Season 1 Episode 4

Lady of the Lake

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 15, 2011 on Starz

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  • Many are walking on the border to the dark side.

    Overall an episode with small, subtle events, which still moved the story forward enough. What requires attention the most are the performances of the main characters. During the first episodes the behaviour of Arthur bugged me. To me he was acting like a spoiled brat, far from possessing the greatness required of a king. In this episode the same behaviour continued, but now I realized it serves a purpose, which actually made me enjoy his antics. The whole story is about Arthur being destined to become a great king, but has to battle himself to reach that point. His immature behaviour is part of his path to growing into the role of King Arthur. It would have been so easy to make Arthur be perfect royal material from the beginning. But who wants to watch a show like that, without any conflict? Yes, he might behave childishly, but that is necessary for the story line and him maturing into his role. Green as Morgan never ceases to amaze me. She is a perfect witch and I cannot wait to see more of her. The problem with her character is that it has moved forward too slowly. The season is ten episodes long. One of the purposes of short seasons is that one can pack a lot of action into each episode, no filler episodes are required. Now we have put episode number four behind us, and the only threat against Arthur has been Morgan. And she seems more like a witch in training, sitting alone in her castle agonizing over her situation. Hardly a threat for Arthur so far. But what is more annoying is that we know nothing about what Morgan really is capable of and what she is trying to do. So she wants the throne, well when is she going to make a move? And she has allied herself with dark powers, but what are they? We haven't seen any sign yet that she could be capable of bringing hell to her opponents.

    What we saw of Merlin in this episode was a welcome glimpse of the man. The fact that he is battling with himself, and isn't completely good, brings depth to the character. And finally, I've said it before and I say it again: The scenery and the music in the show are very beautiful. The environment could have easily been made to look like a medieval fantasy land, but as it is, it looks very authentic. It has been stripped down to its bare essentials. The music has been very appropriately chosen for this show, and this episode showcased it very well.