Season 2 Episode 1

Sweet Danger, Part 1

Aired Friday 8:15 PM Jan 19, 1990 on BBC

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  • The penniless Fritton family has entitlements in a tiny, but oil-rich, mid-European state. Will a vicious millionaire bilk them out of their heritage?

    Mad fun which contains a hefty amount of self-parody. Iain Cuthbertson enjoys himself hugely as a capitalist hyena so utterly vile that one almost expects him to go around biting the noses of his underlings; and Lysette Anthony, soon to go to Hollywood, is exactly right as the dippy girl whose pluck is much admired by Campion in that unspoken way he always has where women are concerned. Brian Glover's undiplomatic interjections as the rough-hewn Lugg (named after the battle of Magersfontein) are, as usual, a treat. Campion's scheme for avoiding a journey to South America has just the right air of batty daring.