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Camp Lazlo

Season 1 Episode 8

The Nothing Club / Loogie Llama

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 19, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

The Nothing Club / Loogie Llama
The Nothing Club: When Edward excludes Lazlo from his secret club, Lazlo creates his own club out of nothing. What would camp be without a good club? Loogie Llama: The Bean Scouts feel lousy because they don't have horses. But that all changes when Lazlo calls in a spitting llama. The scouts are soon reminded that it's okay to be a misfit every once in a while.moreless

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  • Hurt by being excluded from the other club, Lazlo starts his own club comprised completly of nothing-but it proves to be the best club there is.

    Lazlo is excluded from Edward's camp club, so, determined to join a club, he starts his own club-the only thing is, it is the Nothing Club. Lazlo draws a square outline in the sand and opens a door, and inside we can hear party music. Lots of other campers come, and they all come inside and begin to have a blast at the Nothing Club. Then Edward tries to come. Despite the fact that it is only an outline in the ground, Edward runs into a wall and the has to find the door. This episode explores the power of imagination, and points out that you can make a lot out of nothing.moreless
  • Edward and Lazlo start thier own seperate clubs, and Lazlo trades a lama for some horses.

    So Edward tricks all the people in the camp except Lazlo to join this "The anit-Lazlo" club because he hates him so much. It is supposedly actually a pretty good club but then Lazlo gets lonely and makes his own club out of nothing and his imagination. The first member is Nina, and since they are having a lot of fun other people joing until everyone is in. Edward realizes that his ways were wrong. In the next episode Lazlo finds this disgusting Lama that everyone hates and trades it for the Squirrel Scouts horses. It was a really good deal into Lazlo and the other scouts realize that they miss the Lama. So they trade back and let the Lama free. I thought it was almost a good episode, just missing that little something.moreless
  • Lazlo gets to dance with a girl.

    In the episode "Dosey Doe," there's a dance being held in Camp Kidney. Every Bean Scout gets to dance to with someone except Lazlo because he had to fetch Lumpus. The great thing I noticed in "The Nothing Club" is that Lazlo finally gets to dance with a girl. The funny thing is that girl happens to Nina the giraffe, not that marsupial who punched him in the face at the end of Dosey (no offense). I never expect Nina to be the only Squirrel Scout in the episode since she's not as close to Lazlo as the marsupial. But I really like it anyway.

    Loogie Llama is also funny episode. All Bean Scouts and all most commonly seen Squirrel Scouts make an appearance.moreless
  • The Nothing Club was indeed a original episode in the making. However, i disliked the plot of Loogie Llama because that kind of plot has been used in "Parasitic Pal".

    The Nothing Club was another Edward/Lazlo episode which I really liked. Edward's idea to make an 'Anti-Lazlo' Club was actually interesting. I would have believed Raj would betray Lazlo because he ususally can't take control of himself as seen before. However, it was weird to see Clam betray Lazlo because he does seem more loyal and hes like Lazlo's main sidekick. But I think the episode was still done well. Nina's role in the episode was great and I really congratulate the writers in using Nina to be the next member of Lazlo's club because if Patsy was used, it would have been too cliche and the episode would not be as good. The ending was great too because Edward did show some happiness towards Lazlo's comments and the fact the club would be nothing without him.

    Loogie Llama isnt really one of my favourite storylines because I believe the kind of plot used in this episode is used in most shows. And also, the episode does have some similarity to "Parasitic Pal" because Lazlo can't let go of a pet. I did however like Lazlo's irrestistance to banana cream pie and how the Squirrel Scouts hair were being let down. The credits was quite funny to see the llama continuously kick Lazlo.

    Overall, these were two entertaining episodes bit I felt Loogie Llame could have been better.moreless
  • Lazlo finds a llama and gives it to the Squirrel Scouts disguised as a unicorn. Then everyone is a member of a secret club... except Lazlo. So Lazlo makes up his own club.moreless

    This episode was hilarious. I loved the "Loogie Llama" song. Even though it did get on my nerves after a while. A song perfect for Carl. "The Nothing Club" was the better episode in my opinion. It was more funny and taught that even if you don't have friends you still have an imagination.
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