Camp Lazlo

Season 5 Episode 7

Peace Frog / Lumpus's Last Stand

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 27, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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Peace Frog / Lumpus's Last Stand
Peace Frog: Lumpus feels insulted when some local Prickly Pines residents say the Scoutmaster isn't manly enough. So Lumpus buys some new threads, and a super large truck that he drives around everywhere. However, all his driving is affecting the health of the camper's frogs, and the frogs need to be healthy to compete in the Prickly Pines Annual Frog Jump-a-thon. So Lazlo proposes a deal that as long as Lumpus doesn't drive the truck for a week, Lumpus can race Lazlo's frog and win the trophy for himself. Can Lumpus make it through the week, or will he have a change of heart about the frogs? Lumpus's Last Stand: Scoutmaster Lumpus has finally had it with doing the Bean Scouts laundry, and is about to run away into the woods so he never has to do it again! Until Lumpus literally stumbles onto his greatest idea ever! Instead of wearing threaded materials, Lumpus feels that everyone should just paint their clothes on, and that would free up a bunch of time for everybody! To Lumpus' surprise, the idea catches on and it is extremely popular. It seems that Lumpus is finally being seen as a genius, but will the feeling last?moreless

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  • Great Frog episode/ Bad series finale *MAJOR SPOILERS*

    I have mixed feelings when it comes to these episodes. While the first one is great, the other one just feels rushed. Before you read, this review has a major spoilers section in this review, so you can skip them if you want. Since this about to separate episodes, the scoring system will be 5 Star system instead of a 10 star system. With those things out of the way, let's get started.

    Peace Frog:

    This one starts with the whole camp going to town to buy some frogs. Lumpus decides to get a monster truck while the rest of the campers are buying their frogs for this frog jumping competition.

    I personally thought the plot was funny. Lumpus really did make me laugh with his frog and monster truck antics, and the ending was absurdly entertaining. Definitely better than the HORRIBLE series finale.


    Lumpus's Last Stand:

    This one is about Lumpus getting tired of washing his clothes and decides to paint himself to save time. For some reason, it works and everyone adapts to it.

    While the plot was absurd, but it was unique, and the first 8 minutes were oddly entertaining, but the last 2 minutes weren't.


    In the last 2 minutes, Lumpus gets famous for his "Invention" and he is invited to the back of the main town along with the rest of the camp for an award. Everyone painted themselves, except for the disgusting mayor pig, who was naked. (Ew.) Lumpus's "Invention" was so great, that two goats traveled back in time to this event. The goats say that Lumpus's "Invention" was so great that it saved money, stopped production on clothes in general, and even allowed enough time to solve world hunger.

    Sounds great, right? Well a rainstorm comes out of nowhere, and washes the paint off of everyone's clothes; thus, naked. Really clever writers (Sarcasm). While there are no private parts visible since it's a kids show, it makes you wonder why they even wear clothes anyway. But the ending gets WORSE. The whole crowd starts a mob against Lumpus, but out of nowhere, a police car crashes down into the town. A cow comes out of that car and says that he is the real scout master, and Lumpus was an imposter. The cow also states that Lumpus locked him in a closet for the whole summer.

    1. If he really was in there the whole summer, he would have DIED from starvation; if this was a in very early point of the summer, it would make sense. But since it looks like the middle of summer, it's still a major plothole.

    2. In some episodes, when we see the closet opened and closed, the cow is not there.

    3. Lumpus stated in one episode that he was a scout master for five years. It may have been a lie, but since it's not comfired if it was a lie in this episode, it's still a major plothole.

    4. How could nobody find him? Slinkman often looked in Lumpus's closet, and it was always empty!

    People say that the cow looks like that cow friend in Rocko's Modern Life, but he looks nothing like him.

    Back to the plot. After that cow tells the truth, Lumpus gets arrested and gets sent to some rehab facility. After that, Lalzo makes some weird comment about it being the best summer ever, while Edward responds that they have been spending their summer with a loonitic.


    Over all, the plot was unique. But the whole episode felt like the team recently found out their show was gonna end, so they take an existing script in pre-production, and tack on a terrible, plothole filled ending. Instead of an ending episode that ties up loose ends and ends on a high note, we get an episode that felt rushed.


    And that's my review. if you want more, just visit my profile, and request a show you want me to review!moreless
  • here's a note to all camp lazlo fans about this show

    i wanted the show to be re-renewed having 777 episodes, 40 seasons, and all children's comedy cartoon with all the fun and joy, no bean scouts single episode, and no cameo appearances of the squirrel scouts, but i am very sad that the show cannot have all 777 episodes or 40 seasons. why the cartoon network team won't listen to the CL fans? we wanted the show to continue it's production until January 21st, 2011. the poor squirrel scouts and bean scouts have been waiting for 2 years for this show to begin to re-renewed itself. i love Joe Murray.moreless
  • And who knew this show was getting wierder?

    Here's what I think of this episode, but may have spoilers.

    Peace Frog: This one was much better than Lumpus' Last Stand all right. Crazy to know that Lumpus cares about the frog. Anyway, this episode which is all I should say, is all right.

    Episode Grade: C+

    Lumpus' Last Stand: This one was more worse. How could Lumpus do this? Destroy his past by outlawing laundry days and do what he rather does? Well, he decided to pain the clothes instead, and some wierd guys from the future came to worship him about his future, which turns out to be wrong! Rain falls and everyone else was naked! Which was a bad way to end the episode, what I liked was that Lumpus' future was ruined, but the bad thing is, he got arrested because he didn't deserve to be a scoutmaster! Also, I'm worried this is actually the last episode, if it was, then it should've been Peace Frog, so I'm through with Lumpus' 'bright ideas.'

    Episode Grade: C-

    Final Grade: Cmoreless
  • Great Show, Great Season, Disappointing Finale (may contain spoilers!)

    Peace Frog: An interesting storyline, it starts out with some carnivore vs. herbivore conflict, and then it continues with Lumpus wanting to prove himself by entering a "frog-jumping" contest. Some of the jokes were really good, like Lumpus's suddenly strong masculine side, with the new outfit, the key ring, and his monster truck/SUV. It was nice to see him freeing the frogs with the help of Jelly Cabin. It really showed a positive side to Lumpus's normally stingy, grouchy character. I loved the ending with Lumpus walking off with the scouts at his side, all of them happy.

    I give it an 8/10.

    Lumpus's Last Stand: The first episode of Camp Lazlo to PREMIERE (not created) was "Gone Fishin' (Sort Of)" and was fairly Lumpus-centered; the final episode was this one and was indeed Lumpus-centered. It sounds like a good way to bring everything full-circle, right?

    When I heard about the "Lumpus has the real Scoutmaster locked up" storyline, I was expecting the episode to be like a "Lumpus is trying to prevent the real Scoutmaster from revealing the truth, but even though the truth is revealed near the end, something will come up to allow him to keep his job." episode. I loved the "Scoutmaster, you have gorgeous ankles!" joke by Lazlo... but painting the clothes on finally had me in an "Okay... okay...? ... O_O What is he DOING?!" mood. Although I must admit, I was pleased to see everything going so well for Lumpus, having a statue erected of him and being treated like a hero. Thanks to him, we can invent time travel and cure world hunger! At least until the rain comes...

    Then everything in that episode went downhill. I hated the real Scoutmaster; he might have had the same design, but he really didn't resemble Heffer much in my opinion. Poor Scoutmaster Lumpus... getting called crazy, suddenly the whole town hates him (except for his wife and Lazlo, maybe 1-2 other scouts and his staff), he's naked in public, losing his job, and being carried off to the nuthouse. I hate to be biased, but Lumpus is my favorite character, and I really did not like seeing him get treated like that! I know what you're thinking- "He deserved it!"- ... but still...

    One thing that made me laugh about the episode was the occasional adult joke got thrown in, particularly Mayor Pothole McPucker in his disgusting yet hilarious "Speedo".

    Nevertheless, I was disappointed by this episode. 4/10.

    All in all, the block averages out to a 6/10. I was pleased with the final season of Camp Lazlo, but disappointed with the final episode. This season won the war, but lost the final battle.moreless
  • Wow.

    Wow, just wow. That's all I can say. This series was so mindblowing amazing for a show on Cartoon Network. It's the best one they'll ever have. All of the episodes are near perfect. This season finale episode was amazing. It sucks that this awesome show is over now. I'll miss it. I hope the series creator will put out a new show for us Camp Lazlo fans. I wish this show could still be continued, but that's fine. There was enough episodes to satisfy me. I've been a fan from the premire of this show those years ago and I'll always be a true fan.moreless
Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Algonquin C. Lumpus / Slinkman

Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Lazlo / Clam

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Raj / Samson

Mr. Lawrence

Mr. Lawrence

Edward / Dave / Ping Pong

Steve Little

Steve Little

Chip / Skip

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • The character that looked like Heffer said that Lumpus tied him up at the beginning of the summer but Lumpus has been scoutmaster for five years.

    • The name of the adult pig who wears a cowboy hat and can usually be seen around in Prickly Pines, is revealed to be Beaufort.

    • End Credits: Scoutmaster Lumpus' key for his truck falls into the house of a fish family in Leaky Lake, and a male fish thinks that it's a sign of male superiority.

    • We find out that Algonquin C. Lumpus is not really the Scoutmaster of Camp Kidney the whole time.

    • First time that Lazlo, Clam, Edward, Dave, and Ping-Pong have officially appeared naked on-screen, second time that Chip, Skip, and Harold have appeared naked, third time that Raj has appeared naked, and the fourth time that Samson has appeared naked.

    • Fourth and fifth appearance of Mayor Pothole McPucker.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • (After the rain falls down) Owl Cop: The scoutmaster! He's nak--(looks down) we're naked! (Prickly Pines Citizens panic) This is bad! We destroyed all our clothes!
      Scoutmaster Lumpus: Yeah? So is that a bad thing?

    • Lazlo: (after Lumpus was dragged away by the police) Bye, Scoutmaster Lumpus! Get some rest! (Lazlo, Raj, Clam, Samson, and Edward are standing around naked) Boy, what a happy ending. Edward: Lazlo, we're standing in Prickly Pines naked and the moose we thought was our Scoutmaster has just been hauled off as a deranged lunatic to a funny farm. Lazlo: Yeah! What a great summer! Whoo! I cant wait for next year. (Everyone except Samson walks off-screen) Samson: Okay, I think it's just officially got to the point where things can't get any weirder. (walks away)

  • NOTES (1)


    • The Doors: The episode name, Peace Frog, is also the name of a song by the rock band The Doors.

    • Lumpus's Last Stand: The plot of this segment has some similarities to the fairy tale story of The Emperor's New Clothes. In the book, con men come to trick the ruler into thinking he's wearing fabulous clothes when he's actually wearing nothing, so the con men can get away with stealing the kingdom's riches; while Lumpus conned the citizens of Prickly Pines so he wouldn't have to do any laundry. Also, the episode title might be a reference to the battle of Custer's Last Stand. In the battle, Custer and his troops were defeated in a disasterous attack against the Native Americans. Custer fell in that battle and his troops were doomed. The episode title references that battle in that this is the last time Lumpus tries to get what he wants, and he fails disastrously.

    • Rocko's Modern Life: Lumpus calling the real Scoutmaster of Camp Kidney a cow instead of a steer, was a running gag on Joe Murray's first show where the fat, bovine character named Heffer was called a cow instead of a steer. Incidentally, the real Scoutmaster of Camp Kidney is designed to look exactly like Heffer, except that he has his fur shaven off!