Can You Teach My Alligator Manners?

Saturday 10:00 AM on Disney Channel Premiered Jun 21, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • Can you teach my aliigator manners? Hmm, no.

    Another crappy show produced by Disney Jr. To be honest, Disney Jr. and Disney Channel are going way downhill because of the shit they produce. Let's just make this review quick, shall we?

    This show is absolutely pointless and is one of the most questionable shows I've come across in my 13 years of life so far. Here are a few questions I would like to ask and a few reasons I have on why this is a pointless show for children:

    1) How the hell do Mikey's parents allow their son to keep a bloody alligator in their house? If this were reality, the alligator would kill Mikey and his parents would be arrested for keeping a wild reptile in the house in the first place whereas in the Disney universe, there's no police around to notice.

    2) Why does this show break the 4th wall everytime? This formula existed in other crappy shows like Dora, Go Diego Go!, Little Einsteins and more but the plot is the same clich thing as you know what will happen next. Basically Al does something bad, Mikey asks the audience what square with the good manners is right, the audience just sits there and Mikey goes: "Right, that square!" and everything's fine again. Seriously?

    3) Why are the characters stupid and pointless? You have dumbass characters in the show who seriously need mental help because of how stupid they are. The most stupid thing is when Mikey asks the same question over and over again. The 2nd male version of Dora anyone?

    4) There is no educational/moral value in this. Usually shows like this are supposed to have values but really, there's none here. The only values you get is that this show teaches kids that keeping wild animals is 100% OK and that nothing bad will happen whatsoever!

    Summary and rating:

    One of Disney's worst kids shows ever. Since Hannah Montana showed up, all of Disney with the slight exception of Disney Cinemagic has gone downhill. Disney need to realise this before more viewers tune out completely.

    Characters = 0/10

    Plot = 0/10

    Educational/moral value = 0/10