Camera Three - Season 4

CBS (ended 1980)




Episode Guide

  • The Film: Reality and Fantasy
    Film critic Arthur Knight comments on the use of realism and fantasy in American motion pictures. Film clips from "Anatomy of a Murder" and several Mack Sennett comedies are used in "The Film" Reality and Fantasy" discussion on Camera Three.
  • Book List for Khrushchev
    A trio of sophisticated Americans put their heads together and come up with a whopping list of books on Americana for the forthcoming visitor from Moscow, Premier Khrushchev. They're Cartoonist Walt Kelly, Author-editor Eric Larrabee, and Anthropologist Margaret Mead. The list was a varied one, included "McSorley's Wonderful Saloon," "The True Believer," "The Declaration of Independence," "Leaves of Grass," the Sears, Roebuck catalog and the New York City phone directories.moreless
  • A Watcher by the Dead
    A dramatization of the short-story by Ambrose Bierce about a practical joker who hires an actor to impersonate a corpse after betting a friend he wouldn't spend a night with a dead man.
  • Fete for Four Hands
    Fete for Four Hands
    Episode 47
    The piano team of Vera Brodsky and Harold Triggs perform on Camera Three. After an informative comment by James Macandrew on the history of 2-piano music, our guests perform works by Bach, Debussy, Chopin and Triggs himself, transcribed especially for this medium.
  • The Eagle, The Tiger and The Fly
    Several poems of inspiration written about the eagle, the tiger and the fly are read by Clarence Derwent, Jenny Egan, David Hurst and Roberts Blossom.
  • The Actor as Creative Artist
    Director Harold Clurman and Actress Mildred Dunnock watch four performers play revealing scenes from Strindberg's "Miss Julie" and Chekhov's "The Sea. Gull," then criticize and comment on their achievements.
  • How Creative Can a Musical Instrumentalist Be?
    "How creative can a musical instrumentalist be without violating the spirit of the composer's score?" This vexing question is posed and "teased" in a disarming manner by Composer Morton Gould and his performing guests, Violinist Robert Rudie and Pianist Claude Frank. Since all remarks are punctuated by a stint at their instruments, the viewer is treated to a recital and an age-old riddle at the same time.moreless
  • Lost Hearts
    Lost Hearts
    Episode 43
    A dramatization of the story of the eerie circumstances surrounding the arrival of a young boy at his guardian's manor house turns into a nightmarish experience.
  • Second Reader
    Second Reader
    Episode 42
    Parents and their second-grade children will want to look in on this Camera Three program to decide for themselves what good old-fashioned entertainment storytelling can be. Actress Mary Perry provides an enchanting half hour of readings from such tomes as "McGuffey's New Second Eclectic Reader" vintage 1846, "Mrs. Rebecca S. Pollard's Synthetic Second Reader" vintage 1889, and a modern reader of the year 1949.moreless
  • Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder
    Folk song and dance are blended in an interpretation of American work songs.
  • Saul and the Witch of Endor
    Opera comes to Camera Three with the television premiere of Henry Purcell's dramatic "Saul and the Witch of Endor", conducted by Arnold Gamson of the New Opera Society.
  • A Lovely Light
    A Lovely Light
    Episode 39
    A one-woman show as Dorothy Stickney reads poems and letters by Edna St. Vincent Millay.
  • E.M. Forster and the Longest Journey
    A short dramatization of a scene from Forster's "The Longest Journey" and a filmed monologue by the 80-year-old novelist himself. Forster's words are as young and as roguishly thoughtful as they were in his prime, and any reader of "The Room With a View" and "A Passage to India".
  • Stop Everything in April
    An intriguing visit with a World gone by. Mony Dalmas star of the Comedie Francaise recreates the spirit of Mme. Juliette Recamier, a famous beauty of Napoleon's day, who managed to surround herself with the greatest minds of her era by a kind of airy simplicity and directness that seems to defy explanation.moreless
  • Whistler's Father
    Whistler's Father
    Episode 36
    A dramatization of one of history's forgotten men, a 19th Century wit and father of the famous painter.
  • Marc Simont
    Marc Simont
    Episode 35
    Artist, illustrator and cartoonist Marc Simont discusses the relationship between the text of a book and its illustrations.
  • Inflexible Logic
    Inflexible Logic
    Episode 34
    "Inflexible Logic" is a spoof of 19th century science by poet Thomas Love Peacock about the triumphs of six chimpanzees and their typewriters.
  • The Sting of Satire
    The Sting of Satire
    Episode 33
    A trio of actors (Alan Arkin, Nancy Ponder and Jerry Stiller) present their parodies on such aspects of American popular arts as folk songs, folk singers and bullfight movies.
  • The Country of the Pointed Firs
    The dramatization of the Sarah Orne Jewett tale "The Country of the Pointed Firs". The story is about a writer who seeks solitude in order to reflect on life until an amiable woman Mrs. Todd a gardener and herbalist who fills the writers soul with a bounty of imagination.
  • Bartleby the Scrivener
    A dramtization of Herman Melville's short-story "Bartleby the Scrivener" about a disenchanted young man who becomes a scrivener and does little else but respond with "I prefer not to".
  • An Air That Kills
    An Air That Kills
    Episode 29
    Devoted to the poetry of A.E. Housman. Three actors including Geoffrey Horne read some poems from Housman's volume "A Shropshire Lad".
  • Agna Enters: Drawn from Life
    Angna Enters a woman who is both a dancer and painter, shows how one idea can inspire her in both arts.
  • Larry Adler
    Larry Adler
    Episode 27
    Running the musical gamut from Bach to Blues, Larry Adler, one of the World's rare harmonica virtuosi, will perform. Accompanied by pianist Ellis Larkins, Adler will play works by Bach, Mozart, Gershwin and W.C. Handy. He will also present an original piece, he composed especially for his Camera Three appearance. The program will conclude with Adler's reminiscences of his concert tours through Europe, the Far East and Israel.moreless
  • Three Choreographers
    In a direct and definitive exploration of the creative process, the individually different work of "Three Choreographers," all starting from the same creative impulses.
  • Katherine Anne Porter
    Short-story writer Katherine Anne Porter will discuss her first novel, the soon-to-be-published "Ship of Fools".
  • Poems of Robert Frost
    This program features several selections of poetry by Robert Frost being recited by Mildred Dunnock, William Clemens, Norma Crane, Tim O'Connor and Rawn Spearman.
  • Interview with Mark Van Doren
    James Macandrew is the host of this show which features him interviewing Mark Van Doren about his 6 scene play, Last Days of Lincoln, about former President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.
  • The Necessity for Anger
    A most intriguing review of the reasons for anger, the varied forms our anger takes and the people most easily aroused to use or misuse it.
  • Neglected Art of Jazz Dance
    Marshall Stearns, eminent jazz historian, will be on hand to provide commentary on the dances and their importance in the development of jazz for "The Neglected Art of the Jazz Dance", with Leon James and Al Minns demonstrating. The programs proceedings will get off to a spirited start with a "Trankey Do," an original number choreographed by the Messrs. James and Minns, which is a distillation of many of the dance styles of the 20th Century. This will be followed by a "Cakewalk," a "Slow Drag" and a "Snake Hips." Three versions of the bouncy and beloved "Charleston," the "Lindy Hop" with several variations, the "Boogie Woogie" and the "Apple Jack" will also be danced.moreless
  • A File for Fathers
    A File for Fathers
    Episode 20
    A delightful reminder that fathers have tried to influence their sons, with varying degrees of success, since time immemorial. Today's dramatization cites the witty, humorous and serious jabs many famous writers have made at the subject.
  • Shoshana Damari
    Shoshana Damari
    Episode 19
    An Israeli folk singer, Shoshana, a beautiful woman with a striking delivery, sings a group of Hebrew songs with such vibrance and tenderness, you're sure to understand every word she utters. Fine concert from a top-ranking singing artist.
  • Diary of Sam Chamberlain
    A look at the bold work of 17 year old Sam Chamberlain who served as part of a dragoon during the U.S.Mexican War in 1946 and began to illustrate in colorful watercolors, the events of the battle and hand-to-hand combat.
  • The Necessity for Solitude
    In the midst of holiday bustle and revelry, CBS's "Camera Three" will pause for a half-hour of quiet reflection on the question of "The Necessity for Solitude". Using material from the writings of Henry David Thoreau, Admiral Richard E. Byrd, Sir Francis Bacon, Samuel Johnson and others, "Camera Three" will examine the virtues and the dangers of crowded and group-conscious culture.moreless
  • A Philosophy of Winter
    An examination of the literal, symbolic and philosophical aspects of winter as seen in the poetry of Robert Frost.
  • Pere Goriot
    Pere Goriot
    Episode 15
    Dramatic presentation of Balzac's Le Père Goriot, about a man whose last years, spent with his daughters, erode him to nothingness.
  • Seven Wonders
    Seven Wonders
    Episode 12
    The seven "wonders" of American architecture as our leading architects see them, seem to have much in common even though their styles may be different. They were built at the beginning of the skyscraper era, or at the present time.
  • Rene Clair
    Rene Clair
    Episode 11
    A rare glimpse of the creative mind of French film director Rene Clair at work. The absorbing conversation with Rene Clair, as he illustrates his accent on visual aids rather than sound.
  • Captain Stormfield's Visit to Heaven
    When Mark Twain's fancy turns to heaven, it becomes the most practical kind of Utopia mankind could have dreamed up. A dramatization of Twain's wry humor at the expense of all the plodding creatures who populate this little planet called Earth.
  • The Life of Lorenzo Da Ponte
    The program looks at colorful episodes in the life of Italian poet and opera librettist Lorenzo Da Ponte, best known for his collaboration with Mozart.
  • Wine of Life
    Wine of Life
    Episode 7
    The letters and poems of John Keats are read in "Wine of Life".
  • Thanks to Thurber
    Thanks to Thurber
    Episode 6
    A program devoted to James Thurber with performances by Elliott Nugent, Hiram Sherman and The Baird Puppets.
  • Notes From the Underground [Part III]
    The conclusion of three-part dramatization of Fyodor Dostoevsky's "Notes From the Underground".
  • Notes From the Underground [Part II]
    Part II of three-part series dramatization of Fyodor Dostoevsky's "Notes From the Underground" with Michael Kane as the Hero.
  • Notes From the Underground [Part I]
    Part I of three-part series dealing with Fyodor Dostoevsky's "Notes From the Underground". The story of a "little" man trying to find his identity in a world too complicated for him to grasp. The sad, humourous and ironic by turns which life throws one way.
  • The Tall Men
    The Tall Men
    Episode 2
    Fascinating tale beautifully told about a rare breed of back-country rugged individuals. Faulkner brings them to life with simplicity and eloquence in this Camera Three dramatization which maintains the spirit and character of the story.
  • Ad Astra
    Ad Astra
    Episode 1
    Dramatization of William Faulkner's story about a reporter who goes aboard a small Naval vessel to see combat and report its effects on the crew.