Camp Woodward - Season 4

Fuel TV Premiered Feb 15, 2009 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Finale
    Episode 8
  • Lucky's Heroes
    Episode 7
    Lucky makes peace with Tom and leads his cabin of young misfits to victory in the Pizza Jam contest. Chad wants to learn a flair before he leaves camp and seeks out some guidance from some respected pros. Alex starts picking up some bad habits from Sean and the two end up getting into a fight which ends up with Sean's bike at the bottom of the camp pool.moreless
  • Age Factor
    Episode 6
  • Competitive Side
    Episode 5
    Alex's older brother Todd begins work on a film to highlight the talents of Alex. Lucky struggles to reach the skating goals that he has set for himself and ends up going head to head with the counselors over a breach in safety rules. Chad's competitive side is reignited and he becomes a rider unleashed, winning multiple competitions at camp. Lucky's repeated disobedience results in his board being confiscated and having his skating privileges revoked.moreless
  • 2/26/11
    Chad buys a skateboard and finds hidden talents. Alex tries to impress the older kids and there are paintball attacks.
  • Midler Down
    Episode 3
    While Alex tries to sneak skate sessions in between visits to the doctor, Chad and Sean lobby the camp brass to remove a ban on bikes in the plaza. Lucky butts heads with counselors over safety regulations and is having a rough time before finding some inspiration in pro skateboarder Renton Miller. Alex competes in and wins the camp Pizza Jam against doctor's orders.moreless
  • 1st Day
    Episode 2
    The kids arrive at camp and Alex is off and skating. Lucky has a tough time fitting in without his support group backing him up as Chad reunites with longtime friend and season three cast member Sean to put on a killer demo in front of the whole camp. Season three funnyman Jovon ends up befriending Lucky and Alex to help them ease into camp. As Chad finishes out his day riding the big dirt jumps with some pros, Alex takes a board to the face and is rushed to the hospital.moreless
  • Meet the New Kids
    Episode 1
    Season four opens with an introduction of our new cast. First we head to San Diego to meet Chad Kerley, a former world champion BMX racer turned freestyler who is more interested in riding at the skate park with his friends than in trophies or titles. Chad has been garnering sponsorships and endorsements in recent years despite the fact that going pro isn't his top priority. Next we head to Calabasas, California to meet eleven year old Alex Midler. While Alex may be the youngest cast member to be featured on the show he is also one of the most talented. There are a lot of people following this young ripper's budding skate career including his filmmaker brother Todd. Finally we head to Lake Havasu City, Arizona home of desert dwelling trouble maker Lucky Borelli. Skateboarding is more of a lifestyle than a career path for Lucky. Growing out of a spark ignited by his older brother at an early age, Lucky's passion for skating has afforded him a tight circle of like-minded friends that serve as a counterweight to his rodeo-riding military dad.moreless