Camera Three - Season 14

CBS (ended 1980)




Episode Guide

  • Sounds for Silents
    Sounds for Silents
    Episode 46
    A half hour of silent movies as selected and used in a lesson by Charles Hofmann, musical director of the Department of Film of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, N.Y.
  • Gentlemen Prefer Anita Loos
    Jack Kroll of Newsweek interviews the legendary Anita Loos, author of "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" and any number of lesser known movie scenarios.
  • The Lively Art of Fakery [Part II]
    The Lively Art of Fakery [Part II], A Modern Day Forger. Part two of two part series on art forgery. Study of one of the biggest art fraud cases in history: David Stein forged Picassos, Chagalls, and Matisses (41 oils and watercolors) and was indicted and sent to jail. In jail he continued to paint, and in 1969 was given a one-man show in London, which sold out. On this program a few of the principals in the case examine how it happened.moreless
  • The Lively Art of Fakery [Part I]
    The Lively Art of Fakery: Part I, The Game of Duplicity. Part one of two-part series on art forgery. In this program, Joseph V. Noble, specialist in the detection of forgeries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, discusses with host James Macandrew the wide range of the subject, types of forgeries, how he uncovered the famous Greek horse fakery.moreless
  • Cinema, the Beginnings: Georges Melies [Part II]
    Conclusion of this interesting study of the films of Georges Melies, a pioneer in the use of the camera as a storyteller, an art which has only recently been recognized by Hollywood's moguls.
  • Cinema, the Beginnings: Georges Melies [Part I]
    Georges Melies, a self-taught engineer, magician, artist, businessman and scenic designer, produced more than 500 films between 1895 and 1918. Unlike his colleagues in the untried art of filmmaking, Melies, a Frenchman, was interested in producing films that would do on a screen what actors did on a stage. On both Parts I and II of the Camera Three presentation, Melies' granddaughter, Madeleine Malthete-Melies, will discuss her grandfather's work and show segments of more than a dozen of the 60 surviving films he made. Facing loss of his films to the upcoming distributors, Melies burned most of them, and it was not until 1923 the he was "rediscovered." He died in 1938.moreless
  • The Many Ways of La Femme
    Beatrice Arnac, a top attraction in European cabarets, demonstrates her unique and very French presentation of songs. With each number Mlle. Arnac tells a story via singing, dancing, acting and mime.
  • Aspects of the New Consciousness
    Anyone interested in theories and styles in avantgarde music in America will be interested in tuning in for an interview with composer John Cage by Newsweek drama critic Jack Kroll. In this third program of an intermittent series of dialogues exploring "aspects of the new consciousness" with men whose ideas stretch the boundaries of human experience, Cage will talk about his philosophy of contemporary aesthetics with Jack Kroll, Newsweek magazine drama critic. Cage, whose avant-garde compositions have stood traditional ideas on their heads, has been called by one commentator "one of our contemporary gurus" for his influence on a new generation of sculptors, painters and dancers.moreless
  • Dear Birds
    Dear Birds
    Episode 37
    Filmmaker and anthropologist Robert Gardner of Harvard shows a record he's been able to put on film of a stone-age ritual type of warfare that is still going on today in the remote highlands of New Guinea. Mr. Gardner's film called "Dead Birds" will be shown on the program, followed by a discussion of the film and its significance by Gardner himself and anthropologist Colin Turnbull of the Museum of Natural History in New York.moreless
  • Jeremy
    Episode 36
    A film about Jeremy Steig, a jazz-rock-classical flutist and painter.
  • Beverly Sills
    Beverly Sills
    Episode 35
    American opera lovers are in for an interview with coloratura soprano Beverly Sills who talks about her recent spectacular success in this operatic world, and a program sparked by her illustrative excerpts from "Manon", Mozart's "Abduction from the Seraglio", Handel's "Julius Caesar" and Moore's "The Ballad of Baby Doe".
  • Los Indios Tabajaras
    Two brothers from Brazil, Tabajaran Indians from the jungle interior, Natalicio and Antenor Lima, perform duos on their guitars. Repertoire ranges from native Indian to Chopin. Performance pieces include: "Flight of the Bumblebee", Indian music sung and played in Brazilian Indian costume with beads and feathers, a Portuguese song, light popular fado, Hungarian czardas, "Zigeunerweisen" by Pablo Sarasate, Chopin's "Waltz", Opus 64 number 2, and "Fantasie-Impromptu."moreless
  • Direct Cinema [Part II]
    Second of two-part series exploring the technique of Albert and David Maysles to achieve a greater reality in films. Featured are excerpts from their films and a discussion with arts critic Jack Kroll.
  • Direct Cinema [Part I]
    Part one of a two part series in which Jack Kroll interviews Albert and David Maysles about what they call a new technique of natural movie making, Direct Cinema, with excerpts from their first feature length film "The Salesman" (about a door-to-door salesman of The Bible to poor people in Boston). The brothers formed a two man crew and followed the salesman around, an early example of "cinema verite."moreless
  • The Art of the Bass
    The Art of the Bass
    Episode 31
    Gary Karr, leading performer on the double bass, performs several pieces including one with The Electric Karrs, a rock band from Wisconsin University. Through visuals and commentary, the story of Karr's career is told, and the double bass as a serious instrument is discussed.
  • Sabicas: Flamenco Guitar
    The most celebrated name in flamenco music, guitar master Sabicas, performs several solos, which include, "Malaguena", "Zapateado", and "Guadalquivir". Maria Alba, one of the most important names in flamenco dancing, performs and is accompanied by a trio of Young Flamenco Dance Trio Los Duendes de Espana and by a second guitar, and by flamenco singing.moreless
  • Bill Evans
    Bill Evans
    Episode 29
    Jazz buffs are treated to a visit with Bill Evans, who will play the piano on his own, join with members of his trio (Marty Morrell on drums and Eddie Gomez talk about his on bass) and theories of arranging, which he describes as "spontaneous music."
  • Panorama of Magic [Part II]
    Part II of a two-part series on magic and illusion. Magician Milbourne Christopher, author of "Houdini, the Untold Story," does tricks of illusion on camera (without revealing any secrets) and talks about the history of magic and its many meanings and forms
  • Panorama of Magic [Part I]
    Part I. If magic happens to be your cup of tea, here's a chance to hear a bit of its 5,000-year-old history by a past master of the art, Milbourne Christopher and see some famous magic feats performed.
  • To Be Young, Gifted and Black
    This half hour is a tribute to the incisive talent of the late Lorraine Hansberry, author of "A Raisin in the Sun." for which she won the New York Drama Critics Circle Award at the age of 29. The title of the program refers to the off-Broadway production of excerpts from her writings. including the above-mentioned play. "The Sign in Sidney Brustein's Window" and an uncompleted of which are novel portions featured in this broadcast.moreless
  • Aspects of the New Consciousness
    The Rev. Walter J. Ong, S.J., a leading American Jesuit scholar, is interviewed on literature and the changing human condition.
  • Debussy Concert
    Debussy Concert
    Episode 24
    World-renowned American pianist Beveridge Webster offers a concert with - commentary on the works of the French impressionist composer Claude Debussy. The world - renowned pianist will delight his audience playing Debussy's "Etude for Five Fingers." "Reflections in the Water," "Fireworks," "Clair de Lune," and "Reverie."
  • A Conversation with Norman Mailer
    Author-social and political critic Norman Mailer is today's guest.
  • Grant Johannesen
    Grant Johannesen
    Episode 22
    A concert featuring world-renowned pianist Grant Johannesen and his wife cellist Zara Nelsova, are featured with Alfredo Antonini conducting the CBS Symphony Orchestra. Miss Nelsova is soloist for Saint-Saen's "1st Concerto" and Johannesen joins the orchestra for Mozart's "Piano Concerto No. 21 in C Major". The two soloists play Poulenc's "Sonata 1948".moreless
  • Limbo
    Episode 21
    Program presents "Limbo", a dance designed and choreographed by Alwin Nikolais for the visual effects that can be created by television electronic equipment.
  • The Living Theater [Part II]
    Part two on the work and goals of "The Living Theater", a controversial theater group founded and directed by Julian Beck and Judith Malina, who espoused their radically nonconformist views in an interview here last week, concentrates on illustrative performance excerpts by the company.
  • The Living Theater [Part I]
    Part I. First of a two-part study of the work, method and content of the controversial theater group founded by Julian Beck and his wife, Judith Malina, it features an interview with the founder-directors by critic Jack Kroll.
  • Aspects of the New Consciousness, I: Humphry Osmond
    Discussion of new views of "expanded consciousness," from biology to philosophy, animal behavior, Eastern thought, and psychedelics. Dr. Humphry Osmond is Director of Research at the N.J. Bureau of Neurology and Psychiatry; John Bleibtreu is an author and expert on animal behavior.
  • L'Historie du Soldat
    "L'Historire du Soldat." (The Soldier's Tale), Igor Stravinsky's World War I masterpiece, inspired by the story of a soldier who sells his soul to the Devil for wealth, is narrated by Christopher Walken and danced by James Clouser, Norman Walker and Sally Brayley.
  • Xmas Xamined
    Xmas Xamined
    Episode 16
    Film buffs and series' enthusiasts might tune in for two short works by young filmmakers with cameras beamed on the pre-Christmas spirit in Southern California and northern Montreal. In the first, "The Season", the attempt transplanting the traditional Christmas look of another time, is both amusing and ironic, while the second echoes the frantic pace of big city Montreal in "The Days Before Christmas".moreless
  • Walk Together Children
    Camera Three presents excerpts from Vinie Burrows' one-woman show, "Walk Together Children", which is an off-Broadway success. It tells the story of the Negro in America in poetry, prose and song.
  • The Forgotten Composer
    Music buffs are offered a special treat when pianist Raymond Lowenthal recalls and illustrates the originality of currently neglected 19th century composer, Charles Valentin Alkan. He was a contemporary of Liszt and Chopin, and Lowenthal is hard at work rediscovering him.
  • Faces
    Episode 13
    Actor-director John Cassavetes discusses film-making with LIFE magazine's film critic Richard Schickel. Cassavetes is the producer of the recently released "Faces", which was made over a five-year period on a shoestring budget. The film was shown at film festivals in Cannes, Venice, San Francisco and New York and opened to rave notices in London and New York.moreless
  • Total Dancer
    Total Dancer
    Episode 12
    Dance buffs and those of you who admire grace, skill, power and passion in their performers are urged to tune in for a recital by Carmen De Lavallade. Her commanding style alone will reward you but so will the choreography by Geoffrey Holder, Carmen's husband. The four dances on the program are set to the music of Odetta's spirituals, Villa-Lobos "Bachianas Brasileiras", Canteloube's "Songs by Auvergne" and jazz composer Quincy Jones.moreless
  • Know Ye the Hour
    Know Ye the Hour
    Episode 11
    "Know Ye the Hour" explores gravestone carving, an important art form of early New England. Films and stills study the efforts of artists Avon Neal and Ann Parker who are preserving the designs and epitaphs; remote cementaries and unusual tombstones.
  • Concert of Works by Franz Schubert
    Pianist Lili Kraus offers music lovers a special treat this morning in her concert with commentary of Franz Schubert's works. Tune in for her interpretation of "The Graetzer Gallop", two waltzes, and other Schubert compositions.
  • The Faces of Power
    The Faces of Power
    Episode 9
    Author-artist-journalist Emery Kelen is featured in an analysis of his illustrated thesis on "constitutional psychology. Kelen examines faces of men in power with a view toward learning something of their personalities, their strengths and their weaknesses, having had to his credit experience observing the faces of men in power dating back to a jaunt as unofficial journalist-in-residence at the League of Nations.moreless
  • The Norman Walker Dance Company
    Performance by members of the Norman Walker Dance Company, a leading proponent of the "modern dance" movement with choreographer Norman Walker who talks about his concern for "here and now". The set pieces, with improvisation, are performed to Judy Collins' rendition of "Suzanne" by Leonard Cohen, "In My life" by John Lennon, and songs by the rock group The Doors.moreless
  • Mad Maggie
    Mad Maggie
    Episode 7
    The title refers to a painting by Pieter Bruegel the famous 16th century Flemish artist known as Bruegel the Elder, who seems to have had a feeling for fantasy which the current art world would interpret as surrealistic. On hand to offer his scholarly insight and understanding is Dr. Gilbert Highet, author-critic-teacher in an interpretation of this masterly work.moreless
  • Really the Country Blues
    Two stars sing the blues, revealing their differing styles similarities of origin and deepening problems of our time. One is 66-year-old Eddie J. "Son" House Jr., oldtime singer and composer of songs who comes from rural Mississippi. The other is Buddy Guy, a man in his late 20s who was brought up in urban Chicago.moreless
  • Concert With Commentary
    Pianist Andre Watts, the remarkable young virtuoso, now 22, and first heard by viewers on Leonard Bernstein's TV Young People's Concerts at age 16, offers a "concert-with-commentary" and the music of Franz Liszt. He will perform "Rhapsody No. 13", "En Reve", "The Chardas Macabre" and excerpts from Rhapsodies Nos. 2 and 3.moreless
  • New York Film Festival
    An interview with Czech film director Milos Forman, West German filmmaker Werner Herzog and film critic Richard Schickel is presented as the third annual New York Festival.
  • Clarence's House
    Clarence's House
    Episode 3
    A film study of recluse artist Clarence Schmidt who spent over 50 years building a six-story structure composed of a house, junk, paint and mirrors in Woodstock, N.Y. Cameras carefully scanned the work, which critics called a "monstrous joke" but also, a "brilliant statement of personal vision". Conceived as a never-ending effort by the artist, the "house" was recently destroyed by fire.moreless
  • Lotte Goslar
    Lotte Goslar
    Episode 2
    For theater goers, a one-woman show with stage personality, actress-mime-clown-dancer Lotte Goslar.
  • Zoe Caldwell
    Zoe Caldwell
    Episode 1
    Zoe Caldwell, the highly acclaimed star of Broadway's "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodle," is the featured guest of the program this morning, ushering in the new season of the series with her choice readings from the literature of Australia, the country of her birth.