Canada AM

Season 4 Episode 69

December 6, 2007

Aired Weekdays 6:00 AM Dec 06, 2007 on CTV

Episode Recap

A shooter opened fire in a busy mall in Omaha, Nebraska, killing eight people before turning the gun on himself; Robert Latimer's sister says that the decision to deny him day parole is just another kick in the face, but advocates for the disabled say it was the right move, and the parole board said that Latimer showed neither understanding nor remorse for his actions; a nuclear reactor in Chalk River, Ontario, has been shut down, leaving people requiring medical isotopes for cancer testing waiting; the wife of John Darwin, the British man thought to be dead, admitted that she knew he was alive all along; NDP MP Irene Matheson accused one of her Conservative colleagues of looking at porn while in the House, but will apologize after learning that the photos James Moore was looking at were of his girlfriend; Montreal scientists say they have successfully cloned three litters of pigs; an Alberta airport is threatening to cancel contracts with cab companies after a blind woman with a seeing eye dog was refused rides with at least 10 cabs with the cabbies giving reasons ranging from allergies, to religion, to fear of dogs; The Golden Compass is an award-winning fantasy novel for children, and is now at the centre of a debate over the atheist views of the author, the Calgary Catholic School Board has pulled the book from its shelves, and is the second board to do so, and Catholic groups are calling for people to boycott the movie; Kiefer Sutherland began his 48-day sentence for drunk driving, production of 24 will not be disrupted as it is in hiatus due to the writers' strike; the Canadian dollar closed last night at 0.9899 US; Toronto City Councillor George Mammoliti has come up with a possible solution to the gun violence in his ward: bring in the army; hydro crews are scrambling to restore electricity to homes in Newfoundland after a fierce winter storm there; an elderly couple died and others became ill after carbon monoxide filled a Calgary home, a car left running in the garage is to blame; it was 90 years ago today that the Halifax explosion occurred, killing more than 2,000 people. Sean Callebs, CNN Correspondent, reports in from Omaha, Nebraska, with a brief profile on Robert Hawkins, the shooter in the mall killings, as well as an update on the situation there; people in Robert Latimer's home town think he should be returned home to his family; Bev speaks with Grant Mitchell, Lawyer for the Coalition of Disabled Groups, and Arthur Schafer, Director, University of Manitoba Ethics Centre, for their reactions on the parole board's decision to deny Latimer day parole, and the ethical concerns in the case; the nuclear reactor in Chalk River has been shut down, affecting thousands of patients who need medical tests and treatments that use the medical isotopes created by the reactor; Seamus speaks with Dr. Christopher O'Brien, Ontario Association of Nuclear Medicine, who speaks about the effects this will have on patient care; Bev speaks with Col. James M. Kelly, Astronaut, about the Space Shuttle Atlantis launch, scheduled for this afternoon, about the tasks the shuttle crew will be performing during this mission; John Darwin had been declared dead after going missing while canoeing, now, five years later, he's turned up, and his wife, who originally seemed to be surprised, now admits that she knew all along that he was alive; Seamus speaks with Tom Kennedy, CTV News in London, for an update on the situation and what course the police investigation is taking in London; Bev talks with Dr. Michael Roizen about how to decipher your aging code, and how to keep your mind sharp as you age; Pat Foran drops by the studio with some tips on how to decrease your electricity bill during the holiday season by using LED lights; a Canadian innovation allows patients to find out the results of an HIV test in 60 seconds, Bev speaks with Matthew Clayton, Chief Operating Officer, bioLytical, who explains how the new test works, and demonstrates the speed of the results; Seamus speaks with Keira Knightley about her new movie Atonement; Heather Reisman, CEO Indigo Books, drops by to tell Seamus about her book picks for gift-giving this holiday season; Kurt Browning chats with Bev about his role in Peter Pan on stage; Seamus goes to the AM kitchen with the creators of The Bachelor's Guide, Michael Kryton, Clarence Shields, Yardley Jones, and Spyder Yardley-Jones, who cook up a grilled cheese sandwich on an iron, and bacon-wrapped appetizers.

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