Can You Teach My Alligator Manners?

Saturday 10:00 AM on Disney Channel Premiered Jun 21, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • wtf???

    someone teach my alligator how to fuck himself more like.
  • Someone Please Call The God Damn Police And Arrest These Parents!

    When this show first came on, it made me so angry. Why? Because it was an example on how much Disney Jr/Playhouse Disney has gone downhill. Most of the Kid Shows on Disney Jr. nowadays are either:

    1. Pointless (Such as this miserable show)

    2. A Disgrace to Something We Grew up With (Such as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake And The Neverland Pirates, and My Friends Tiger & Pooh)

    Alright, so this show is about a young boy named Mikey who has this best friend named Al, an alligator. He wants to keep Al as a pet, but unfortunately his mom won't let him keep Al. UNLESS he learns to be polite.

    Okay, first off, there are several problems with that plot.

    1. WHO WANTS TO BEFRIEND AN ALLIGATOR? This kid must be insane!

    2. WHY WOULD MIKEY'S PARENTS LET HIM KEEP AN ALLIGATOR AS A PET AS LONG AS HE IS POLITE? Don't they know that the alligator can eat the little boy? They should really get arrested.

    3. SINCE WHEN DO ALLIGATORS HAVE MANNERS? Welcome to reality people!

    Now, there are also problems with the episodes.

    1. Since when do Alligators go to movies, play baseball, walk on two feet, go to birthday parties, and more?

    2. How come nobody is blown away that there's an alligator walking around? Do these people think alligators are safe?

    3. Why aren't there any Police Men around?

    4. Every episode is the same thing. It's just Al doing something that isn't polite, then Mikey turns to the audience to ask for them to teach Al manners. The audience sits there and finally Mikey says "Yes, that's the right square! Thank you" This happens twice in each episode.

    5. Why do we need the 4th wall breaking? Dora anyone?

    There are A LOT more problems with this show, but I won't go over them.

    Overall, this is the most stupidest show I have ever seen in my life. I know it's supposed to be a kid's show, but GOD does it not teach kids ANYTHING!

    Overall: 1.0

    Grade: F-

  • Nope, but I can call animal control and have him taken to the zoo

    Seriously, why they hell does this kid have an alligator for a pet? is this show really educational? and I have the damn theme song stuck in my head, it's so terrible. this is the 2000's way of putting it, but this kid is trying too hard to be hip. He raps in the theme song and break dances, seriously? First off, he can't rap at all, second, he looks stupid when he break dances. I don't understand why they put hip hop into these kid shows, it's not cool in anyway. so about this show, I think the parents need to get arrested for letting a kid have an alligator for a pet, alligators are known for attacking people, they aren't friendly in anyway. I am fully aware this is a kid show, but this is ridiculous.
  • This show needs a new title. How about: Can you teach my show to be good?

    This show is called "Can You Teach My Alligator Manners?" that's about a kid name Mikey who has this pet Alligator name Al. However, his mom won't let him keep him unless he be's polite. Okay, first of all...who wants a alligator as a pet?! Alligators can eat you up, and when did Alligators have manners?! Is this teaching kids that alligators are friendly and have manners?! Welcome to reality people! We don't have Alligators with manners! Speaking of which, since when do alligators walk on two feet, play baseball, go to the movies, or ride elevators? Oh and the one that dosn't make sense, (Get ready for this) showing it for show and tell at school! Okay, who would let an alligator in the school? Also, why would you bring a fucking alligator to show and tell? Again, welcome to real life! I'm also suprise that his parents let him keep Al as long as he's polite, do they not realize that it can eat their son? They should arrest those parents. Every episode is always the same. Al is not being polite, so Mikey turns toward the audiance and asks them for help on what Al should be doing that's polite. And even if you don't say anything, he's going to say "Yes! that's the square! Thank you!" Then you pat yourself on the back, not knowing what you did. Why do kid shows these days do that breaking the fourth wall thing? It's SO annoying and piontless.

    Art: FAIL

    Voice Acting: FAIL

    Education Value: FAIL

    Anyway, this is a stupid kid show to miss out on.

    I bet someone at Disney Junior once got really wasted, left for home, and suddenly thought about making a show like this, and finally telling them to make it the next day.

    You call this a show? It's more of an LSD Trip!

    Final Score: 1.0

    Grade: F
  • Can you teach my aliigator manners? Hmm, no.

    Another crappy show produced by Disney Jr. To be honest, Disney Jr. and Disney Channel are going way downhill because of the shit they produce. Let's just make this review quick, shall we?

    This show is absolutely pointless and is one of the most questionable shows I've come across in my 13 years of life so far. Here are a few questions I would like to ask and a few reasons I have on why this is a pointless show for children:

    1) How the hell do Mikey's parents allow their son to keep a bloody alligator in their house? If this were reality, the alligator would kill Mikey and his parents would be arrested for keeping a wild reptile in the house in the first place whereas in the Disney universe, there's no police around to notice.

    2) Why does this show break the 4th wall everytime? This formula existed in other crappy shows like Dora, Go Diego Go!, Little Einsteins and more but the plot is the same clich thing as you know what will happen next. Basically Al does something bad, Mikey asks the audience what square with the good manners is right, the audience just sits there and Mikey goes: "Right, that square!" and everything's fine again. Seriously?

    3) Why are the characters stupid and pointless? You have dumbass characters in the show who seriously need mental help because of how stupid they are. The most stupid thing is when Mikey asks the same question over and over again. The 2nd male version of Dora anyone?

    4) There is no educational/moral value in this. Usually shows like this are supposed to have values but really, there's none here. The only values you get is that this show teaches kids that keeping wild animals is 100% OK and that nothing bad will happen whatsoever!

    Summary and rating:

    One of Disney's worst kids shows ever. Since Hannah Montana showed up, all of Disney with the slight exception of Disney Cinemagic has gone downhill. Disney need to realise this before more viewers tune out completely.

    Characters = 0/10

    Plot = 0/10

    Educational/moral value = 0/10

  • How about Can you teach my alligator how to get out of the house? I didn't expect this type of show.

    This show makes no sense. First off this guy shows up with an alligator named Al and then Al does the wrong thing while the owner tries to teach the alligator to do the right thing. Thats stupid and make no sense. First off, who has an alligator as a pet!? Alligators can eat you and they aren't supposed to have manners. Its basically like their decision. They live in marshes and wetlands too. Who lets this boy have an alligator as a pet anyways? If its his parents, they need to go to jail for trying to kill its son and themselves. Two, this show has a basic solution every single episode. They put 2 squares. One has him with manners, and 1 has him being all psychotic or some other behavior. Now everyone knows what manners are so if you didn't answer he'll say "Yes this square is right! Thank you!" If I was to answer back to him I would say " Go back to school kid, you're crazy, almost everyone knows that and most of all, your show sucks!" Well this is my review on this dumb show. See ya.