Camp Lazlo

Season 3 Episode 15

The Bean Tree / Taking Care of Gretchen

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 16, 2007 on Cartoon Network
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The Bean Tree / Taking Care of Gretchen
The Bean Tree: Lumpus discovers he and Lazlo are related. Taking Care of Gretchen: Lazlo hires Samson to protect him from Gretchen.

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  • Lazlo becomes Scoutmaster and Samson hires someone to "take care" of Gretchen in order to protect Lazlo

    The Bean Tree: Lumpus discovers he and Lazlo are related. I thought that this was a hilarious and well done episode of "Camp Lazlo". This is easily one of my favorite episodes and it makes me laugh all the way through. I honestly don't see how some people can find this episode to be average or poor but everyone has their own opinions. The idea of Lumpus thinking that he is related to Lazlo was very funny. It's so obvious that Lumpus isn't related to Lazlo though. Lumpus letting Lazlo being Scoutmaster of Camp Kidney so he can retire was very funny. Lazlo as a Scoutmaster was also very funny to see. It's also cute and hilarious for Slinkman to be happy and laughing with Lazlo when Lazlo shows him how to put marshmallows on a stick and some more. Lumpus going crazy about Lazlo being a Scoutmaster was funny as well. Edward's part in this episode also cracked me up as well. The ending to the episode made me laugh as well. Overall, a well written, cute, and hilarious episode of "Camp Lazlo". 10/10

    Taking Care of Gretchen: Lazlo hires Samson to protect him from Gretchen. To me, this episode was just decent. It was definitely nowhere near to being perfect plus there are FAR more better episodes than this one. But for the most part, it is a pretty decent/good episode to watch. Not that it's a bad episode because it isn't but the writers could've done something more that would make the storyline more sense. I don't know how to quite explain it but you get the point. First of all, I thought it was WAY out of line for Gretchen to threaten Lazlo like that in the beginning of the episode because he really didn't deserve it at all. Second of all, the whole point of Samson hiring someone to protect Lazlo from Gretchen wasn't handled very well, Also, why would Samson hire Edward to protect Lazlo. This episode just didn't really make a point or sense to the aspect of the plot to this one. This episode did have its funny moments such as Chip and Skips' part, Samson talking to Lazlo through the bush plus when Lazlo asks Samson "How are you doing that" and then Samson responds "I don't know", and a few more. The ending with Edward hitting a pole and saying "I'm hurt" was pretty funny as well. Overall, this was just an alright episode of "Camp Lazlo"... the writers really could've done better BUT for the most part, it's a decent episode. 7/10moreless
  • Eh... how strange.

    The first part was kinda strange. Lazlo running the camp? Him and Lumpus being related? As much as I despise this show, this was kinda terrible. The whole episode was not consistent and pretty boring overall. The second part was just bleh. I mean it builds up some pretty good suspense and everything, but in the end, it just wastes it all by completely ruining the ending with the whole Lazlo taking the blow and it was only a t-shirt. Not to mention they changed how Gretchen and Edward acted towards each other, they changed it was so it was not as menacing. Well, what can you expect from this show anyway?moreless
  • The Bean Tree: Lazlo becomes Scout Master. Taking Care of Gretchen: Lazlo thinks Samson hires Chip and Skip to take care of Gretchen.

    Okay, I'm a Camp Lazlo fan, but this episode was not the best episode I've ever seen.

    The Bean Tree: That was okay and I kinda like it. I thought it was a good idea to see Lazlo as Scout Master. However, I didn't like the ending.


    Taking Care Of Gretchen: That episode was, without a dought, the WORST CL Episode Ever! Everything went completley wrong! One, it was written by Mike Roth and JG Quintel. They write lame episode and this has got to be their worst one yet. Second, Gretchen and Edward's relashonship between each other has changed. Third, Samson said he would hire someone to take care of Gretchen, but he never did. Fourth, the movie that the scouts were watching was kinda offensive. Fifth, why would Edward shirted Gretchen? Sixth, all the jokes were Not Funny! Seventh, why would Chip and Skip wear girl make-up? Eighth, what is Gretchen's granny doing in Camp Kidney? Ninth, Daffney Gillfin was not in this episode... oh wait, she's not in any CL episode. Lastly, CN cancelled HHPAY! Oh, sorry, got carried away. The bottom line is Taking Care of Gretchen is the episode that I don't want to see again!


    The last thing I haft to say before I close the book on this reveiw is that these episode went by quikley! Thank goodnes the movie aired after this.

    FINAL GRADE: D-moreless
  • Another great installment

    The Bean Tree : Lumpus thinks Lazlo is his son when Lazlo puts a picture of himself on the family tree.So he pass camp on to lazlo and goes on a holiday but Lumpus thinks that Slinkman and Lazlo planned this all along to get rid of him. 9\10

    Taken Care Of Grenchen : When Lazlo laughs at Grenchen but not knowing what for she said shes gonna ''get him''.Lazlo freaks out but when he finds Samson he clams down cos he saids he will get someone to take care of her,Lazlo thinks its Chip and Skip but it was really Edward shooting an t-shirt cannon saying ''im a jerk''moreless
  • I love the episode taking care of gretchen probaly my favorite episode.

    very interesting episode perfect episode of camp lazlo makes you guessing a little suprise and this episode had a scean from the godfather I think I don't know I had not seen the movie yet but my point is a perfect episode of camp lazlo well that is my review bye.
Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Lazlo / Clam

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Raj / Samson

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Algonquin C. Lumpus / Slinkman

Mr. Lawrence

Mr. Lawrence

Edward / Dave / Ping Pong

Steve Little

Steve Little

Chip / Skip / The Lemmings

Jodi Benson

Jodi Benson

Patsy Smiles / Almondine

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