Camp Lazlo

Season 5 Episode 2

Penny For Your Dung / Baby Bean

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 06, 2007 on Cartoon Network
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Penny For Your Dung / Baby Bean
Penny For Your Dung: The Dung Beetles wreck the camp looking for their penny. Baby Bean: Raj uses labor saving gadgets, causing all his unused parts to go dorment, and transform him back to a baby. So Lazlo and Clam hand him to Lumpus to take care of him for the day.moreless

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  • Chaos and confusion occur when the Dung Beetle Brothers look for a penny, and Raj messes up (again!) :lol:

    I was overjoyed seeing "Camp Lazlo" last 1 season longer, 9 episodes longer, had 1 more made-for-T.V. movie made, and got nominated for three more Emmys than "R.M.L." did, winning one to date! It accomplished those things because the various writers, artists, the creator, and directors' abilities maintained a warm, caring, realistic basis for the characters within. For instance, even though the Dung Beetle Brothers are dumb, they still have needs just like anybody else. They need money to buy stuff, and they need to have ways to have fun. So when the two twin brothers find a penny, they decide to buy a camel! But no sooner do they find a penny, do they lose it! And they go through a lot of trouble to find it again! Samson proves once again to be a genius when he figures out the best way to stop Chip and Skip from destroying everything is to bribe them. Since they lost a penny, all it takes is a penny to pacify them. However, the purple bugs don't want any old penny, they want their lost penny! And Samson hilariously-but strangely-foreshadows an upcoming Christmas, dressing up as Santa Claus. Lazlo and Edward also make good presidents as Lincoln and Washington respectively. Even though they argue so much, some people would think they're going steady! (And who's to say that couldn't possibly happen?) The confused duo eventually find their wanted penny, getting the camel they wanted. Raj though, fails to grasp the concept that just because there's something he wants, it's not neccesarily something he needs. Since he's already the laziest, more non-active Bean Scout at Camp Kidney, using labor-saving devices is the Last thing he needs to do! But he does anyways, and is soon reverted back into the baby he truly is, forcing Lumpus to become a neglectful father to Raj! I speak for many people when I say Lazlo would've been much better off if Raj stayed a baby! :idea: At least Samson always has a better chance of entering the next Olympics! :D Enough said, true believers! ;)moreless
  • Well, this can't be worse.

    After I finish the review, I'm going to do an additional grade.

    Penny for your Dung: Good thing Camp Kidney wasn't literally wrecked. There are some funny parts, but the plot wasn't good so far. This is short!

    Episode Grade: C

    Baby Bean: Wow, I can't believe I'm going to say this, but first, the writers from ''The List'' has done it again. They made Raj a jerk in this episode, don't get me wrong, Raj is one of my favorite characters, but this is my least favorite Raj-centered episode. Raj became a baby?! Well, it didn't get too worse, but I unfortunately have to say that the baby Raj was a little annoying. Man, good thing I don't have labor savings gadgets! Who uses those? The funny part was only when Raj was changing age when Lumpus wasn't looking, until Raj was hiself again. Lesson learned here, labor savings gadgets are double trouble while childhood is more of a deal. At the end, Lumpus uses the gadgets to transform into a baby.

    Episode Grade: D

    Final Grade: D+

    Additional Grade: Hollabanew Grade

    These two episodes were part of that even last year, and yes, I missed those episodes until I wrote this review. The premiere episodes, some of them, need to improve.

    Hollabanew Grade: D+moreless
  • The Dungs wreck the camp looking for a penny,and Raj turns back to a baby!

    I liked Baby Bean mostly,so I'll review more of it.Raj is having fun opening doors with an automatic control.It opens

    "The MessHall,Loompus' Cabin,and the Latrines." "Hey,I'm tinkling in here!"Classic!Anywho,Raj soon enough is loading with labor avoidence devices in no time.He has so much devices in one delivery,Samson had to leave the Post Office and bring them himself!He recieves an automatic Turbo-Charged Trunk Buffer,"Shiny Shiny!"A no-hands underwear changer,and a spitter(which Clam takes interest in).Soon,Raj is loaded with gadgets!Now he has a bed that "Combs my trunk,cleans my ears,brushes my teeth,and spins my throp!"He gets fresh air through a hose,and rides around on wheels!He runs through the MessHall,and Edward (he wasn't too pleased!)Next he rides up a mountain,causing Dave,Wilbert(the Beaver)and Samson to fall off!Next,he rides through the lake!And when he asks Lazlo to remove his covers,his legs and arms are revealed to have shrunk!So he streches with yet another device(he was a genius to order this bed!)but shrinks his arms and legs again.So he puts on a thinking helmet(cool design!)and Lazlo and Clam leave.They return to find Raj shrank back to baby age!(Cute!)So the two hand him to Lumpus to take care of him.So Raj grabs his nose hairs(OWW!)and cries when Lumpus cuts them!So he tries making faces,which only manage to frighten him!So he leaves to find Raj is a toddler!He says his first word(Marshmellow),and Lumpus races away to find a camera.Here's Raj at age 6,hoping to play catch with his 'father'(Age 6 was the age he was the most cute!)And to age 10.''Can I watch TV?Can I have some money?'':lol: :lol:So after a stern lecture from his father,he says "I hate you!" and propells himself to the bathroom.Now he's back to age 11(I think that's his age)and leaves,with a crying moose behind.So,everything turned out all right in the end.(Except Lumpus used the gadgets and turned to a baby)I though that the Jellies would hand baby Raj to Patsy to take care of,and then he'd get lost.And then after a struggle looking for him,she'd grab him and kiss him until he returned to normal,and even when he was normal she'd kiss him anyway,and then he'd escape back to the Jellies.That wold have been great,but this was just as awesome!Bye everyone!See ya in the next review or forum post!moreless
Steve Little

Steve Little

Chip / Skip

Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Lazlo / Clam / Chef McMuesli

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Raj / Samson

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Algonquin C. Lumpus / Slinkman

Mr. Lawrence

Mr. Lawrence

Edward / Dave / Ping Pong

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    • Lazlo: Now, we've got to decide what to do about Chip and Skip. If they're not stopped, they may destroy the whole world. Samson: But what can we do? Edward: We can hit them! It's always worked for me! Lazlo: Let's try to think of something nonviolent. Edward: Then I got nothing.

    • Edward: Attention. (Enters dressed as Washington) I can not tell a lie. Forget about that penny or I'll cut your head off!

    • Slinkman: Oh, it looks like it's a baby.
      Lumpus: A what?
      Slinkman: Well a baby is kind of like a little person. (pause) Who will one day grow up to be a big person.
      Lumpus: Sweet mother of science, what will they think of next?

    • Chip: But you can't have a funeral until the search is called off.
      Lazlo: It was called off this morning.
      Skip: Who called it off?
      Lazlo: President Frankenstien...
      Dave:(as President Freankenstien) I'm sorry for your loss.

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    • Penny For Your Dung: This is a parody of the phrase, A Penny For Your Thoughts.

    • "Cats in the cradle, cats in the cradle!"

      As teenage Raj storms off, Lumpus cries and quotes the name of a 1974 song by Harry Chapin. The song "Cats in the Cradle" is about a father who regrets not spending more time with his son.