Camp Lazlo

Season 4 Episode 6

Lumpus vs. the Volcano / Nursemaster

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 11, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • Scout Master Lumpus shows off his greedy side, his selfish side, his indifferent side, his sick side, his stupid side, and his desparate side, all in the same episode! :o

    When it comes to making bad decisions when running a camp, it's very hard to top Scoutmaster Lumpus! I mean, you'd think by now he would've gotten the concept that if Lumpus is supposed to do something, he better do it! If he doesn't, it usually has bad consequences, & usually only for him! In the 1st case, he won't give up his favorite food to the spirit of a volcano, & that makes it less than happy! And unless Lumpus can be parted with his favorite meal, the insanity & pain just won't stop for him! Of course its going to be exceedingly difficult when you're dealing with what is probably the most stubborn moose in California! :idea: And then, all Nurse Leslie wants is a little respect! While the Jelly Bean Cabin Trio appreciate him, that's not enough! The pink shark wants to move to a better table, the Master's table. Unfortunately, Lumpus is the only one who has "Master" in his job title which makes Leslie feel more than a bit jaded! If that wasn't bad enough, Acorn Flats is trying to lure Leslie away with the promise of a better job! The Jelly Bean Cabin try to give Leslie the royal treatment, but unfortunately they do more harm than good. And the minute Leslie steps out, Lumpus gets sick. But although he's ill, he refuses to budge in calling for Leslie's help. The Jelly Bean Trio know when all else fails, it's time to call for the heavy artillery & get Samson to make Lumpus So sick, the moose will have no choice But to ask for Leslie's help! It was funny to see that Samson's germs look a lot like him & the only word Lumpus' antibodies know is "Slinkman!" :lol: The best part though: seeing Scoutmaster Lumpus as a hamster! Now That's funny! :D Of course Lumpus Does apologize in the end and Nurse Leslie does get a better job title and better job priviledges! Everything works out in the end which is what I like about "Camp Lazlo!" Enough said, true believers! ;)