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  • CANAAN has a lot of appeal just by looking at it, but it has little else that makes other shows great.

    The entire reason why I started watching CANAAN was the image of its advertisement cover; two beautiful women back to back holding guns. It looked awesome, and this show could be the very reason why I'll stop picking up shows for its appeal. Don't get me wrong though; it's not totally lacking in substance hoping its sex appeal will help overcompensate it; there are several times throughout this anime that feels like it'll be in the Cowboy Bebop, Darker Than Black, Trigun tier. Instead several flaws hinder it to bring it several notches below their level.

    It starts off like those standard espionage animes about global conspiracies and terrorism, laying out a lot of questions to be answered later on. While the questions are eventually answered, it does it in an extremely unsatisfying way. Somewhere in the middle it just misses a bunch of steps, confusing you to no end, and eventually the show just ends with a pretty mediocre finale. The end result is that it leaves A LOT to be desired and you can't help but feel that the show greatly underachieved and you've been cheated of a great watch. Somewhere along the lines there's this great relationship between CANAAN, the main character, and another girl, but you don't realize it until the very end that they the show was trying to actually develop their relationship together. CANAAN is just a big confusing mess, but if you can get pass its jittery bugs, well, you should be in for a treat.
  • A great show with stunning visuals and a fantastic female lead.

    The plot is loosely based on characters from the famous computer game 428 ~Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de~. Although the events of the anime take place after those in the game. The story follows a collection of people including a photographer, a mercenary, a terrorist and a retired spy amoung others who get drawn into a strange conspiracy.

    The characters are good and I absolutely adore Canaan, the strange and troubled lead. There are also some good supporting characetrs all with excellent voice talent. But what really makes this show for me is the visuals which are fantastic. The shots are artistic without being unrecognisable and the execution of the synergism scenes is perfect.

    All in all this is a great mystery action show although I am sure it is easier to understand if you have played the game.