Camp Lazlo

Season 4 Episode 11

Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest / Clown Camp

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 29, 2007 on Cartoon Network
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Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest / Clown Camp
Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest: Jane Doe's seen like a mom. Clown Camp: Clowns scare Lazlo.

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  • here is my review for this episode:

    in Doting-Doe-eyed Deerest, i love the part where Jane Doe baking some brownies in the oven, and one of the dung beetles ate them. Grade for graphics, A+.

    Grade for plot: A+.

    Grade for voices, ending: another A+.

    Final Grade: A++.

    in Clown Camp, Lazlo has the same fear like Billy on The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. the parts of this episodes are too funny for me. The part where lumpus is tied to the railroad reminds me of a Looney Tunes cartoon short where the train almost hits Bugs Bunny. Grade for the materials: A+.

    Final Grade: A++++

    2 episode grades: A++++++++++++. Awesome!moreless
  • Er...not much for this one.

    Now, I do like this show, and I did like the episodes before this one, here's my review.

    Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest: This episode was okay, but not my favorite one. This episode was kinda wierd especially for Jane Doe, she acted kind of crazy or psycho, but that's what I mean. This episode was a fine installment, but not very good.

    Episode Grade: 75.1(C)

    Clown Camp: What was that? First off, I thought this episode needed alot of work, which could be because this episode was a little childish(no offense if you thought it wasn't a little childish). Lumpus has taken revenge on that episode I really liked, or mabye he shouldn't made days like this. It was good that it was revealed that Lazlo is scared of clowns, but this talks about clowns more than the camp. The ending, I think needed to be longer, although, I still want Lazlo's fears on clowns unequal. This episode I also thought took almost part of Lazlo's character. If Lumpus was like that again like in this episode, I'm walking away....

    Episode Grade: 72.8(C-)

    Final Grade: Cmoreless
  • Clown mania and Jane Doe goes Psycho! (Scary Violin Music plays! :shock: )

    Everyone has their limits, even someone as sweet as Jane Doe can have her nerves broken if she's pushed far enough! Unfortunately, since it's the Dung Beetle brothers Chip and Skip doing the pushing, they Literally have no idea what they're getting themselves into when they decide to make Jane Doe their surrogate mother. They decide to convince her in her mind that she needs to baby them. First she just cleans them up, then Chip appears naked as Jane Doe needs to fix his uniform! Chip and Skip appreciate the endeavor so much that they forget to grab Chip's uniforms! That's going to be one interesting story the Squirrel Scouts are going to tell later on! But when Chip and Skip's actions get Edward, Samson, Dave, and Ping-Pong into the act, that's going too far for Jane Doe so she decides to force Scoutmaster Lumpus' hand in the manner by making it so that the duties that he's been shirking off for the other campers must be taken care of lest Lumpus suffer a legal penalty! Then clowns come to Camp Kidney, and who should be scared of them except for Lazlo?! Samson finally, officially gets a 1-Up on Lazlo as He's not scared of clowns but Lazlo is! Unfortunately, Lumpus plans on making all the Bean Scouts act like clowns to please his clown-viewing entertainment pleasure! The prospect scares Lazlo so much, he panics and turns Scoutmaster Lumpus into a clown instead! Naturally, Lumpus doesn't appreciate this much and chases Lazlo! But the chase leads to where the clowns live, and since Lumpus looks like a clown, they make him a member of their clown entourage. Although Lumpus is enjoying himself right now, Lazlo believes (and actually, rightfully so) that hanging out with those clowns is going to bring Lumpus nothing but trouble! And knowing Lazlo, with the help of his friends, he's going to figure out a way to save Scoutmaster Lumpus because that's the kind of nice boy he is! That's why I love this show: Lazlo is almost always nice! Enough said, true believers! ;)moreless
Jodi Benson

Jodi Benson

Jane Doe

Steve Little

Steve Little

Chip / Skip

Mr. Lawrence

Mr. Lawrence

Edward / Dave / Ping Pong

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Algonquin C. Lumpus / Slinkman

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Raj / Samson

Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Lazlo / Clam

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