Camp Lazlo

Season 3 Episode 13

Where's Lazlo?

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 18, 2007 on Cartoon Network
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Where's Lazlo?
Raj and Clam reminisce what Camp Kidney was like before and after Lazlo arrived when he goes missing. Through their flashbacks, they reveal that the camp used to be a dreary place to be in, until Lazlo altered everything.

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  • The story about how Lazlo, Raj, and Clam met each other and became best friends

    Raj and Clam reminisce what Camp Kidney was like before and after Lazlo arrived when he goes missing. Through their flashbacks, they reveal that the camp used to be a dreary place to be in, until Lazlo altered everything. I thought that this was an excellent 1-hour TV Movie of "Camp Lazlo". This is the cartoon's first and only 1-hour TV Movie and I loved every moment of it. A lot of parts in this episode really made me laugh and I loved the storyline as to how Lazlo, Raj, and Clam met each other and became best friends. There were so many parts that cracked me up such as Lazlo's entrance at Camp Kidney, Edward pretending that he hunted the bear and acts brave, the bear following Lazlo, and many many more. Raj and Clam going on a search to find Lazlo when he goes missing was pretty funny and good to see as well. Everything about this 1-hour TV Movie was just hilarious and wonderful to see and it was funny how they found Lazlo who turns to work at a barbeque restaurant. The very ending to the episode when it's the end of Raj and Clam's flashback about how they all met each other and then Lazlo comes back with Raj and Clam getting all happy to see Lazlo asking "Are you guys gonna be doing this everytime I go use the restroom?... you didn't tell that story again, did you?". Overall, this was a well done, creative, and funny first and only 1-hour TV Movie of "Camp Lazlo". 10/10moreless
  • The episode was overall pretty good, but why an hour-length special? It had little potential to be a TV movie!

    This episode's pretty funny and exciting, but I really don't see much material that proves that this is a TV movie. Sure, the episode is long and somewhat special as it tells how the Jelly Cabin came to be, but basically, half of the movie is just about the "reminiscing" part. It seems more like a 2-Part episode rather than a TV movie, and it doesn't have a well thought-out plot. The main plot in the entire episode wasn't even featured throughout most of the entire hour, as the reminiscing the main point of the episode. The progression of the plot was also too short and fast, as it took little time for Raj and Clam to find Lazlo. Overall, I'd rate it pretty good as an EPISODE, but as a TV movie, I'd rate it 6/10, as it didn't exactly have the potential for a TV movie with the kind of events that took place in it.moreless
  • We see how Jelly Cabin came to be!

    I think they did an excellent job on this movie. It was very funny and we see where the story all began. Lazlo, Raj and Clam all join the campers at Camp Kidney at the same time, and at first they don't get along too well. But they soon become the greatest friends. When Lazlo befriends a bear and disappears, everyone's afraid that he was eaten. Raj and Clam refuse to believe it, so they go on the hunt for their friend. They come across a weasel who takes them for a ride through the mountains, thinking that Lazlo is chasing THEM instead of them trying to find HIM (from the kiddie song). They finally find him safe and sound, but he says he's happy where he is now, and doesn't want to go back to camp. Poor Raj and Clam feel traited, and they miss their friend, but they go back to camp alone. But at the last minute, Lazlo comes back, just in time to save Edwarad from being mauled by the bear. It's loads of fun, and I don't think I'll never get tired of watching it.moreless
  • I think it was great, you gotta love the flashback!

    In the movie Where's Lazlo, Raj and Clam discuss with each other about their flashback. The flashback showed how Jelly Cabin first met and how they got into Camp Kidney, Raj and Clam arrived in a bus and Lazlo arrived in a fruit truck. At first, Raj and Clam didn't know much about Lazlo, but Lazlo's thrilling way of fun really got them to know him more, it also made Edward jealous since it grabbed the other campers' attention. When Lazlo brought the bear in, he was missing and his new friends went out to look for him. On their journey, they would encounter events such as going through the forest, riding with a weasel, and search around Prickly Pines. In the Beef Lumberjacks restaurant, they would find him there, it was cool on what Lazlo was wearing. When Lazlo finally came back, he would stop the bear Fluffy from its rampage. That's the flashback Raj and Clam remembered, and they were happy to see Lazlo once more with them even though Lazlo just came back from the latreen.

    It was an amazing movie that was also revealing!

    Here's some of parts from the movie that I thought were really funny:

    -Clam calling Raj sappy!

    -Skip thinks he broke Raj!(Or was it Chip?)

    -Lumpus rushing back to the cabin pulling out the cable of the telephone!

    -Chip telling Skip to go further when Skip wanted to pee!

    I wonder if there might be another movie, I hope the Squirrel Scouts show up if there's a second one, because they didn't make an appearance here.moreless
  • Great TV Movie

    Lazlo enters camp and meets Raj and Clam. Then he brings a bear back home. So after hiding, the scouts think the bear, Fluffy ate Lazlo. So Raj and Clam take a big adventure to save Lazlo and see if he wasn't eaten. That's a very good first movie of this series, what will make this show more exciting is if the crew makes another movie soon.

    I loved this discovery. Two big thumbs up!moreless
Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Lazlo / Clam

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Raj / Samson

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Algonquin C. Lumpus / Slinkman

Mr. Lawrence

Mr. Lawrence

Edward / Dave / Ping Pong

Steve Little

Steve Little

Chip / Skip / The Lemmings

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (14)

    • This episode won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming One Hour or More).

    • When we see Clam cleaning his toaster, he only has one leg.

    • When Clam is wiggling his butt at Scoutmaster Lumpus, his tail is missing.

    • Edward claims that the bear that "ate" Lazlo was a black bear, which Clam later corrects as a brown bear. While this is most likely meant to be a plot point, some black bears do have brown coats. It should be noted that the bear in the feature does have the muscular hump over the shoulders, common to brown (commonly called "grizzly") bears.

    • When Lazlo first arrived to Camp Kidney in a box, the box didn't have any air holes. How would Lazlo be able to breathe?

    • The title of this movie was a take-on from the episode Where's Clam.

    • Middle Credits (the credits after the first 30 minutes): Lazlo does the dance that he did when he went out of the fruit box. At the end, Raj screams "Wookasha!"

    • Unlike other Cartoon Network shows, this episode has 2 different credits. This episode is on iTunes, and it is separated into 2 different parts, and each part has different credits.

    • When Slinkman was opening the box his arms are brown.

    • Credits: Skip has to go, and Chip suggests he just use the bushes. Chip keeps telling Skip to back up further until Chip can't see Skip anymore before Chip says that Skip is good.

    • It is learned in this episode the flies that always circle around Chip and Skip are actually fruit flies that traveled in the same fruit crate as Lazlo, and Lazlo let them have those flies as a gift.

    • It is learned in this episode that Lazlo first arrived in Camp Kidney via a Fruit Delivery Truck.

    • It's learned in this episode that before Lazlo came to Camp Kidney, Scoutmaster Lumpus was nicknamed the Iron Moose for his tough, disciplinary command.

    • Raj was swimming in the water. What about his fear of swimming. The flashback was obviously before the "Swimming Buddy" episode.

      EDIT: When Raj fell into the water he said he had so much fun he forgot he couldn't swim so after that he still had his fear of swimming

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Slinkman: Okay now you have to name your cabin.
      Raj: What about garbage dump?
      Slinkman: As long as it's a bean.
      Lazlo: (thinking) A bean, a bean. How about Jelly bean!
      Raj: That is not a bean, that is a candy.
      Slinkman: As long as it's a bean.
      Lazlo: Don't you think the jelly bean wants to be brought into the bean family?
      Raj: No!

    • Raj: (to Clam) Hi, my name's Raj.
      Clam: Humphh!
      Raj: Does your toaster work?
      Clam: Nooooooooooo!!!

    • Raj and Clam: Lazlo!!!
      Lazlo: Guys, do you have to do this everytime I go to the bathroom.
      Raj: But we love you!
      Lazlo: You didn't tell that story again, did you.
      Raj: We sure did, Lazlo.
      Clam: Story!!

    • Chip: I broke Raj!

    • (To wooden Raj)
      Chip: Hey Raj? Don't tell Edward, but I'm afraid of bears. Are you?
      (looks at wooden dummy of Raj)
      No? You are too scared. Look at you. You're petrified.

    • Lumpus to Slinkman: It's a miracle! Lazlo has returned! (Opens door.)
      Slinkman: That's not Lazlo, that's just camper Samson scratching his armpit and eating a banana.
      Lumpus : Don't be ridiculous Slinkman!
      Samson (yelling) He made me do it! (Hits Lumpus.) Bad moose!

    • Clam: (crying) He was... our little monkey!

  • NOTES (7)

    • Clam seems to refer to himself in third person alot throughout the movie. This can also be noted in the episode "Camp Kidney Stinks".

    • Writing Goof:
      In "Where's Lazlo?", the Jellies are their current age when they come to Camp Kidney for the first time. However, in the episode "Movie Night", Lazlo flashes back to him and Raj as babies together in Jelly Cabin, which would mean that they had been coming to camp since they were babies.

    • The premiere of "Where's Lazlo" was in a letterbox/widescreen format on 2-18-2007. On a 2-19-2007 repeat, it was shown in a full screen (4:3 aspect ratio) format instead. The repeat had less detail and looked as if it were zoomed into the original picture. The same thing happened to an episode of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends called "Good Wilt Hunting". This may have happened to other similar one hour specials on the Cartoon Network as well.

    • Raj shows up in camp wearing a tradional Indian outfit.

    • Commander Hoo-Haw did not appear in this episode, even though his voice was heard.

    • in the first showing of the movie, it was in wide-screen. Now it is in full-screen.

    • Camp Kidney used to be the perfect camp, where everyone obeys the rules, until Lazlo came.


    • When Raj hallucinates upon seeing the other Bean Scouts for the first time, he envisions the other Bean Scouts as Black Haired, snapping, dancing animals. This is a reference to the 1961 movie West Side Story which is known for having a bunch of snapping and dancing.

    • Title: Where's Lazlo?

      It is a parody of the book series' name, "Where's Waldo?"