Canada AM

Season 4 Episode 153

April 2, 2008

Aired Weekdays 6:00 AM Apr 02, 2008 on CTV

Episode Recap

Top News: NATO's mission in Afghanistan tops the agenda, as leaders meet in Bucharest; both US President Bush and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper are pressing for troop reinforcements in Afghanistan; Guy LaFleur is suing Montreal police and Quebec Solicitor General, claiming his reputation was tarnished by the arrest warrant issued earlier this year; Irish Prime Minister Bernie Ahern is resigning over his deepening troubles over a cash payment scandal; a new fight is taking place in Ottawa over when it is appropriate to lower the flag; the RCMP is calling last weekend's deadly rescue operation of a sealing vessel an "unfortunate accident", there are conflicting versions of what happened; two Sikh men in B.C. have filed a grievance against their employer claiming that they are being discriminated against because they wear turbans and won't wear hard hats; there is home-video of an 18-wheeler speeding down the wrong side of a highway; prices are up for airline tickets on both Air Canada and WestJet; the Loonie is rising as prices for gold and oil recover, it is at 98.4 US; the US Federal Reserve has cleared the way for JP Morgan to take over Bear Stearns; Playboy Enterprises is launching a magazine in the Philippines but it will have no nudity in it; high winds took down a light standard at McCowan Road in Toronto that fell on to the 401. Bev speaks with NATO spokesperson James Appathurai, in Bucharest, Romania, about the on-going talks at the summit; she also speaks with John Manley, Chair, Independent Panel on Canada's Future Role in Afghanistan about the mission in Afghanistan; Seamus speaks with Jason Kenney, Secretary of State for Multiculturalism & Canadian Identity, about a panel recommendation that the Canadian flag on the Peace Tower in Parliament should only be lowered on Rememberance Day, whereas the Liberals are asking that it be lowered every time a soldier dies overseas, and gets the government position on the issue; Bev takes a look at a recent study that says that job interviews as conducted by HR representatives, are often flawed, and speaks with Geoffrey Smith, University of Guelph, about how interviews can stray from the preset list of questions and end up being unfair; Seamus speaks with Leslie Beck, Dietician, about eating lunch at home, how it is less expensive and healthier; Marci looks at the career of George Chuvalo, and his current program in going to local schools to talk to students about drug abuse; she then speaks with him about this program in the studio; Bev speaks with Steven Skurka about the law suit that Guy LaFleur has launched against the Montreal police and the Quebec Solicitor General, in which he claims that by issuing an arrest warrant they damaged his reputation; Seamus speaks with Pico Iyer about his recent book about the Dalai Lama, "The Open Road"; Bev speaks with Diane Francis, author of "Who Owns Canada Now" about her book and where the wealth lies in Canada; Seamus speaks with three members of the chorus from the documentary and touring group Young@Heart, Helen Boston, Joseph Mitchell, and Liria Petrides; Bev looks into the career of JUNO nominee, Feist; Suzie McNeil performs "Believe" from the album Broken & Beautiful for the AM studio audience.

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