Camp Woodward - Season 3

Fuel TV Premiered Feb 15, 2009 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • 2/8/10
    Zane wastes no time shredding the camp, while Jovon socializes with the other camp-goers, and Sean shows early signs of being this season's trouble-maker.
  • 2/1/10
    Three new shredders, Zane Timpson (skate), Sean Ricany (BMX), and Jovon Vest (skate), kick off the action-packed and drama-filled new season.
  • 2/15/10
    Jovon, Sean, and Zane are all dealing with different trials at camp, while they work through injuries and infighting.
  • 2/22/10
    An injury continues to frustrate Jovon, but Tony Hawk pops in to cheer him up. Mike Frazier also makes an appearance.
  • Problem child Sean Ricany learns some humbling lessons from BMX legend, Jamie Bestwick, while he's laid up with an injury. Jovon finds the music studio at camp and makes some music to compliment his shred lifestyle. Zane skates with the pros, learns new tricks, and premieres his Zombie Movie at Video Camp. This show closes with all three campers chilling together in a rare moment of peace and solace. Don't miss it!moreless
  • 3/21/10
    The final episode of Camp Woodward concludes with all of the campers paying it forward to the camp and other kids, each in their own way. Then, Sean, Jovon, and Zane all ride the Mega Ramp together in a unity session. Jovon gets a style haircut from local graffiti artist FOCUS and learns how to paint. Zane finally conquers the death gap on the B3 Vert Ramp with the help of mentor, Mike Frazier. We wrap it all up with closing thoughts from the kids about their camp experience this summer.moreless
  • 3/7/10
    "Zane uses some unorthodox methods to boost his vert skating performance. Sean continues to busy himself while injured -- butting heads with Jovon being the most time-consuming activity. Jovon intends to show Sean he's serious about trying his hand at BMX, and possibly executing the insane trick they've been arguing about."moreless
  • 2/28/10
    Jovon and Sean decide to settle their differences on the paint ball course, but Sean ends up chickening out of the duel. Zane finally cracks as Mother Nature looks to foil the completion of his zombie movie. Sean learns a lesson in babysitting from BMX pro Alistair Whitton as Jovon goes cowboy and steals a horse from the stables for a joy ride. Yeeaahhaaaw!!!moreless