Camera Three - Season 16

CBS (ended 1980)




Episode Guide

  • How to Care About the Movies
    A rare opportunity to see and hear respected movie critic Pauline Kael, who discusses the state of the films and film criticism with host - writer George Malko, who has recently completed a profile of Miss Kael for Audience Magazine.
  • Eskimo World, Eskimo Art
    The relationship between the realities of Eskimo life and the expression of that life in their art, discussed by two men with long experience in the Arctic. Many examples of Eskimo work, and film of Eskimo life and art.
  • Every Man is His Own Medici
    Robert Snyder, a filmmaker of documentaries about the luminaries of our age, talks with Macandrew about his work and excerpts of his films are shown: R. Buckminster Fuller talking to the camera about geometry; Casals playing Bach's unaccompanied G Major Suite for Cello; and De Kooning at work painting and contemplating.moreless
  • Paul Bowles' Morocco
    An abridgement of a film by Gary Conklin entitled "Paul Bowles in the Land of the Jumblies", a profile of the famous American writer who lives in Morocco. Scenes show Bowles' Moroccan world: landscapes, bazaars, friends, shops, food, rifle shooting, musicians, blind singer, Dervishes, dancing, Sufism, beggar boys talking English, camels, Saharan castle town, an oasis. Bowles talks of his life and work and discusses Gertrude Stein, Aaron Copland, and other friends from the generation that lived in Paris in the 30's.moreless
  • Biological Clocks
    Biological Clocks
    Episode 38
    Scientific experiments with questions like how do birds navigate and why do leaves fold at night are discussed. The program explores natural metabolic timing systems in all living things.
  • The Art of the Mime
    The Art of the Mime
    Episode 37
    Yass Hakoshima, Japanese-American mime artist-teacher, performs several mime pieces and explains some mime techniques. Performance pieces include an eagle which is shot but is determined to fly again, a dictator supressing mass revolt, a man searching in vain for a woman, a parable of Buddhism told through the image of climbing on a spider web.moreless
  • Paris as You Remember It
    The Quartet "Les Freres Jacques" (Andre and George Bellec, Paul Tourenne, Francois Soubeyran), pianist Hubert Metzger and commentator Tonia Howard perform charming music hall pieces from the France of the 40's and 50's.
  • Sing Me a Woman
    Sing Me a Woman
    Episode 35
    Folksingers Oscar Brand and Jean Ritchie are joined by Cecilia Kirtland for a musical examination of the role and the place of American women from the days of the pioneers to women's liberation.
  • Chinese Painting: Rhythm and Reason
    Here's a rare opportunity to learn something of the tradition that has motivated the art of Chinese painting for centuries. On hand to help explore the techniques and philosophical content involved are Wango Weng, lecturer-artist-writer-filmmaker, and Prof. Yee Chiang of Columbia University.
  • Betty Allen
    Betty Allen
    Episode 33
    Mezzo-soprano Betty Allen, a lieder singer of considerable note, is the guest of the program. In addition to talking about her career with the program host James Macandrew, Miss Allen offers songs by Schubert, Virgil Thompson, Aaron Copland and the great composer-arranger of Negro spirituals, Hall Johnson.
  • Real-Reel
    Episode 32
    "Real-reel" is an experimental theater work of the avant garde Belgian group Theater Laboratoire Vicinal. On this program the work is performed, with commentary by Margaret Croyden. Underlying the experimental nature of this two-man performance is an attempt to present meaning without plot, and to provide a language with little verbal communication. The new Belgian experimental theater group, "Theatre Laboratoire Vicinal," will present excerpts from their play "Real-Reel," on Camera Three. The group, widely acclaimed as one of the foremost innovators of the stage, is historically related to Jerzy Grotowski's Polish Laboratory Theater and to the Living Theater and Open Theater groups. It has toured many of the important European festivals and has appeared in the United States, Iran and Canada. Frederic Flamand and Jean Pol Ferboa will be seen in the excerpts from "Real-Reel." Margaret Croyden, professor of dramatic literature and a frequent contributor to leading Journals on the subject of contemporary theater, will act as the commentator and guide of the broadcast which will show how the group presents theater with meaning but hardly any plot, with language but hardly any verbal communication.moreless
  • Inner Exile: The Poetry of Anna Akhmatova
    Perspectives on poetess Akhmatova, who bridged Tsarist and Revolutionary Russia, was adored and called "the soul of her time," and who suffered under Stalin's disfavor. Irene Moore, a founder of the American Stanislavsky Theatre, recites the poetry in Russian. Faubion Bowers narrates this study of the poetry of the late Russian poetess Anna Akhmatova, highlighted by a reading of some of her works by actress Irene Moore. Also on hand to discuss her life and times are Sam Driver, professor of Russian at Brown University and Prof. Irene Kirk of the University of Connecticut, who talks about me last time she saw Miss Akhmatova.moreless
  • Ramparts of Clay: A Study in the Semi-documentary Film
    Producer-director Jean-Louis Bertucelli's highly praised film, "Ramparts of Clay," which deals with a tiny, primitive, isolated village in North Africa, and uses only two professional actors in its native cast, is the subject of discussion by Mr. Bertucelli and film critic John Lahr.
  • An Occasion with Dorothy Kirsten
    Metropolitan Opera soprano Dorothy Kirsten sings four pieces (2 opera arias; 2 popular songs) and discusses her long career with Robert Jacobson, music reviewer for Saturday Review Magazine in this celebration of her 25 years with the Metropolitan Opera Company in New York. Orchestra accompaniments by CBS Orchestra and Alfredo Antonini, conductor. Many photographs illustrate her career and life. Miss Kirsten, demonstrates the quality of her voice singing arias from " Tosca" and "Louise," as well as popular ballads like "I'll See You Again."moreless
  • Dances of Youth and Maturity
    Performance of two contemporary ballets. Both ballets express the yearnings of youth, the translation of innocence into experience and thus into greater understanding. Lawrence Rhodes was formerly director of the Harkness Ballet. He and Ms. Lone Isaksen were at the time of this production, guest artists with the National Ballet of the Netherlands. The first "Youth," is set to the music of Samuel Barber and is the work of choreographer Richard Wagner, and the second, "After Eden," set to music by Lee Holby and is the work of John Butler.moreless
  • Fiorenza Cossotto
    Fiorenza Cossotto
    Episode 27
    Mezzo-soprano Fiorenza Cossotto, who has been electrifying audiences at the Met with her bravura singing, is the guest of the program, singing arias from Verdi's "Don Carlo," Cherubini's "Medea," Mascagni's "Cavalleria Rusticana," and Cilea's "Adriana Lecouvreur."
  • Melina on a Sunday
    Melina on a Sunday
    Episode 26
    Greek actress Melina Mercouri is interviewed by film critic Rex Reed. Topic includes her new film "Promise at Dawn" based on the 1960 novel of the same name written by Romain Gary.
  • The Magic of Peter Brook [Part II]
    Part Two with critic Margaret Croyden of the examination of the work and workings of one of the contemporary theatre's most influential directors.
  • The Magic of Peter Brook [Part I]
    Peter Brook and his theater company prepare an experimental version of Shakespeare's "The Tempest." Brook talks about the future of theater, its purpose, whether it has somehow been lost in the world today. His company is seen in acting exercises and performance. Theater critic Margaret Croyden gives commentary about Brook's work.moreless
  • They Became What They Behold
    The profound ways our lives have been changed in a few generations by advances in communications technology will be examined in a comparative study of primitive peope by anthropologist Edmund Carpenter, in "They Became What They Behold." Health, Education and Welfare Secretary Elliot L Richardson is guest.
  • My Uncle Marshall
    My Uncle Marshall
    Episode 22
    A look at the unique work of Marshall Izen, work that includes film animation puppetry, painting and concert piano playing, narrated through the eyes of his young nephew 14-year-old Larry Abrahams, while his uncle Marshall Izen illustrates his method of creating a hand puppet and pantomiming the story of "The Tortoise and the Hare."moreless
  • Letta Mbulu
    Letta Mbulu
    Episode 21
    Letta Mbulu, South African singer with a devoted following in the United States, performs her work and discusses her life and music with teacher, writer, pop music critic, Albert Goldman. Performance pieces include "Mahalela", "Mumani", and "Imgwea Quonqoza".
  • Ballet of the Twentieth Century [Part II]
    This is part two of a two-part series of an exploration into choreographer Bejart and his "Ballet of the twentieth century" with excerpts from his ballets. Bejart discusses his life and work with Faubion Bowers, well-known dance critic and author of many studies of international dance.
  • Ballet of the Twentieth Century [Part I]
    The first part of a two-part series that presents Maurice Bejart, the Belgian (born French) choreographer as personality, teacher, philosopher, and dance originator. The series also presents examples of his works performed by stars of his Brussels-based troupe. Bejart talks with Faubion Bowers.
  • Terminal: The Open Theater
    This program presents performance of experimental theater pieces by a group that prides itself on developing theater as a collaborative effort, The Open Theater Ensemble. These pieces concern dying, death and afterdeath. The Open Theater Ensemble consists of Joseph Chaikin, Shami Chaikin, Tina Shepard, Jo-Ann Schmidman, Paul Zimet, Raymond Barry and Henry Smith.moreless
  • Arthur C. Clarke in Conversation
    Conversation between scientist future-thinker, Arthur C. Clarke, and film critic, Joseph Gelmis, about the genesis and development of the film "2001: A space odyssey", its ideas, themes and conjectures about its meanings.
  • Let There Be Love
    Let There Be Love
    Episode 16
    Martha Schlamme, Viennese-born actress and singer, in a one-woman show of song, poetry and drama, in several languages...all on the theme of love.
  • The Soul of Verdi
    The Soul of Verdi
    Episode 15
    The CBS concert orchestra and chorus, under the direction of Alfredo Antonini, present works of the 18th century Italian composer Guiseppi Verdi.
  • Andre Gregory's "Manhattan Project" [Part II]
    The second part of a two-part series featuring excerpts from Andre Gregory's production with the Manhattan Project Company (New York City) of the experimental theater piece "Alice in Wonderland". The unorthodox staging of "Alice in Wonderland" is discussed by director Andre Gregory and theater critic John Lahr.
  • Andre Gregory's "Manhattan Project" [Part I]
    The first part of a two-part series featuring excerpts from Andre Gregory's production with the Manhattan Project Company (New York City) of the experimental theater piece "Alice in Wonderland". This segment is entitled "Why Alice?" as Theatre critic and author John Lahr interviews Andre Gregory who in turn introduce each excerpt.moreless
  • Backstage with Ralph Richardson and John Gielgud
    Discussion of theater, acting, British versus American audiences, and schools of acting with Alexander Cohen, producer of the David Storey play "Home", and its two stars, the reknowned British actors, Sir John Gielgud and Sir Ralph Richardson. "Home" is in New York after a successful London run, and all three men have plenty to say about its journey over the Atlantic.moreless
  • Knoxville: 1915
    Knoxville: 1915
    Episode 11
    A rare performance of Samuel Barber's companion, written for voice and orchestra and based on James Agee's preface to bit novel, "A Death in the Family." On hand are Metropolitan Opera soprano Judith Raskin and Alfredo Aatonini conducting the CBS Chamber Orchestra.
  • La Rosa De Papel
    La Rosa De Papel
    Episode 10
    "La Rosa De Papel," a one-act play by the late Spanish playwright Ramon Maria Del Valle-Inclan, will be presented in Spanish with English translation on Camera Three. Performing "The Paper Rose" will be the Esta Noche Teatro Company from Madrid, under the direction of Delfor Peralta.
  • Caprice on Danish and Russian Airs
    A rare pleasure for Saint-Saens' "Caprice on Danish and Russian Airs" but the society's artistic director, pianist Charles Wadsworth. will join composer William Schumann, former president ot the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, for a discussion of the musical form and the extent of its appeal, chamber music enthusiasts. Not only will the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center perform Haydn's "Quartet in E Major".moreless
  • The Metaphysics of Buster Keaton
    Exploration of the career of America's great film director-actor Buster Keaton, with some unusual perspectives on his goals and motivations. Illustrated with many film excerpts from 1917-1928. Raymond Rohauer describes rescuing Keaton's films from a garage and talking with Keaton at the end of his life when he had been forgotten. Andrew Sarris a film critic with the Village Voice in New York City joins the discussion.moreless
  • Arthur Miller and Israel Horovitz in Conversation
    Conversation between the established American master Arthur Miller and the young successful writer, Israel Horovitz, about theater, the writer, playwriting and politics, and the responsibility of the playwright to society.
  • La Belle Epoque
    La Belle Epoque
    Episode 6
    Performance by Virgil Fox of organ works from the Edwardian Age, the turn-of-the century period that broke the strictures of the Victorian period. "La Belle Epoque" illustrated with contemporary photographs. Virgil Fox, recognized as the foremost interpreter of this music, performs "Marche religieuse" by Guilmant, "Fanfare d'Orgue" by Shelley, "Variations on America" by Charles Ives, "Pomp and Circumstances" by Elgar. Photographs and prints of the arts and fashions of the times accompany this concert, plus works by J.H. Lartrigue depicting experiments in early action photography.moreless
  • Behind the Scenes
    Behind the Scenes
    Episode 5
    Eddie Fowlie, stunt man, scenic designer and properly master for motion pictures, discusses and illustrates with film clips a number of his unusual movie assignments.
  • An Elegant Legacy
    An Elegant Legacy
    Episode 4
    Add the charm and bubbling good humor of the Clancy Brothers, the folk-singing quartet from Ireland, to the title, off their show, and you know you'll be in for an entertaining half-hour. The Clancy brothers, Tom, Pat, Liam and Bobby by name, will sing Irish children's tunes, ballads and such, as well as embellishing a variety of Irish tales.moreless
  • Wishes, Lies and Dreams
    Poet-playwright-teacher, Kenneth Koch, author of "Wishes, Lies and Dreams," an anthology of children's poetry, shows how children can write poetry. He explains his teaching techniques and demonstrates the writing of poetry with a group of children utilizing the possibilities in a television studio. Students are from 5th and 6th grade classes at P.S. 61 in New York City.moreless
  • Loves of the French Revue
    "La Rive Gauche", a French revue team of three men and on woman (Pia Columbo, Jacques Marchais, Paul Villaz, Bernard Haller), sing and act out in the style of the Paris cabaret world various songs dealing with the subject of love and war. Host James Macandrew compares the work to the work of Jacques Brel, Louis Aragon. "love is a fantasy that pops as suddenly as a balloon...there is a sunny side to a departed lover."moreless
  • The Future Isn't What It Used To Be
    This is a conversation among three leading future thinkers of the 20th century. They assess the nature of the future and how we perceive -- or fail to perceive --the path humankind is on. R. Buckminster Fuller, as architect and city-planner has been a leading designer of much of our world, from shower fixtures to his famous "geodesic dome." Arthur C. Clarke, world-famous writer of science fiction (including the classic "2001: A Space Odyssey") has influenced two generations in an appreciation of man's journey beyond planet Earth. Alvin Toffler, as the author of "Future Shock" started a new dialogue on the re-making of the post-industrial age that has continued to this day.moreless