Camp Lazlo

Season 5 Episode 3

Wedding Bell Blues / O Brother, Who Art Thou

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 20, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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Wedding Bell Blues / O Brother, Who Art Thou
Wedding Bell Blues: When Jane Doe is left standing at the altar of her wedding, Scoutmaster Lumpus finally sees his chance and asks Jane Doe to marry him. Jane accepts, but there's just one problem: Raj has accidentally sucked Lumpus' wedding ring up his trunk! Will this complicate matters for the wedding? O Brother, Who Art Thou?: Slinkman decides that Camp Kidney needs to get whipped back into the peaceful, happy state it was in four years ago. So to do that, he brings back the four campers who helped him out four years ago: Edward's brothers! And the rest of the Camp Kidney campers find out how rotten Edward's brothers are when they use Edward as a tetherball and force everyone else into their cabins so that the other campers won't get turned into tetherballs to! Edward however, gets knocked into a forgotten cabin of Camp Kidney and meets two old campers who remember what the Platypus brothers are like. Edward decides that he's had enough of being bullied around by his brothers, and it's time to stand up to them! He decides to take action! Will his efforts be successful?moreless

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  • this episode needs a better ending on wedding bell blues with jane out of raj's trunk instead of inside!

    i am very disappointed with the show that jane didn't come out of raj. this show needs alot of edits that the ending needs to have a better ending. i wanted joe murray to post a very excellent program cartoon that proves jane doe is unstuck of raj's nose. please tell joe murray and his crew to make me a very very best ending instead of a wedding bell blues bad ending. without jane out of raj's trunk, it's bye bye to the cementary jane goes. but good o brother who art thou. please let jane doe out of raj????moreless
  • At long last, two things we've always wanted to see: Scoutmaster Lumpus gets married to Jane Doe, and Edward stands up to his brothers! :idea:

    First of all, I've got one thing I want to say to Joe Murray: make it so "Bad Luck Be a Camper Tonight, 'S' Is for Crazy," and "Samson Needs a Hug" Never happened! Those segments made me cringe! :( Now that I've gotten that out of my system, Joe Murray gives us reason to believe the rest of this series has been turned around as Scoutmaster Lumpus just might finally have his dreams come true: he might finally get to marry Jane Doe. That is, if he can get his wedding ring out of Raj's stupid vacuum trunk! (Lumpus would've Never had that problem with Samson who will Always be better than Raj!) Jane Doe tries to get the ring out, but her finger gets stuck in the ring, and soon Raj sucks Jane Doe in to! (I've always said Raj sucks! And now he literally Is sucking! :lol: Vindication! ) At first, Scoutmaster Lumpus doesn't want to go through with the wedding since it's Not the way he pictured it, but he changes his mind when he realizes despite everything that's happened and everything that's occured, Jane Doe Is crazy about him and wants to marry him no matter what. So the wedding continues as the couple get married...inside Raj's trunk! If that doesn't prove Raj is the fattest camper in existance, I don't know what does! And Edward has had more than his fair share of mean streaks, but all the other campers find out his older brothers are Always mean! Not just to Edward, but to everyone around them Except for Slinkman, but just to keep him fooled! But every Bean Scout has his limits, and while Edward's limits are very high, he's had all he can stand and he can't stand anymore! By teaming up with two old, still active campers, Edward drives an old cabin into camp, and finally rebels against his older brothers by putting the cabin Down on one of them, and scaring the others away! Edward proves that he Is a good camper through and through! Enough said, true believers! ;)moreless
  • You won't be disappointed! Excellent character development abounds for Raj, Lumpus, Jane Doe, and Edward. *spoilers*

    My favorite character, by far, has to be Scoutmaster Lumpus. There have only been 1-2 episodes that revolved around him that disappointed me.

    This episode is among those that DID NOT disappoint. The moment I saw the name "Wedding Bell Blues" on my TV Guide, I felt my heart leap into my throat with excitement.

    As any Lumpus fan- or Camp Lazlo fan- knows, Lumpus has had the BIGGEST crush on Jane Doe, the Scoutmistress at Acorn Flats across the lake.

    In "Wedding Bell Blues", Jane is suddenly left empty-handed at the alter when she realizes she cannot marry Manfred, the elderly Navy turtle seen occasionally throughout the series. She is devastated until Lumpus shows up and proposes to her through a song he performs- another excellent touch of voice acting on Tom Kenny's part. Jane appears hesitant at first, then eagerly tells Lumpus she'll marry him.

    Everything seems to be going well until Raj, in possession of Lumpus's ring, gets it stuck up his nose when he tries to "shine it up". To put the ring on her finger, Lumpus has to slip Jane's hand up Raj's nose. From that point on, Raj is there to make expensive suggestions for the wedding.

    Later on, Jane gets completely stuck up Raj's nose, which leaves Raj to dress up as Lumpus's bride at the wedding. Feeling humiliated, Lumpus angrily steps outside.

    Raj confronts him there, telling Lumpus that weddings aren't about "six-figure price tags"; they are about two people crazy in love with one another. Lumpus acknowledges this, crawls into his trunk to apologize to Jane, and they agree to get married anyway (which also requires Slinkman to crawl into Raj's trunk).

    In the end, Lumpus and "Mrs. Lumpus" spend their honeymoon in Gelato Palazzo... inside Raj's trunk.

    If you are a fan of Lumpus, Jane Doe, Raj, or romance, this is the episode for YOU! "Wedding Bell Blues" gets a 10/10!!!

    As for 'O Brother, Who Art Tho?', we see Edward's brothers yet again, only this time we learn their names are Cheesely, Alpine, Fancypants, and Phillip. A previous episode had Edward mention one of his brothers was named Mel, so perhaps these are merely nicknames or just simple discontinuity.

    Edward's four older brothers come to Camp Kidney to help Slinkman restore order to the camp, and indeed they do- by bullying everyone into submission! Even Edward, typically the bully to other scouts, is helpless against his older siblings and gets smacked into the horizon. He encounters the Rotten Bean Cabin, where two scouts have been living for four years. After convincing them is brothers are nothing but trouble, they help Edward drive them out of camp.

    I wanted to leave that review short, sorry for the lack of detail. But it's pretty much all that happened. It was unique to introduce two new characters, but there wasn't umch humor involved. It really only served to develop Edward's character.

    Nevertheless, this episode will satisfy Edward fans, which includes myself! I give "O Brother, Who Art Thou?" a 9.5/10.

    Averaging out, this "block" of episodes gets a 9.8.moreless
  • The family trees are growing!

    Okay, first there was Valentine's Day when Patsy's father turns out to be Commander Hoo Hah! Then, there came Step Clam(although, I didn't see this episode yet), then there's 'S' is for Crazy when Samson's parents are actually jellyfish. Later comes, O Brother, Who Art Thou? where we see a more revealing appearance of Edward's brothers, and to top it all up is Lumpus' marriage with Jane Doe, and how this episode mentions that Raj has 17 older sisters!

    Wedding Bell Blues: Finally, a more special Raj debut! He seems to handle alot with weddings since he grew up with his 17 older sisters, I totally disagree with the first review, and I agree with the other. So yeah, Lumpus finally gets married, and Jane Doe finally admits her feelings with Lumpus is that she feels great if she married him. But, what bothered me was that they were married in Raj's nose! Just the episode for me.

    Episode Grade: B-

    O Brother, Who Art Thou?: AFTER the marriage, we learn more about Edward's brothers, and with that, Edward is tired of being bullied by them and stands up for them! Great episode.

    Episode Grade: C+

    Final Grade: C+moreless
Jodi Benson

Jodi Benson

Jane Doe

Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Lazlo / Clam

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Raj / Samson

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Algonquin C. Lumpus / Slinkman

Mr. Lawrence

Mr. Lawrence

Edward / Dave / Ping Pong

Steve Little

Steve Little

Chip / Skip

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