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Campus Ladies

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Joan is a widow, and Barri caught her husband with another woman. Best friends since childhood, these two middle-aged ladies went back to school to enjoy all the staples of modern college life. This part scripted, part improvised show takes place at the fictional University of the Midwest, and has a main cast consisting mostly of members of The Groundlings Theater improvisational comedy troupe in Los Angeles. This includes Joan and Barri, and their dorm neighbors Abdul and Drew, as well as guest stars like Will Forte, Maya Rudolph and Paul Reubens. Even Executive Producer Cheryl Hines, also from Curb Your Enthusiasm, is a Groundlings alumnus.

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    • Loved this show!

      I think this show was hilarious. Silly, yes, but lighthearted and funny.
    • It's about to older woman deciding to go back to college because they felt they missed out.

      These two woman are so funny! They're naive and stupid. I honestly don't know why but I think this show is so awesome! Every word out of Berri's mouth was gold, and I'm really hoping that's her name. She was hilarious! I don't know why people hate the show. Sure it's kinda stupid and a waste of time. Sure it's very dirty. Sure they had to old ladies experimenting with their sexuality, but that was funny. Let me say this one last thing, if I were to waste a half hour this would be my go to show for it.moreless
    • Two "close to middle age" best friends go back to college after personal setbacks in their lives.

      Thinking of the idea of the show, it could have been one of two things....a complete disaster, absolute hit.

      I have to say, this show is an absolute hit!!! Not only is it extremely well written, but the chemistry between "Joan" and "Barrie" is awesome! This show is literally the funniest I have seen on t.v. These 2 ladies should be on every talk show possible so everyone can see how hilarious they are. Also, although somewhat politically incorrect, "Abdul" is so funny! Then you also have "Paige" and "Drew" 2 more hilarious people! All of these people are so very talented and should be more recognized for it!

      Basically....I love,love,love this show!moreless
    • Two midddle aged ladies go to college as freshman. Living in the dorm as freshman do, they dive head first into college life head first and explore all college has to offer.moreless

      One of the best shows currently on tv, we never miss an episode. The cast is so amazing it\\\'s had to believe that it\\\'s improvised. I think it could be a hit on any network. I\\\'m very happy that Oxygen reconizes a great thing when they see it. Looking forward to season two, I just wish there were more than ten episodes in a season, ten is not enough.
    • When it is revealed that the writers of "Family Guy" are going to use the Muslim prophet Character in a joking matter, the nation decides to "Bury it's head in the sand" and maybe the terrorists won't attack.moreless

      When it is revealed that the writers of "Family Guy" are going to use the Muslim prophet Character in a joking matter, the nation decides to "Bury it's head in the sand" and maybe the terrorists won't attack. he leaves on a quest to get the episode pulled with him in tow they leave. But when he learns that he wishes to get the series cancelled he tries to stop him. And fails to be continued next week.moreless
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