Camp Lazlo

Season 4 Episode 10

Friendward / Camp Dinkey

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 22, 2007 on Cartoon Network
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Friendward / Camp Dinkey
Friendward: Edward becomes friendly, and decides to hang out with the other campers. Camp Dinkey: The Bean Scouts pass by an advertisement about a camp that was "Made just for them."

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  • Friendward: Edward tries to make a friend. Camp Dinkey: Everyone imangines their own version of Camp Dinkey.

    Here is a fine example of a CL episode.

    Friendward: Yes, this is another lame episode writen by Mike Roth and JG Quintel. Edward had to know what a friend is! He showed a French Ship in the friendship thing. Man, was that dumb. In the end, he didn't manage to get a friend. I think he needed to find a friend at the end of the episode. But, the actual ending was dumb. Okay, Mike Roth and JG Quintel, if you two write one more dumb episode, then I'm tuning out of the show and maby out of CN for good!


    Camp Dinkey: Wow! That episode really shows the scouts' own version of Camp Dinkey. Samson wants to have a clean camp. Raj wants to be famous as a DJ. Lazlo wants to have, well, a regular camp. Clam wants to have atention. Chip and Skip wants to explore there imagination, well, they don't have a camp! Finally, Edward wants to be ruler. Sadly, Camp Dinkey was actually Camp Kidney! The buildboard needed fixing! The episode was very special to the scouts. Chip and Skip has to be careful about what they imangine.


    Now, it looks like it's time to take a little break from reviewing.

    FINAL GRADE: B-moreless
  • Really great episode!

    I was right, this episode was good as Haunted Coffee Table(that episode was better than this one). Here's my review:

    Friendward: I thought Edward had something special in this episode, but he didn't. Anyways, this episode turned out to be okay. In fact, that beaver and Edward are good friends, but I think that will include Dave and Ping-Pong. This episode was just okay.

    Episode Grade: C+

    Camp Dinkey: Wow! Almost good as ''Hello Summer, Good-Bye Camp.'' In this episode, we see the campers' fantasies of Camp Dinkey, it was great imagination. I liked the fact that there is something the campers want for that so-called camp, Raj wants to be famous for example. Of course, Lazlo was right, Camp Dinkey was actually Camp Kidney. Here's the grade:

    Samson's Camp Dinkey: C-

    Raj's Camp Dinkey: A-

    Clam's Camp Dinkey: B+

    Chip and Skip's Camp Dinkey: C

    Edward's Camp Dinkey: C+

    Episode Grade: A-

    Final Grade: B-

    How many times would I had mentioned Camp Dinkey anyway? End of review!moreless
  • Edward strives for friendliness, and the campers perfect camp fantasies are revealed. :)

    Edward has never been the nicest camper, but when he discovers that he just can't grasp the concept of friendship, he makes it a high priority to make himself a friend! He tries Samson, but Samson doesn't appreciate Edward's attempts! And Edward messes up being friends with Dave and Ping-Pong, causing them to fly away! So who does Edward end up becoming friends with? A beaver scout he nicknames "Beavy!" They actually end up having a lot of fun together! Too bad Edward comes off as being possessive obsessive-compulsive to the beaver which makes him Not want to hang out with Edward again! Fortunately, Lazlo wants to help Edward pick up the pieces, but that's a move Edward immediately regrets! And also, the main campers get to imagine that if they could be in the perfect camp, what that perfect camp would look like. And the funny part is something bad always happens to the Bear Bean Scout Gordon in most of the campers fantasies. At least it didn't happen to Samson, my favorite, so it looks like Samson has moved beyond being the victim character and has been replaced by Gordon! And that's the way I like it, because Samson deserves only the best in his life, he's earned it! And I believe he's only going to get more of the things he loves in future episodes! That's my episode review for this episode! Enough said, true believers! ;)moreless

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  • TRIVIA (4)

    • In Camp Dinkey, In Lazlo's Fantasy, The Sign Says "Camp Kidney" But He's Really In Camp Dinkey.

    • "Camp Dinkey": When Samson fantasizes about the camp made just for him, everyone has bubbles to protect them from exposure to dirt. The bear character's bubble pops, exposing him to dirt, and he is frozen.
      When Raj fantasizes about his ideal camp, the bear character- frozen in the same pose- can be seen among the gifts Raj has received as a DJ.
      When Chip and Skip have their fantasy, the bear- still in the same pose- can be seen flying in the background when their ideal camp turns from good to bad.

    • When Edward is saying goodbye to the beaver you see that the name of the Beaver's cabin is Baked.

    • End Credits: Edward takes some gum from his new beaver friend. He chews it up, blows a bubble, then spits it out and throws it on the ground! Then while Edward and the Beaver are drinking milk out of separate cartons, Lazlo comes along and steps on the used gum. Edward and the beaver laugh at Lazlo's expense, causing milk to come out of their noses!

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Lumpus: (In Lazlo's Camp Dinkey fantasy) Lazlo! It's bad enough I got to spend reality with you, leave me out of your twisted fantasies!

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