot, a new series based on the timeless and powerful tale of legendary King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table, the wizard, Merlin, and the sorceress, Morgan. The primary source is Thomas Mallory's 15th century work, "Le Morte d'Arthur", along with other Arthurian legends.

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    Starz Cancels Camelot

    Plus: Being Human adds a sexy Doll, All My Children gets its end date, and someone won The Voice.

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    • Ver disappointing

      I had high hopes for this show, but I stopped watching it after four episodes and I rarely do that. I guess I'm not the only one, since it was cancelled after only one season... Poor script, miscasting (Jamie Campbell Bower), bad acting (although Joseph Fiennes and Eva Green are great, but they're the only ones doing a good job), bad visual effects, etc. I could go on. My advice: don't waste your time on this.moreless
    • Great expectations, big deception.

      Camelot was one of the new tv shows I couldn't wait for. Same thing for Games of Thrones, the killing & the Borgias. The cast for the Camelot show is great. At first, the pilot was very slow, lame. Things happen out of the blue, it looks like events are not really attached one after each other. But ok, the pilot can be just the set-up, even though, in general, pilots are there to introduce the story and retain viewer attention. I was bored to death during the pilot. So, after the pilot, I thought, ok, let's wait and see, cause it cannot continue like that. Afterwards, the big deals were about: - Arthur's love for Guinevere: boring

      - Arthur going for the sword: boring

      - Merlin going to go and have a sword manufactured for Arthur: boring.

      - Arthur becoming a judge: boring. Eva Green is too beautiful to play the bad guy, she does fit with the profile.

      Joseph Fiennes plays his role well, his character is always very grave, very dark. In the last episode, when he was playing like a monkey in the basement with symboles, I feel like I was watching Flashforward ... He should be playing in The Borgias, this is where he belongs. I like the actors too. I like the way the story is told, it's a different angle, the idea is rich, not to say brillant: I love this ... Unhappily, the dialogues are poor, the events occur without any link between each other (even though they are of course related). And least but not last, after five episodes, I feel very bored, very very bored and I'm angry about that. I understand it about the Event, which is in my opinion much worse (full failure), but Camelot, with so much potential, so good actors and actresses, the show is ruined by the poor writing. (talking of poor writing: sorry my english, it is not my mother language ...).moreless
    • What a shame, this show had promise.

      Great acting (especially Joseph Fiennes), a nasty Morganna in Eva Green, and a nice take on the legend, I am still working out why this series just didn't work. Here are a few. Firstly, despite beautiful sets, we didn't see the grand scale of things. Arthur's army consists of 5 men, and if you're going take yourself as seriously as this series did (something that Merlin and Robin Hood never really did), then you need to be looking at warfare on an epic scale. Secondly, we never really connect with the main character. We see Arthur developing, but the show was stolen by Fiennes, himself meant to be an aloof eccentric sorcerer. What a shame, such promise!moreless
    • i want see other season i need what happens later..

      with arthur and genovevba and morgan
    • too late

      Am I too late to tell people to not bother with this one?

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