Camera Three - Season 21

CBS (ended 1980)




Episode Guide

  • Thomas Wolfe: An American Odyssey
    The period during which Thomas Wolfe lived and wrote about is vividly recalled in this program of readings of selections from his three celebrated works, "Look Homeward, Angel," "Of Time and the River," and "You Can't Go Home Again." A trio of talented actors - Paul Hecht, Robert Gerringer and Andy Wood bring the famous authors words to life.moreless
  • Six Faces of Love
    Six Faces of Love
    Episode 42
    Talented character actress Carol Teitel stars in a one-woman show in which she offers excerpts from the literary works of Emily Dickinson, George Bernard Shaw, James Joyce, Eugene O'Neill, Ezra Pound and William Wycherly. The selections deal with the various shadings of love.
  • Richer By Russia
    Richer By Russia
    Episode 41
    The Soviet cinema is examined by arts critic Faubion Bowers and his three Russian expatriate guests actress Viktoria Fyodorova. director Mikhail Bogin, and cinematographer Mikhail Suslov. The trio compares the Soviet and American film industries, citing major differences, especially the restrictions placed on filmmakers by the Communist Party.
  • Listen With Your Eyes - Laser Music
    Music lovers are treated to a fascinating experiment in musical enjoyment dreamed up by Lowell Cross, a professor of music at Iowa State University, called a "lightshow machine" which he believes should complement the musical sound not distract from it. Tune in for his explanation, as well as a demonstration of its effect, in a performance of Aleksander Scriabin's "Prometheus: The Poem of Fire," composed in 1909 and actually envisioned a projection of colored lights at that time.moreless
  • Barbara Cook in Concert
    Barbara Cook, an ingenue in musicals in the 1950s and 1960s, made a remarkable comeback last year at a concert in Carnegie Hall. No longer the retiring ingenue, Ms. Cook has a hearty, delightful song style and manner with which she renders songs by Paul Simon, Leon Russell, Sheldon Harnick and Jerry Bock, Janis Ian, Leonard Bernstein and Jerry Herman. Wally Harper accompanies her on piano, and John Beal on bass.moreless
  • Ravi Shankar and Friends
    Performance, masterclass and conversation with India's reknowned sitar player Ravi Shankar. Collin Walcott, usually identified with contemporary music, has been a sitar student for some time and a student of the tabla with Alla Rakha as well. Film segment shows the ceremony at which Walcott became a student of Ravi Shankar.moreless
  • Roger Corman, King of the B's [Part II]
    In the conclusion of this two-part series on the prolific producer-director of B movies, Roger Corman, a man who gave many a novice a chance to perform, interviews with actor Bruce Dern. Film editors Joe Dante and Allan Arkush, take over the show.
  • Roger Corman, King of the B's [Part I]
    For those not familiar with the name, Roger Corman is the man who produced more than 200 films, 49 of which he directed, ranging all the way from westerns, science fiction, and Edgar Allan Poe's horror stories, to films about motorcycle gangs and LSD, during the course of which he employed talented people who've gone on to greater things.moreless
  • Mozart Under a Microscope
    Conductor-pianist Boris Goldvosky, no stranger to the vast radio audience so loyal to the live broadcasts of the Metropolitan Opera on Saturday afternoons during the season, is seen and beard on camera, discoursing in his fabulously intricate, but equally dramatic fashion, on the wonders of an aria from Mozart's opera "Don Giovanni".moreless
  • Portraits of Three Masters
    Masters Albers, Richter, Ernst as art students and gallery-goers will want to view this tribute to three contemporary artists, all of whom died this year. Each of the three; Josef Albers, Hans Richter and Max Ernst, was accorded a study of his work previously by Camera Three, and this program features excerpts from those programs, illuminated by commentary from art critic-writer Rosamond Bernier.moreless
  • Women Poets Find a New Voice
    In a program filmed at a historic Greenwich Village pub called, "Chumley's," six poets - Jean Boudin, Celia Gilbert, Carolyn Kizer, Audre Lorde, Anne Waldman and Eurice Wolfgram - offer an unusual poetry reading of their work, followed by a discussion of the range of subject matter that interest them as women and as poets.moreless
  • Figures in the Sand
    Figures in the Sand
    Episode 32
    This consistently enterprising series turns to the world of the workshop play, one that's performed for the love of the theater, by its cast, director, and everyone involved in the production, usually of ah experimental work. This morning features just such a one-act, two-character play, first performed at the Theater at St. Clements in New York City. "Figures in the Sand" was written by Nathan Teitel, starring Carol Teitel and Michael Higgins.moreless
  • Arthur Brendel
    Arthur Brendel
    Episode 31
    Camera Three presents the internationally-acclaimed pianist Alfred Brendel in a performance of Beethoven's "Eroica Variations," and a brief interview with Brendel by Robert Jacobson, music critic and editor of Opera News.
  • The Print World of Tatyana Grosman [Part II]
    This program is the second part of a two-part series about the printmaking atelier "Universal Limited Art Editions". Part two centers on Helen Frankenthaler and Robert Rauschenberg at Grosman's studio, working on their prints and discussing printmaking techniques. Jasper Johns is shown at work on a jigsaw. Helen Frankenthaler talks at length about details of print making. Rosamond Bernier explains the history and focus of the studio, and talks with Grosman about her life.moreless
  • The Print World of Tatyana Grosman [Part I]
    This program is the first part of a two-part exploration of what has been called the best print workshop in the world. The focus of the series is how artists collaborate in making prints, books of poetry and paintings. Part one features the artist Larry Rivers and the writer Terry Southern at Grosman's "Universal Limited Art Editions" studio in West Islip, NY. Rosamond Bernier is guide and narrator at Grosman's studio, discusses various artists, and talks with Grosman about her life and goals.moreless
  • Anatomy of a Song
    Anatomy of a Song
    Episode 28
    Composer-lyricist Stephen Sondheim whose works include such Broadway hits as "A Little Night Music", "Company" and "Follies", talks about the origin of a song from his latest Broadway musical, "Pacific Overtures". On camera with him are film critic Frank Rich and John Weidman author of "Pacific Overtures" as a straight play who expanded it to the musical book for the show A highlight of the program is the performance of the song "Someone in a Tree" with Sondheim at the piano sung by Mako James Dybas, Geddie Watanbe and Mark Hsu Syers the men who sing it on the Broadway stage.moreless
  • Mummenschanz: Swiss Mime-Mask Theater
    This enterprising series offers its enthusiastic following yet another opportunity to savor the work of a group of imaginative mimes who use masks to flesh out their pantomimes, so to speak They are an intriguing trio from Switzerland who perform for us while dance and theater critic Faubion Bowers offers some background commentary. The trio's routines include a bit on the evolutionary stages of man.moreless
  • Hail to the Chieftains!
    After fifteen years together as "The Chieftains" (Sean Potts, Sean Keane, Michael Tubridy, Peadar Mercier, Martin Fay, Derek Bell, Paddy Moloney) are largely responsible for the revival of the Irish folk music tradition. Tune in for a concert performed by a group of traditional Irish musicians, who use pipes, tin whistles, harp, bones, concertina and fiddles while performing melodies that are ancient, yet innovative. Their music is carefree, moving, noble and, at times, eerie. Accompanying the players as background are films of the old Irish landscape, and one song, "The Battle of Aughrim," is illustrated with pictures of the battle (fought in 1691 between forces of William III and James II) and was commissioned especially for this show.moreless
  • Charles Ives: Tomorrow's Composer Yesterday
    The seemingly paradoxical title of today's examination of the life and music of Charles Ives (1874-1954) is actually a logical summation of this remarkable composer's experience. Businessman and artist, Ives wrote music so far ahead of his time, it is only in recent years that his music has been performed enough to build a sizable audience. Tune in for a visit with members of the Performance Committee for Twentieth Century Music, who will illustrate and discuss Ives and his music.moreless
  • Mad About the Boy: Noel Coward [Part II]
    Part II of the celebration of Noel Coward with Jean Marsh, George Ross, Carole Shelley and Kristoffer Tabori continue the saga of that 20th century master of wit Noel Coward, playwright composer performer, whose ups and downs were remarkable for their extremes through scenes of his plays, "Design for Living" and "A Song at Twilight" for example, his songs and excerpts from his two autobiographies the measure of the man is taken and celebrated.moreless
  • Mad About the Boy: Noel Coward [Part I]
    Part I. In this two-part remembrance of a 20th century marvel, Noel Coward, master playwright, composer, performer, song-stylist Camera Three offers scenes from some of his plays "Tonight at 8:30", "Design For Living" and "A Song at Twilight" and renditions of some of his songs "You Were There," "Play Orchestra Play" performed by a stellar cast. At the top of the list is Jean Marsh of "Upstairs, Downstairs" fame, and she's joined by George Ross, Carole Shelley, and Kristoffer Tabori.moreless
  • Concerning the French Horn
    A delightful program of musical discovery, during which we'll be learning something of the history of the French horn, by a virtuoso of the instrument, Barry Tuckwell who explores the origins and range of the French horn using horns from the Metropolitan Museum of Art's collection, demonstrates the evolution of the horn.moreless
  • American Playwrights at Papp's Theater [Part II]
    Playgoers will want to tune in for part two of this exploration of the subject matter attracting the interest of our playwrights today, and the opportunity Joseph Papp's Public Theater offers them to see their work take shape on stage with Margaret Croyden again on hand to interview the playwrights lend Papp. the program features excerpts of works in rehearsal and performance.moreless
  • American Playwrights at Papp's Theater [Part I]
    This program is the first in a two-part series exploring the goals and techniques of Joe Papp's famous enterprise in New York City, The Public Theater. Several plays are seen in excerpt form as finished productions or works in progress. Theater writer/critic Margaret Croyden interviews Papp and the playwrights whose work is seen. The plays highlighted are David Freeman's "Jessie and the Bandit Queen", John Guare's "Rich and Famous", Myrna Lamb's "Apple Pie".moreless
  • Anna Russell Strikes Again
    This enterprising series turns up with a musical satirist who can be described as all or anyone of the following - mimic, clown, fake musicologist, critic, song bird - take your pick. In her repertoire today, Anna Russell will regale you with excerpts from her nightclub and concert acts.
  • Notes from the New World: Louis Moreau Gottschalk
    A profile of American composer-pianist Louis Moreau Gottschalk (1829-1869), Leonard Pennario appears as Gottschalk.
  • Costa-Gavras Talks with Marcel Ophuls
    Movie buffs will want to tune in this morning for a look at, political filmmaking with two of the finest directors working today Costa-Gavras and Marcel Ophuls. Costa-Gavras best remembered for his memorable "Z", will discuss his recent film. "Special Section", about the Vichy regime in France. You'll see clips of that film, which is based on actual events, and also clips of Ophuls' documentary, "The Sorrow and the Pity" which uses actual footage and interviews to tell its story about the Vichy regime.moreless
  • Carnival of the Animals
    A musical holiday treat for the whole family. Camille Saint-Saens' enchanting music is heard in its original version for 11 solo instruments. It is performed by the duo-piano team of the brothers Anthony and Joseph Paratore, two violins, a viola, a violoncello, a double bass, a flute, a clarinet, a glockenspeil, and a xylophone. On hand to provide you with the appropriate commentary is Andrew Schenk, associate conductor of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.moreless
  • The Body Speaks [Part II]
    Part II. In the concluding program on the style and method used by Jerzy Grotowski in his Polish Laboratory Theater. Ryszard Cieslak, a leading actor of the company, continues his discussion and demonstration of the exercises which made the extraordinary physical as well as emotional demands of Grotowski's improvisations possible.
  • The Body Speaks [Part I]
    Students of experimental theatre are offered an unusual treat in this two-part study of the work of Jerzy Grotowski's Polish Laboratory Theater, with this appearance of its leading actor Ryszard Cieslak. Tune in for his discussion and demonstration of Grotowski method an extraordinary combination of pantomime and improvisation which confounded and fascinated New Yorkers who were able to see the Polish Laboratory Theater in action during its 1969 visit.moreless
  • The Inner and Outer Works of George Orwell
    George Orwell the prophetic author of such works as "1984" and "Animal Farm" is the subject of discussion both as a man and an author, by psychologist Paul Gillette, and long-time student of Orwell. Dr. Martin Capeli of the Detroit Metropolitan Center for Problems in Living. Any viewer who has had the good fortune of having read the works of Orwell, as well as those who would enjoy being initiated to the wonders of his mind, should take advantage of this program.moreless
  • Treasure of Kabuki: The Koshiro Family
    Here's a rare opportunity to meet with a famous family of Kabuki dancers. Filmed in Japan especially for Camera Three, Asian specialist Faubion Bowers meets with these extraordinary stars of Japan's classical theater, which combines acting, dancing, pantomime and music. Tune in for this visit with the Koshiros as they talk about their lives and the state of their art today.moreless
  • Approaches to Acting [Part II]
    Demonstration of acting excercises, and performance by members of the Open Theater of an excerpt from their new production, "Fable." Margaret Croyden interviews Andre Gregory about preparatory training at his Manhattan Project theater group. Voice coach Kristin Linklater is seen working with students.
  • Approaches to Acting [Part I]
    Margaret Croyden interviews Lee Strasberg. Performance segments from class of The Actors Studio at the Lee Strasberg Acting Institute. The Actors Studio was one of the leading training grounds for talent at the time of this production. It was based on the Stanislavky principles, and its alumni included Marlon Brando, Paul Newman, Marilyn Monroe, Maureen Stapleton, Eli Wallach, Al Pacino, Geraldine Page, and many other actors in the first rank of American theater. Students and Croyden talk about "critical sessions."moreless
  • Essay on Stairs
    Essay on Stairs
    Episode 9
    Whether or not your're familiar with Andrew Rooney's inspired essays on such mundane things as doors and chairs, for example, tune in for the imaginative whirl he gives to stairs. Before he's through, you'll be seeing all manner and kind of stairs, from just the simple ones that lead you up or down to your place of work or your habitat, to ladders, escalators, fire escapes, and stairways used by royalty and tourists. Tune in for a delightful jaunt with Mr. Rooney.moreless
  • The Strange Music of Nam June Paik
    The electronic music of Nam June Paik is presented, including his work on the video synthesizer, which allows him to paint "electronic pictures". electronic music of video Wizard Nam June Paik, a Korean composer who has been called both "the world's most famous bad pianist" and "the George Washington of video art."moreless
  • Songs From Promenade
    Al Carmines' musical with lyrics by Maria Irene Fornes which played to enthusiatic audiences and critics during its successful Off-Broadway run is recalled this morning.
  • Conversation with Louis Malle
    Here's a wonderful opportunity to hear the famous French film director, Louis Malle, conversing with author-cntic-filmmaker Susan Sontag They talk about his latest film, "Black Moon," which was recently shown in the 13th annual New York Film Festival, and the difficulty of capturing a fantasy or dream on the screen.
  • Reggae: Jamaican Soul
    This program explores the way "reggae" has become "the soul" of Jamaica and a link between rural and urban, rastafarian and mainstream culture, dance and music. Scenes of Jamaican life are intercut with scenes from the motion picture "The harder they come" and scenes of Kingston artists creating new dance works to the new reggae beat, to the music that has been called "joyful agression. Performers included are Jimmy Cliff, Burning Spear, Big Youth, Bob Marley and the Wailers, Toots and the Maytals.moreless
  • Duro Lapido's National Theater of Nigeria
    Excerpts from the famous folkloric Nigerian Yoruba drama-musical dance play "Oba Koso", about a wicked man who tries to overthrow the king, Oba Koso. He resists all the magical power of his enemies and becomes the thunder god or God of Magic still recognized in Nigeria by the Yoruba tribe today. Margaret Croyden comments.moreless
  • The Boys From Termite Terrace [Part II]
    Part II of a two-part series examining the golden years -- 1934 to 1964 -- of the Warner Brothers film cartoon department, which created cartoon characters known all over the world: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Wile E. Coyote, Porky Pig, etc.. Many excerpts from classic cartoons showing the changing sytles of these world-famous figures. John Canemaker, animator and filmmaker, introduces and explains with ex-animators from the Disney Studios.moreless
  • The Boys From Termite Terrace [Part I]
    Part I of a two-part series examining the golden years -- 1934 to 1964 -- of the Warner Brothers film cartoon department, which created cartoon characters known all over the world: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Wile E. Coyote, Porky Pig, etc.. John Canemaker, animator and filmmaker, introduces and explains with ex-animators from the Disney Studios. Their is discussion of how the animators work and why they called their stuido "termite terrace."moreless
  • Summer Collection
    Summer Collection
    Episode 1
    A pictorial essay on summer launches Camera Three's 21st season with photographer Marvin Silbersher uses the poetry of Wordsworth, Keats, Milton, Blake, Roethke and others as a background for scenes of nature subjects like trees, flowers and streams.