Campus Cops

USA (ended 1996)


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Campus Cops

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An American cable-TV sitcom centred on the campus police squad at Canfield University. Andy and Wayne are long-term buddies, currently employed as campus cops, who regularly abuse their positions in order to meet, date, or simply spy on the university's more beautiful female students. Wayne is usually the instigator of such shenanigans, with the hapless Andy pulled along for the ride. In support were fellow cops Meg, a competent Afro-American; Raskin, a weird weapon-obsessed nutcase; Royce, an overweight sycophant; and their boss Hingle, a career policeman. The other regular character was Dean Pilkington, a manic, slightly crazed individual prone to bouts of extreme verbal or physical violence. The presence of John Landis's name in the credits goes some way towards explaining the thrust of the piece, which, in parts, recalled the director's earlier university comedy movie Animal House (1978). Like his 1990s sitcom Dream On, Campus Cops also had more than its fair share of scantily clad women and sexual situations, but what had seemed comical in the late 1970s, and sophisticated in the HBO show, came across as old-hat and sexist here.moreless

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crazy neighborhood, quirky characters, Parody & Spoof, college humor, Satire