Camera Three - Season 6

CBS (ended 1980)




Episode Guide

  • Sextette of Poems
    Sextette of Poems
    Episode 48
    A narrative of poety and poems.
  • Nina Simone
    Nina Simone
    Episode 47
    Jazz buffs get their third summer special on Camera Three as stylist Nina Simone and her percussion, guitar and bass trio lead into songs and improvisations peculiar to her taste. Nina Simone has brought classic counterpoint and fugue treatments to blues and jazz singing is featured with her trio, Robert Hamilton on drums, Alvin Shackman on guitar and Christopher White on bass. Highlights: Nina sings "Sunday in Savannah", "When I Was in My Prime", "For All We Know", "Zungo!", "I'll Look Around" and "Work Song".moreless
  • The Whims of Genius
    The Whims of Genius
    Episode 46
    Camera Three presents the musical pranks of Composers Vivaldi and Mozart under title of "The Whims of Genius". Student of music or not, this is a charming, witty, musical visit with the genius of Antonio Vivaldi and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in delightful contrary mood. Solos for instruments like the piccolo, a duet between a cello and a bassoon, and the arbitrary use of a dice game to establish the melody of a waltz, are some of the pranks you'll relish. Highlights: Musical oddities include Vivaldi's "Concerto for Piccolo", Mozart's "Adagio and Rondo for Glass Harmonica" and the "Musical Joke". Soloists include Julius Baker, piccolo; Jascha Zayde, harpsichord; Alfredo Antonini conducts the Orchestra.moreless
  • The Jazz of Wilbur de Paris
    Jazz buffs get special attention in a three-week special from this virtuoso series. This rooming, it's Wilbur de Paris and his New Orleans jazz band, plus dancers and vocalists to help amplify the mood. Highlights: Wilbur de Paris and his Jazz Band perform "Mardi Gras Rag", "Blue Ingee", "Charleston" and "Bouquets". The Townsmen Quartet, a vocal group join in on "Walkin' the Dog" and "Just a Closer Walk with Thee".moreless
  • The Balcony
    The Balcony
    Episode 44
    Off-Broadway's most distinguished theater, the Circle in the Square, gets a welcome visit from TV. Producer Theodore Mann and Director Jose Quintero talk to James MacAndrew about the hopes, the fruits and the accomplishments of their unusual artistic efforts and illustrate this season's activity with a scene from "The Balcony," by the incorrigible French writer Genet.moreless
  • A Chance to Grow
    A Chance to Grow
    Episode 43
    Primarily for educators and teachers, and the layman with experience in experimental theories of educating the young. This half hour discussion between Dr. Geoffrey Osler, an American psychoanalyst and program host James MacAndrew, explores the methods used by an experimental school in England called Summerhill which seems to outdo John Dewey in its belief in "laissez faire."moreless
  • Dialogues in Dance
    Dialogues in Dance
    Episode 42
    Talented quartet of soloists of the American Ballet Theatre company will delight any ballet lover with their interpretations of two classical and two modern ballets. Accenting the dramatic duets known as "pas de deux," each performer is seen to advantage. Tune in and choose your own favorite dancer and style.
  • The Curious Tensions of Chess
    A background history of the game, a discussion about our expertise in developing the young masters even though the Soviets bred the oldtime greats, topped by a so-called "crash" game between Miles Herbert and the 18-year-old U.S. champ, Bobby Fischer, adds up to an interesting adventure with an age old indoor sport.moreless
  • Evocations of Love
    Evocations of Love
    Episode 40
    Based on a translation by Alexander King of the novel written by the late Viennese author it is the story of a man who sits in a coffee house in Vienna and reflects on the life and people around him.
  • Three Don Juans
    Three Don Juans
    Episode 39
    A French, Russian and English version of the Don Juan legend evokes the national character as Moliere did the honors for the French roue, Chekov's Russian Don is the victim of his predatory females, and English Satirist Maurice Baring casts him as a fool. An amusing round of dramatized excerpts from the three is presented.moreless
  • The Accused
    The Accused
    Episode 38
    A dramatic and moving monologue, inspired by the harshness of 17th century Salem's witch hunts, told full of the richness of one woman's faith in her own innocence. The one character opera by John Strauss and Sheppard Kerman is set in a 17th century meetinghouse in Salem, Massachusetts a trial is in progress. The young woman in the witness box is charged with witchcraft. Julius Rudel conducts the orchestra.moreless
  • The Cracked Looking Glass
    A dramtization of a short story written by Katherine Anne Porter it is a subtle portrait of a woman of character who is the gossipy, dream-ridden wife of an elderly man, whom you learn to respect when you know her.
  • Love Poems Light and Serious
    Charming, gracious Katherine Anne Porter, literary light with opinions strictly her own, makes her fifth appearance on this series, happily breaking one of its programming rules.
  • The Impresario
    The Impresario
    Episode 35
    Mozart's one act play The Impresario is performed. The Libretto is a delightful little spoof on the whims and tantrums of the prima donna, wheedled into compliance by the tact and diplomacy of the tireless impresario. Opera star Eleanor Steber, Jacquelyne Moody and John Kuhne accomplish their missions forthwith.
  • Peter Goldthwaite's Treasure
    Dramatization of Nathaniel Hawthorne's story about an optimistic fellow searching for the treasure he knows to be his. Threadbare Peter Goldthwaite is obsessed by the thought that an incredible treasure is hidden within the walls of his family home.
  • The Queen's Twin
    The Queen's Twin
    Episode 33
    A dramatization of Sarah Orne Jewett's story "The Queen's Twin", it is the story about a Maine woman who identifies herself with Queen Victoria and actually discovers many similarities in her own life and that of the British Monarch.
  • Lament for April 15th
    A dramatization of Mark Twain's story of an Internal Revenue encounter, an interview with a retired bank president with a penchant for musical composition, and a rendition of his madrigal on income tax instructions.
  • Three Stories of Katherine Mansfield
    A charming interlude with a reading and dramatization of Katherine Mansfield's tales. Mildred Dunnock appears in dramatic interpretations of three stories from the pen of the British writer. The works whose characters span human life from youth through old age are: "At the Bay", "The Singing Lesson" and "The Canary".
  • Shalom of Safed
    Shalom of Safed
    Episode 29
    Offbeat art exhibit of primitive paintings with modern accents by an elderly Israeli, a watchmaker by trade, whose inspiration comes from he stories in the Bible. Also, film sequence of (he artist at work in Safed, Israel, and scenes of the Biblical settings of his work.
  • Portrait of African diplomat at U.N.
    Part 2 of the study of the African people. A representative from Nigeria to the United Nations discussed the trials and tribulations of an African diplomat in the everyday life of the United States. C.O. Ifeagwu a member of the Nigerian consulate, describes his impressions of the changing face of his native continent.moreless
  • Between Yesterday and Today
    A two-part study of Africans in transition is especially sensitive and revealing in this dramatization. The New African nations encounter such problems as tribal loyalties and customs are posed against pride and vanity in the confusing but persistent drive toward independence, through the personal experiences of one earnest young African schoolteacher. In Ghana, just prior to its establishment as an independent nation, a schoolteacher struggles to resolve the conflict between his allegiance to tribal past and his desire to keep step with his country's progress.moreless
  • The Ignoble Emotion
    The Ignoble Emotion
    Episode 25
    A comical look at self-pity illustrated in popular ballads, Why Was I Born?", "How About Me?" and "Cottage For Sale" performed by Charlotte Rae and Val Anthony.
  • Through Foreign Eyes
    This unusual Lincoln's birthday salute recalls the variety of opinion generated by a socially conscious foreign public toward an American president of lowly birth. Interesting to note the comparison between their utterances before and after the assassination, and the heat of their arguments at all times.
  • Men Working: Final Rehearsals of a Broadway Musical
    Program follows a Broadway musical through final rehearsals before its out-of-town try out. The show is "The Happiest Girl in the World", starring Cyril Ritchard and Janice Rule.
  • The Essential Scot
    The Essential Scot
    Episode 22
    A joyful half hour with poet Robert Burns' singing verses, spoken by Scotsman James Copeland, actor singer. From "Green Grew the Rashes" to "A Red Red Rose" with "To A Mouse" and "Tam O'Shanter" in between.
  • The Playground
    The Playground
    Episode 21
    A hardhitting adaptation of a portion of John Hersey's space age novel "The Child Buyer".
  • The Right Mixture
    The Right Mixture
    Episode 20
    A dramatization of Roald Dahl's short story "Taste". A ghoulish gourmet with good and bad intentions.
  • Mark Tapley: Gentleman's Gentleman
    A few scenes from Charles Dickens' characters in "Martin Chuzzlewit" are dramatized.
  • Album Leaves
    Album Leaves
    Episode 18
    Concert pianist Frank Glazer plays a group of short pieces that famous composers have dedicated to their friends, you hear the music of Chopin, Beethoven, Debussy, Liszt, Mozart, Schubert and Wagner, along with identifying comment on their inspirations.
  • Joint Recital
    Joint Recital
    Episode 17
    Two Swedish opera stars, Kirsten Mayer and Elisabeth Soederstroem, sing a choice group of songs to brighten your holiday morning. Folk songs of their native Sweden; songs by Purcell, Dvorak; hymns, and an amusing piece by, Rossini called a "Duet for Two Cats".
  • T.H. White
    T.H. White
    Episode 16
    If an expert on the legends of King Arthur's round table, medieval customs in general, a lover of animal life, and a highly articulate gentleman are of interest to you, look in on this interview with author T.H. White this morning.
  • Becket: The Tennyson Version
    This nineteenth century version of a twelfth century conflict between a king and his archbishop is particularly interesting if T.S. Eliot's "Murder in the Cathedral" and Jean Anouillrs "Beckett". In these scenes from Tennyson's blank verse drama, King Henry II is a headstrong monarch and his friend, the archbishop he hoped to control, a brooding spirit full of foreboding.moreless
  • The Jazz Dance of Matt Mattox
    Dancer-Choreographer Matt Mattox from the spirited movie, "Seven Brides and Seven Brothers" gives you an inside look at the mysteries of dance-composition, as he and his group transpose exercises into the finished article.
  • Esthetic Design of Weapons
    A look at the intricate detail and design of weapons.
  • Actor's Choice
    Actor's Choice
    Episode 11
    Another program where the actors pick their poison as actor Ossie Davis and his wife actress Ruby Dee provide a delightful half hour as they read some poetry written by Negroes.
  • Songs of William Blake
    Nineteenth century Poet William Blake's timeless verses, especially those of "I Told My.Love," "The Lamb," and "The Tiger." But whether or not you know them at all, this half-hour recital of his songs set to the music of our contemporaries.
  • The Brilliant Eye
    The Brilliant Eye
    Episode 9
    Photography enthusiasts should look in on this exhibit of portraits by a quartet of masters of the art: Alfred Steiglitz, Edward Steichen, Irving Penn and Man Ray. Their subjects are celebrities like Picasso, Alfred Hitchcock, Sculptor Jacob Epstein, Architect Le Corbusier.
  • In Tilbury Town
    In Tilbury Town
    Episode 8
    Some of the poems by Edwin Arlington Robinson, dramatized here this morning, have a curiousity happy ring even though their substance is vigorously resigned. "Miniver Cheevy, Child of Scorn" is one of the best examples, but "Mr. Flood's Party" is a close runner-up.
  • Mr. Thurber and Mr. Brosnan
    A pre-World Series show offers conversation by Humorist James Thurber and Baseball Player-Writer Jim Brosnan. You don't necessarily have to be a baseball fan to turn on this "Pre-Worid Series" conversation. Humorist - playwright-short story writer James Thurber has, of course, made a mark in baseball with his midget story, "You Could Look it Up," and baseball pitcher Jim Brosnan can tread the writer's path since he has just written a book. So both these regular guys will take on baseball, writing, the world series, women, or anything else that happens to strike their fancy.moreless
  • Americans Abroad [Part II]
    Part II, a continuation of last season's topic. A host of ideas, attitudes and misconceptions, treasured by Americans and our middle and Far East friends alike, in candid quotations, taken from the personal experiences of Camera Three's guest and traveler, writer, teacher, publisher, Mr. James Childers of Atlanta, Ga.
  • Culture Shock
    Culture Shock
    Episode 3
    The provocative title of this interesting half hour refers to Americans abroad and their reactions to alien customs and behavior. Through quotations of Americans who have chosen, either through work or travel, to live in foreign climes, a fascinating picture of our informal ambassadors both good and bad emerges.
  • Sculpture and Mime: A Duet
    A look at the beauty of sculptures in relation to a mime artists work.
  • Acting in the Grand Manner
    John Scanlon discusses various acting techniques for different genres, from the Bard to the modern day playwrights.