Can You Teach My Alligator Manners?

Saturday 10:00 AM on Disney Channel Premiered Jun 21, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • Someone Please Call The God Damn Police And Arrest These Parents!

    When this show first came on, it made me so angry. Why? Because it was an example on how much Disney Jr/Playhouse Disney has gone downhill. Most of the Kid Shows on Disney Jr. nowadays are either:

    1. Pointless (Such as this miserable show)

    2. A Disgrace to Something We Grew up With (Such as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake And The Neverland Pirates, and My Friends Tiger & Pooh)

    Alright, so this show is about a young boy named Mikey who has this best friend named Al, an alligator. He wants to keep Al as a pet, but unfortunately his mom won't let him keep Al. UNLESS he learns to be polite.

    Okay, first off, there are several problems with that plot.

    1. WHO WANTS TO BEFRIEND AN ALLIGATOR? This kid must be insane!

    2. WHY WOULD MIKEY'S PARENTS LET HIM KEEP AN ALLIGATOR AS A PET AS LONG AS HE IS POLITE? Don't they know that the alligator can eat the little boy? They should really get arrested.

    3. SINCE WHEN DO ALLIGATORS HAVE MANNERS? Welcome to reality people!

    Now, there are also problems with the episodes.

    1. Since when do Alligators go to movies, play baseball, walk on two feet, go to birthday parties, and more?

    2. How come nobody is blown away that there's an alligator walking around? Do these people think alligators are safe?

    3. Why aren't there any Police Men around?

    4. Every episode is the same thing. It's just Al doing something that isn't polite, then Mikey turns to the audience to ask for them to teach Al manners. The audience sits there and finally Mikey says "Yes, that's the right square! Thank you" This happens twice in each episode.

    5. Why do we need the 4th wall breaking? Dora anyone?

    There are A LOT more problems with this show, but I won't go over them.

    Overall, this is the most stupidest show I have ever seen in my life. I know it's supposed to be a kid's show, but GOD does it not teach kids ANYTHING!

    Overall: 1.0

    Grade: F-