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Oxygen (ended 2007)


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  • Loved this show!

    I think this show was hilarious. Silly, yes, but lighthearted and funny.
  • It's about to older woman deciding to go back to college because they felt they missed out.

    These two woman are so funny! They're naive and stupid. I honestly don't know why but I think this show is so awesome! Every word out of Berri's mouth was gold, and I'm really hoping that's her name. She was hilarious! I don't know why people hate the show. Sure it's kinda stupid and a waste of time. Sure it's very dirty. Sure they had to old ladies experimenting with their sexuality, but that was funny. Let me say this one last thing, if I were to waste a half hour this would be my go to show for it.
  • Two "close to middle age" best friends go back to college after personal setbacks in their lives.

    Thinking of the idea of the show, it could have been one of two things....a complete disaster, absolute hit.
    I have to say, this show is an absolute hit!!! Not only is it extremely well written, but the chemistry between "Joan" and "Barrie" is awesome! This show is literally the funniest I have seen on t.v. These 2 ladies should be on every talk show possible so everyone can see how hilarious they are. Also, although somewhat politically incorrect, "Abdul" is so funny! Then you also have "Paige" and "Drew" 2 more hilarious people! All of these people are so very talented and should be more recognized for it!
    Basically....I love,love,love this show!
  • Two midddle aged ladies go to college as freshman. Living in the dorm as freshman do, they dive head first into college life head first and explore all college has to offer.

    One of the best shows currently on tv, we never miss an episode. The cast is so amazing it\\\'s had to believe that it\\\'s improvised. I think it could be a hit on any network. I\\\'m very happy that Oxygen reconizes a great thing when they see it. Looking forward to season two, I just wish there were more than ten episodes in a season, ten is not enough.
  • When it is revealed that the writers of "Family Guy" are going to use the Muslim prophet Character in a joking matter, the nation decides to "Bury it's head in the sand" and maybe the terrorists won't attack.

    When it is revealed that the writers of "Family Guy" are going to use the Muslim prophet Character in a joking matter, the nation decides to "Bury it's head in the sand" and maybe the terrorists won't attack. he leaves on a quest to get the episode pulled with him in tow they leave. But when he learns that he wishes to get the series cancelled he tries to stop him. And fails to be continued next week.
  • This show is mildly interesting!

    Campus Ladies is a very funny show that I would recommend. I was flipping through the channels one day when nothing was on and I found this show. I watched it a couple of times that day. From its name, you would see the show as being bad, but this show is very funny. It's about two older ladies who decide to go to college and in college they do many crazy things. This show is great and I would definitely recommend it!
  • Boldly on the edge of irrevent humor.

    Creators Christen Sussin and Carrie Aizley have made a great show that not only amuses but also thumbs its noses at its contemporaries.

    Barri Martin and Joan Beamin become two middle-age college freshmen at UMW after Barri catches her husband Roger with another woman. She and Joan, a widow, decide to reclaim a part of their lost youths.

    They deal with communal bathrooms, uppity sorority sisters, and wacky situations. In the midst, they start to find out who they are and have experiences that were denied them in the past.

    Along with their crazy friends Drew, Abdul, Paige, and Guy (resp. Drew Carter, Amir Talai, Miranda Kent, and Jonah Hill), Barri and Joan boldly take on every curveball life has to throw and hit 'em every time.
  • Great show!

    Funny and unique, this show\'s deadpan humor reminds me of \"The Office.\" Joan and Barri are every bit as unhip and amusing as Steve Carell\'s rendering of office manager Michael, and the fact that there is no laugh track and that the show\'s actors seem unbelievably natural, often talking over each other and seeming to ad lib, makes it that much funnier. Lending to the hilarity are the guest stars, most notably SNL\'s Will Forte as a beat poet in whom Joan takes a romantic interest and Maya Rudolph as a Women\'s History professor who is unintentionally outed by Joan and Barri. The two lead actresses make me laugh so easily that I find it hard to believe that I have never heard of either of them before.

    This is definitely the best fish-out-of-water story that I\'ve seen in a long time and a fresh alternative to unimaginative network sitcoms. Warm without being cheesy and funny without being unbelievable, this under-the-radar show is definitely worth checking out.
  • A new show to check out - premieres tonight! I haven't seen it yet, but I caught the stage version last year at the Groundlings (when they were working it out before shooting the pilot) and it was hilarious!

    The two stars and show creators, Christen (Nelson) Sussin and Carrie Aizley, play Barri and Joan, obliviously uncool, middle-aged divorcees who decide to leave Suburbia and head to college as freshmen.

    I know, it's on Oxygen, so the fellas may not be so quick to tune in, but DO! The audience I saw it with had an equal mix of men and women and was enjoyed by all. Also, industry buzz is that Oxygen wants to be the anti-Lifetime and go edgy in their comedy. It's got that Groundlings sensibility, Cheryl Hines (Mrs Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm) is one of the producers along with the people behind Reno 911!

    Worth checking out.
  • So funny and it's also kinda weird?

    I have no idea what this show is really about but it's so freaking funny. It makes me laugh like almost every second.

    It's two middle aged ladies why go to school and then go to wild parties and do wild things all the time. I don't know anything about their former life but their new lifestyle is completely off the wall crazy.

    It's funny and crazy. And well crazy is just the word for it.

    It's outragous. And now I just have to make some more words so that I can just post this.

  • freakin halarious!!!

    Just saw it, one of the funniest things, I think, on tv. Just great period. I didn't think it would be good but it is. I thought the condom challenge was great. So far it is on my top ten favorite shows. For being on a girls network I still think its funny even though I'm a guy.