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  • Ver disappointing

    I had high hopes for this show, but I stopped watching it after four episodes and I rarely do that. I guess I'm not the only one, since it was cancelled after only one season... Poor script, miscasting (Jamie Campbell Bower), bad acting (although Joseph Fiennes and Eva Green are great, but they're the only ones doing a good job), bad visual effects, etc. I could go on. My advice: don't waste your time on this.
  • Great expectations, big deception.

    Camelot was one of the new tv shows I couldn't wait for. Same thing for Games of Thrones, the killing & the Borgias. The cast for the Camelot show is great. At first, the pilot was very slow, lame. Things happen out of the blue, it looks like events are not really attached one after each other. But ok, the pilot can be just the set-up, even though, in general, pilots are there to introduce the story and retain viewer attention. I was bored to death during the pilot. So, after the pilot, I thought, ok, let's wait and see, cause it cannot continue like that. Afterwards, the big deals were about: - Arthur's love for Guinevere: boring
    - Arthur going for the sword: boring
    - Merlin going to go and have a sword manufactured for Arthur: boring.
    - Arthur becoming a judge: boring. Eva Green is too beautiful to play the bad guy, she does fit with the profile.
    Joseph Fiennes plays his role well, his character is always very grave, very dark. In the last episode, when he was playing like a monkey in the basement with symboles, I feel like I was watching Flashforward ... He should be playing in The Borgias, this is where he belongs. I like the actors too. I like the way the story is told, it's a different angle, the idea is rich, not to say brillant: I love this ... Unhappily, the dialogues are poor, the events occur without any link between each other (even though they are of course related). And least but not last, after five episodes, I feel very bored, very very bored and I'm angry about that. I understand it about the Event, which is in my opinion much worse (full failure), but Camelot, with so much potential, so good actors and actresses, the show is ruined by the poor writing. (talking of poor writing: sorry my english, it is not my mother language ...).
  • What a shame, this show had promise.

    Great acting (especially Joseph Fiennes), a nasty Morganna in Eva Green, and a nice take on the legend, I am still working out why this series just didn't work. Here are a few. Firstly, despite beautiful sets, we didn't see the grand scale of things. Arthur's army consists of 5 men, and if you're going take yourself as seriously as this series did (something that Merlin and Robin Hood never really did), then you need to be looking at warfare on an epic scale. Secondly, we never really connect with the main character. We see Arthur developing, but the show was stolen by Fiennes, himself meant to be an aloof eccentric sorcerer. What a shame, such promise!
  • i want see other season i need what happens later..

    with arthur and genovevba and morgan
  • too late

    Am I too late to tell people to not bother with this one?
  • Don't waste your time..

    This show could be VERY cool, but endning it in the midle is NOT cool.....

  • Superb Intelligent Fantasy Drama +AA


    I love everything about this show! Morgan such a strong passionate woman with power, dark and seductive. Arthur, young and wise among his years. Good actor choice. Merlin such a interesting character, that has wisdom and sex apeal, everything about him invites you in! People desire the forbidden and unknown. Excellent story with a good setting and great effects. This show will be muchly missed by me. Every time they make a great intelligent fantasy show they axe it for what stupid dull boring reality shows. I want more Xena, Hercules, Merlin & Crusoe shows! bring on the medievil thats what i like!.

  • How bad is Arthur.

    I like the show, in parts its a dark fantasy world that I could really get into. But then comes along Arthur, a sniveling snot of a man child that I want to reach through the TV and punch in the face. Why would they do this, Arthur is a warrior leader, no a daycare child. I hope the producers of this show burn for the crimes against fantasy they have committed. The only thing holding the show together is the Directors hopeful vision, considering what the producers have given him to work with. The character Merlin is acted very well and I like the direction they have sent him on. If they change the actor and path of Arthur this show will be very good.
  • Don't ever try to watch this show in your life time. If you do, you get old and die the same day.

    this show is pure class Bull dung(BS), sucks...lolzzz. i was being nice....haha I always wondered why they even cared to create this show and air it. Where do these people come to waste over time, over to that the HYPE. screw you Starz. DO not hype your stupid and worthless shows again. And who selected the actors, this little boy never shows even a little act of Arthur and the love story between the... hhmm... wats her name of the kings champions wife.. Donno - don't care. anyways as i was saying the love story of Arthur and the girl, Oh where do i even begin. WTF.WTF.WTF..... I didnt use any swear words, I kept the language clean..... well, atleast in a nice way. lolzzz.... my review is the example of the show as how senseless it is...lolzzz....!!
    Starz, Learn to make shows from "Game of Thrones" and "Spartacus"....
  • Cancel this and replace with another show worth watching..

    this show is pure class Bull dung(BS), sucks...lolzzz. i was being nice....haha I always wondered why they even cared to create this show and air it. Where do these people come to waste over time, over to that the HYPE. screw you Starz. DO not hype your stupid and worthless shows again. And who selected the actors, this little boy never shows even a little act of Arthur and the love story between the... hhmm... wats her name of the kings champions wife.. Donno - don't care. anyways as i was saying the love story of Arthur and the girl, Oh where do i even begin. WTF.WTF.WTF..... I didnt use any swear words, I kept the language clean..... well, atleast in a nice way. lolzzz.... my review is the example of the show as how senseless it is...lolzzz....!!
    Starz, Learn to make shows from "Game of Thrones" and "Spartacus"....
  • Camelot is the biggest disappointment of the year

    I had great expectations about Camelot. But it turned out to be one of the biggest disappointments of this year. Bad visual effects, one-sided story-line (my daughter of 5 years could predict the outcome of the story). Starz did the right thing to cancel this kind of garbage. I heard Camelot had a budget of 7 million dollars per episode. What did they do with the money? I can't see any kind of great visual effects. The whole visual looks like a low-budget tv-serie from the eighties. Game of Thrones had only a budget of 5 million dollars per episode and this was absolutely astonishing
  • This one is definitely one of my favourites!


    I've must have seen almost every show/movie about Camelot/Merlin... this one is definitely one of my favourites.A perfect mixture of action, romance, intrigues and history. Although, I'm not sure I like theangle/variation on Arthur's childhood. But that I can live with...

    The show on the other hand... Missing it like crazy!

  • There is so much more to the Arthur Legend than that of Guinevere and Arthur. I like how it puts the story of Merlin's powers in to a more realistic perspective.

    Joseph Fiennes is a very good character actor, especially for this series which is darker. He makes Merlin this man who has many scars and much experience, that does not meet people's expectation of what a sorcerer should be. I like that spin on Merlin, having seen so many over-confident Merlin Characters it's nice to see a Merlin who has fears and doubts, even when his confidence in what he knows is so certain. I gave this show an 8.5 and I think that it deserves this, I am riveted to know what the deepest secret of Morgan is and I hope we find out. I see potential and depth in the continuation of this series and I hope Showtime agrees.
  • Yet another awesome show about the great concept n mythology of Camelot , merlin n Arthur ... this time with a great cast and excellent choosing of sets and story line ... hope the show will be a great success !!

    Yet another awesome show about the great concept n mythology of Camelot , merlin n Arthur n the knights ... this time with a great cast and excellent choosing of sets , locations , scenery , wardrobes , makeovers along with a fabulous story line ... hope the show will be a great success and remain interesting as in accordance with a great cast n character selection !! The appearance of Eva Green in the role of morgana , Joseph fiennes as Merlin and James Purefy as King Lot .. Excellent selection of cast in to there selective roles .. All in all Pilot is amazing n hope it will bring a lot of hype n popularity !
  • To x10ns well at least you have passion... Though boredome strikes as well when reading your poor review. I believe it's a fair show. I suppose the topic of arthur and guinevere can only be done so many times before it looses some of its touch.

    I admit I found the actor playing the young arthur quite annoying in the beginning, but as most actors he grew with his role putting on scene a believeable king. The story is one we all know and have known for so long. It's less on the magic and fantasy side than merlin and centers more on the people and the relations between. If one is looking to be surprised by plots and twists, well the legend of Arthur isn't one to follow because well all know what happens in the end don't we? It has flaws, Merlin is a bit less "interesting" though I appreciate the actor. Guinevere a bit blonde and the story sometimes has a slow pace taking into account that the viewer already knows what's coming. All that being said, it did exactly what these shows are meant to do, draw you into a different world, make you feel along with the characters and give entertainement. The masterpiece of Arthurs adventures has been written long ago, and this for all intents and purposes is yet another screenwriter's and director's view on it. All in all a job well done
  • A very good recreation of the Camelot theme.

    A very good recreation of the Camelot theme.
    While not strictly following the canonical storyline, the show presents a fresh perspective that does not contradict, rather it adds to the legend.
    Merlin's and Morgana's magic, while present, are not the defining features of the story. The political issues arising from trying to create a new state from scratch are probably the best attraction of this show.

    (Spoiler Alert)

    The first season lacks the strong character of Sir Lancelot, but with the predictable storyline, he will show up in the beginning of season 1, to replace his Squire Leontes.

    Also, as a reversal on the original storyline, Guinevere does not betray King Arthur with Lancelot, but rather she betrays Leontes, her betrothed. with King Arthur, on the very morning of her wedding.
  • Great show that captures well the spirit of the Arthurian tales and the host of characters involved. If you were expecting the children's version, you'll be disappointed. The plot is much thicker and intricate, just like on this show.

    I love what I've seen so far. Fantastic actors and good use of suspense, which is hard with stories to which we already know the outcome. I think the writers are doing a superb job at reflecting the characters in depth, not in black and white, but in a more real light. Also, the costumes and the overall setting are amazing.

    I can't leave out the actors. I LOVE Joseph Fiennes. :-) Not just because he's cute, but he's so versatile. He goes from a driven FBI agent to Merlin and I believe him in both roles. Claire Forlani is also a great actress. Remember her from Meet Joe Black and CSI New York? She's awesome. Well, this is a great start. And I certainly hope they keep this show running for more than one season. I think it deserves the chance. Such a well-accomplished production cannot go to waste. It's a relief to see some good acting on TV.
  • Worth giving the time to develop

    I was intrigued by the pilot, skeptical after the 2nd and 3rd episodes, but then a fan after the 4th episode. Viewers and executives alike often are so impatient with new shows that many new shows with great potential get axed before they have a chance to take off. It's clear after 9 episodes that Camelot has vision, direction, and purpose. I am glad that I forced myself to suffer through Authur's annoying character for the first several episodes. As the viewer, the ride toward character maturation can be painful. But great kings aren't born, they are made. And I now come to see that the writers/director of Camelot seek to explore not just the legend itself, but how legend came to be. Initial reviews compared this show to Spartacus but this is an entirely different product. Much less gratuitous sex and violence, a lot more storytelling. Much like the character Merlin himself, Camelot is intelligent and subtle. Though it requires some patience, the potential outcome looks very promising.
  • Geez, where to start? Poor at best.

    It's a decent production, but with too many flaws to hold it together.

    Average cast tries to fill the screen with weak dialogs. The biggest problem though is the story, and even worse: the storytelling. The timeline doesn't fit or is unclear most of the time. Continuity, editing, writing and character development is poor at best. Throwing a rope with bare hands 100m up over a ledge? Having a party while you've been warned the enemy is coming? Letting everyone, including the enemy, just enter the castle to join the party and let them have their surprise attack. Really? It's just plain stupid.

    Also it feels way too small. They fail to give it a epic and important feel. Some scenes make it clear it's meant for mature peeps, but everything else feels like it's for teenagers. It's just messed up with poor writing as a base, which isn't the best ingredient obviously. I even kept my patience and watched another few episodes. Again, no improvement to note. I guess the potential it had before they went in production failed. I can't see them rescue this series anymore.

    Especially a big contrast with Game of Thrones. So if you really want a new fantasy series, try that one ;)
    Hell, even Merlin, a pretty low budget UK series, also with some flaws, is way better then this.
  • Got alot of potential.

    I find this to be a show thats very like able but the third and fourth episode where focussing to much on the aimless teenage love crap between arthur and guinivere. arthur a king that is building an empire but can not even get over a teeners crush on a girl he does not even know. its too overdramatizing. its too much of it, its almost as if the show it aiming at desperate teenage girl, but the sex scenes makes one conclude that the show aimess at mature people. they should make up their minds if its going to be another teeners drama crapfest or that its going to be a arthurian based fantasy medieval show. but its not all overdramatizing, for instance the mystery around merlin is very great. i also like the soldiers of arthur.
  • Fail

    Acting is shotty (and thats me using words I'm ALOUD to say on this site to describe the acting cause a four letter word begining with "F" followed with "-ing" and then "terrible" comes to mind) characters are unlikeable..and thats everyone of them I usually find 1 character in a show to like far yeah...not happening.. the magic is lame and might I add almost non existent (I know theres a budget but cmon...Xena has cooler and better graphics when it comes to magic then this show does)...casting was done terribly...has no depth to its plot or characters...dialog is poor...

    overall consensus this show seems like it was rushed to beat "Game Of Thrones" to the dance...and by doing so they caused it to be a show where there is not a single thing to like about it.
  • Iffy performances and poor writing hinder this Arthurian adaptation.

    "JUST SAY IT ALREADY!" Half every episode consists of thinking these words. This is just another drama where all of the characters intensify every situation by not speaking their minds or by making poor decisions.

    Arthur is in charge of building a kingdom from the ground up, but can't get over one girl? He takes his role as King much too lightly as he acts like a teenage boy who can't get over his first crush. Guinevere doesn't help as she keeps leading him on. She loses her virginity to him, but expects him not to beg for more? Unfortunately for the show, Arthur can't get his head on straight and focus on the task at hand. Every decision he makes revolves around her. He makes it blindingly obvious to the world, yet his court still displays unconditional loyalty towards him.

    Merlin is just a mess. Joseph Fiennes always has this incredibly intense expression on his face and makes poor decision after poor decision. He is practically immortal, lived hundreds of years but gets blindsided by a sworn enemy and a little girl? He is supposedly trying to help Arthur become king-like, but he is always brief with him, causing Arthur to stumble over himself. Fiennes' performances are too derived from his time as a stage performer, over-dramatic and not at all suited for the camera.

    The dialogue needs a lot of work. Everyone is too quick to trust, which always results in death or betrayal. Bouts of self-disclosure, bluntness, and vagueness riddle the scripts. There is no casual talk. Either someone is pouring their heart out, saying something entirely unwarranted to someone they barely know, or speaking in riddles when the topic at hand is much too important for misinterpretation.

    The entirety of the 5.5 that I've given to this is their creative interpretation of Arthurian legend, which always warms my heart. The role of Merlin is much more dark and underhanded than most other adaptations, which is intriguing, but he is not likable, nor are any of the other characters other than a small handful. Kay, Gawain, and Leontes have the best performances and chemistry with each other. The show should be about them. Unfortunately for the viewership, the plot revolves around a temptress, a lovestruck teenager, and the shady dealings of a clumsy wizard.
  • Has potential

    This might not be the best adaption of the Arthurian legend but it's far from the worst. it starts thus: Morgan, the daughter of Uther Pendragon, comes back from a nunnery where she was sent only to be rejected and exiled by her father, who has not only disowned her but killed her mother and taken another for queen. As revenge, she poisons him and takes the throne for herself. On hearing news of the king's death, Merlin, an advisor of sorts, finds Arthur, the long hidden "true" heir to the throne and begins a journey to install him as king and unite the realm. This adaptation takes a few liberties with the legend, especially in the portrayals of Uther and Merlin. Uther is portrayed as a cruel barbarian who dominates his subjects by hook or crook and Merlin is shown considerably younger and is more of a "warrior monk" than a magician in terms of looks. He is also more reserved and tight-lipped than most other incarnations. Arthur's reaction to his heritage were believable. I wouldn't expect someone to just calmly accept their entire world being turned upside down. I especially liked the ending of the episode. It showed Arthur as he really was: an innocent child thrust into a destiny he didn't ask for and may not fulfill(we all know he will fulfill it but does he?). Of course, there is the sex that so many people go out of their way to point out and criticise. Besides showing proof that this is aimed at a more mature audience(nobody seems to care about this in other shows), the 3 sex scenes certainly have a purpose of some kind. The first with Kay's girlfriend establishes Arthur's sheltered and ignorant existence, which gets stolen the very next scene. The second one is more aimed at portraying Morgan's nature and the third one with whom we suppose is Guinvere is a premonition of sorts. All that being said, this show does have its flaws. Besides Eva Green, acting is nothing special and neither are the visual effects. Thus, the show is forced to rely too much on the strength of its plot to retain the interest of the audience.

    Overall, while not the best adaptation of the Arthurian Legend, it shows promise and I hope it gets better.
    My rating- 6.5/10
  • The darker side of BBC's 'Merlin'.....

    Ok, there ends my comparison to Merlin, as that is all it has in common, that there are two guys who happen to have the same name. The 'Merlin' character in Camelot is NOTHING at all like the character of the BBC hit. That being said, nothing else is similar either, which is a good thing. The last thing we need is a clone of an already successful TV show. This has the potential to be a success in it's own right. The cast is awesome, the acting is top-notch, and what little room for effects are left are reasonable. So what makes it fall short of a 9 or even 10? Well, to put it bluntly – all the sex. It slows the story up and is quite unnecessary. It is the BattleStar Galactica of the medieval realm, though in fairness to BSG, they were much more subtle and 'less offensive' with their erotica. That being said though, I hope that it was just an element to hook as wide an audience as possible and that it'll take a back seat as the story elements grow more crucial. The setting is gorgeous of this pilot, and unlike Merlin (I thought I'd said I'd not compare…..?) gives you a real feel of life in these times. I don't want to spoil the story elements for anyone, but suffice to say that Arthur is not the same man as we see (ahem) in other interpretations. This seems to tally more with the events from the movie 'Arthur' (in terms of it's historical element) and Camelot is not seen as a mythical city as on BBC (crap……) but more a real part of 'Briton'. Anyway, I'll end there. Watch it – decide for yourself. A horrible cliff-hanger awaits and it's a shame we have to wait till April to see it, but I am sure it'll be worth.