Can You Teach My Alligator Manners?

Saturday 10:00 AM on Disney Channel Premiered Jun 21, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • This show needs a new title. How about: Can you teach my show to be good?

    This show is called "Can You Teach My Alligator Manners?" that's about a kid name Mikey who has this pet Alligator name Al. However, his mom won't let him keep him unless he be's polite. Okay, first of all...who wants a alligator as a pet?! Alligators can eat you up, and when did Alligators have manners?! Is this teaching kids that alligators are friendly and have manners?! Welcome to reality people! We don't have Alligators with manners! Speaking of which, since when do alligators walk on two feet, play baseball, go to the movies, or ride elevators? Oh and the one that dosn't make sense, (Get ready for this) showing it for show and tell at school! Okay, who would let an alligator in the school? Also, why would you bring a fucking alligator to show and tell? Again, welcome to real life! I'm also suprise that his parents let him keep Al as long as he's polite, do they not realize that it can eat their son? They should arrest those parents. Every episode is always the same. Al is not being polite, so Mikey turns toward the audiance and asks them for help on what Al should be doing that's polite. And even if you don't say anything, he's going to say "Yes! that's the square! Thank you!" Then you pat yourself on the back, not knowing what you did. Why do kid shows these days do that breaking the fourth wall thing? It's SO annoying and piontless.

    Art: FAIL

    Voice Acting: FAIL

    Education Value: FAIL

    Anyway, this is a stupid kid show to miss out on.

    I bet someone at Disney Junior once got really wasted, left for home, and suddenly thought about making a show like this, and finally telling them to make it the next day.

    You call this a show? It's more of an LSD Trip!

    Final Score: 1.0

    Grade: F