Camp Lazlo

Season 2 Episode 10

Mascot Madness / Tomato Paste

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 14, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Mascot Madness / Tomato Paste
Mascot Madness: Lazlo notices that Camp Kidney lost their camp spirit. Therefore, he tries to get them back by being mascot for camp. Tomato Paste: Edward is graduating from Camp Kidney for receiving all merit badges and gets promoted to Tomato Scout. However, once he learns how rough it is to be a Tomato Scout, he has to decide to go or stay.moreless

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  • Two Edward episodes that weren't my favorite but they were enjoyable

    Mascot Madness: Lazlo notices that Camp Kidney lost their camp spirit. Therefore, he tries to get them back by being mascot for camp. This was a great episode of "Camp Lazlo", it was enjoyable but it's not really my favorite though or anywhere near to being perfect. My biggest issue with this episode that really lowered my score was Edward. I hated how Edward FORCED Lazlo to make him the mascot or else he will show the drawn picture of Lazlo, Raj, and Clam at the marshmallow shack (which Edward tricked them into thinking that it was a marshmallow party). Also, to top it all off, he didn't even thank Lazlo, Raj, and Clam for helping him because they honestly shouldn't have helped him anyways and I just got so angry at Edward. Also, Edward still has the mascot thing all in his head instead of letting Raj and Clam be the mascots. Other than that I liked this episode but it wasn't the best and it was a little like semi-average. The most hilarious part of this episode was definitely with all of the auditions for the mascot such as Samson dressing up as a penguin, Chip and Skip with their Lumpus finger, and more. Overall, a great episode of "Camp Lazlo" but I didn't like Edward though. 8/10

    Tomato Paste: Edward is graduating from Camp Kidney for receiving all merit badges and gets promoted to Tomato Scout. However, once he learns how rough it is to be a Tomato Scout, he has to decide to go or stay. I liked this episode a little more than the first pairing but it wasn't my favorite though. Edward was likeable in this episode unlike the first pairing but my score is a little low because the episode does get boring after a while and not really anything funny about this episode except Edward and Lumpus tomato pasting Commander Hoo-Haw (that part was hilarious and it's like the only funny part in this episode). The episode is overall enjoyable though. Overall, a great episode of "Camp Lazlo". 8.5/10moreless
  • This two episode were about Edward. Their idea was really nice and well written. Especially the second one: Tomato Paste.

    In the first episode "Mascot Madness", Lazlo tries to return the camp's spirit by making a competition to choose a camp mascot. Edward becomes kinda mad, crazy, and he really wants to be the mascot. Although Lazlo decided to choose Raj & Clam to be the mascots, Edward threatened him to choose him. He does some funny things to make him choose him, and the competition itself was very funny too. The end of the episode is funny. Well, I liked the things that happened in this episode very much. The plot moves and becomes very funny in each moment.

    On the second episode "Tomato Paste", Edward gets all the badges, therefore he is suppoused to join the Tomato Scout. Hoo-Ha; A very scary and big guy who's dressed like in the army comes to show him pictures of the camp and so. The description was a funny part. Generally this episode was more funny, it had more jokes (That's what I think).

    Both of the episodes were really funny but there are no funny quotes, because the really funny things were actually "parts" and not a sentece. Generally very nice episodes.moreless
  • Tomato Paste/ Mascot Madness review to continue Tomato Paste was very revealing because....

    Tomato Paste was a very revealing episode in my opinion; it was about Edward who got all of the badges(bought them online) getting transferred to Tomato Camp; a military like camp in which it is revealed that Lumpus has been to once too!

    Lumpus helps Edward not getting transferred and cause he wants to get rid of Hoohaa,who said that he'll be coming to camp kidney every week to look out for new tomato scouts by Lumpus and Edward tomato pasting Hoohaa, which they think will help get rid of him; but instead Hoohaa is surprised and likes getting tomato ;pasted!!

    Hoohaa wants to take Edward with him then to Tomato Camp, but Lazlo and the other campers made a present for him and when Edward gets the present he has to cry; Hoohaa leaves without Edward because Edward cried when he got the picture by telling him that tomato scouts don't cry!

    This episode was very revealing that's why I picked the revealing classification, because it revealed some parts of Lumpus' past, how he got the job as scoutmaster and that he had been to Tomato Camp!

    Mascot Madness was pretty good too; Edward cheats on becoming the new camp mascot; he lures the Jellies into the marshmallow cabin which they're not allowed to go into and he draws a picture of them telling them he'll show it to Lumpus if they don't crown him The Duke of Lice, the new camp mascot!

    Edward becomes the new mascot but has to go through a battle with Ms. Mucus, where he gets pretty beat up!

    The others help him and together the Bean Scoits win the battle against Ms. Mucus and Edward stays mascot.

    This episode is revealing as well because we find out that camp kidney has a mascot!

    Really great episodes! ;) :Dmoreless
  • Very Good

    Mascot Madness: This episode was very different from any other from the past all in all. Lazlo wants to get camp back into spirit by havign a new mascot but Edward wants the attention wiht his mascot costume so Edward blackmails Jelly Cabin forcing them for him to win the comptetion it's great until he has to fight Ms. Mucus.

    Tomato Paster: My favorite Edward episode of all time. After gaining all of his badges Edward is able to be promoted to Tomato Scout where it's practically like Boot Camp but Edward id having some second thoughts about being promoted.moreless
  • Kind of a good episode. Full Edward episodes.

    Mascot Madness: Lazlo tries to return camp spirit to his felow campers since they were bored. Therefore, Lazlo plans to make a competition to get to be camp mascot. Even though Lazlo was hoping to get Raj & Clam to win, Edward was really hoping to win. Therefore, he blackmails into winning the competition. In the end, he ends up fighting with the Squirrel Scouts' mascot, Ms. Mucus! He get beaten up but Lazlo and his friends save him! I really liked this episode more better! It was actually funny! Really loved it!

    Tomato Paste: Edward gets upgraded to Tomato Scout, due to his large earning of badges. Hoo-Ha comes to congratulate Edward and explains Tomato camp. However, Edward felt a fear of going, since it's a battle field in there! He tries to get off the new camp since he feared it. It's was an OK episode. It wasn't funny, funny but it was very much OK.

    Final Grade: B

    Funny but wasn't like before. Maybe future episodes will come better.moreless
Steve Little

Steve Little

Chip / Skip / The Lemmings

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Raj / Samson / Commander Hoo-Haw

Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Lazlo / Clam / Chef McMuesli

Mr. Lawrence

Mr. Lawrence

Edward / Dave / Ping Pong

Jodi Benson

Jodi Benson

Patsy Smiles

Jill Talley

Jill Talley

Nina Neckerly / Gretchen / Miss Mucus

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