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Season 4 Episode 115

February 8, 2008

Aired Weekdays 6:00 AM Feb 08, 2008 on CTV

Episode Recap

The manhunt has ended for the man known around the world as "Dr. Horror", Dr. Kumar, wanted for illegal organ transplants, was found by police in Nepal; Benazir Bhutto died as a result of a head injury caused by the impact of a bomb, not due to a bullet, as earlier speculated, Scotland Yard has concluded; Canada has taken France's position that they are willing to send support to Afghanistan very seriously, senior Canadian officials are in Paris to find out what that support might be; new defence department numbers show that the number of Canadian soldiers wounded in Afghanistan dropped dramatically last year, 84 soldiers were injured in fighting in 2007, a 54% drop; the St. Louis suburb of Kirkwood is reeling after a gunman went on a shooting spree at a city council meeting, two police officers and three civilians died before the gunman was killed; the crew of the Shuttle Atlantis started out their first day in space with a wake up call of Peter Gabriel songs, they will reach the ISS tomorrow; in the stock markets, both the TSX and the Dow were up at the end of the week; the man accused in the multi-billion dollar scam at Societe Generale in France is to appear in court today, asking for bail; the G-7 are preparing to meet in Tokyo tomorrow; the search for survivors continues at a shipyard after an explosion and fire at a sugar refinery near Savannah, Georgia; an 11-year old Barrie boy is in the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto with head injuries after being hit by a car, police say he ran out from behind a snowbank and into the path of the car; the Harper government is taking a hard line on a crime bill, issuing a warning to the Liberal-dominated senate, warning them to act fast or suffer the consequences; a 33-year old woman is in jail, charged with trying to hi-jack an Air New Zealand commuter plane, the woman allegedly stabbed both pilots and threatened to blow up the plane. Jeff reports in from Winterlude in Ottawa; Paul Workman, CTV News, reports in from New Delhi, and talks to Jennifer about the arrest of Dr. Kumar; Tom Kennedy, CTV News, reports in from Vilnius, Lithuania, on the three possible ways that the current Conservative government could be defeated, and the NATO meetings taking place in Lithuania; Graham Richardson, CTV News, report in from Ottawa on the crime bill that the Harper government is trying to push through the Liberal-dominated senate; the Harper government has a crime bill before the senate, and is accusing them of delaying the bill; Seamus speaks with Peter Van Loan, Government House Leader, who explains why the bill needs to be passed, and why he's pushing the senate to decide on it; police on both sides of the Atlantic have arrested 77 members of the mafia in both Italy and the US; Marci speaks with Antonio Nicaso, author of Blood Lines: The Rise and Fall of the Mafia's Royal Family and Mafia Expert, who explains how the joint-police effort took place, and what it means for organized crime; polar bears might not be around forever, with global warming melting Arctic sea ice, environmentalists are urging governments on the Endangered Species Act; Seamus speaks with Carter Roberts, World Wildlife Fund, who explains what needs to be done to protect the polar bear; Richard Crouse drops by to review Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Show (2 stars), Fool's Gold (1 star), and the dvd release of Across The Universe (3 stars); Marci speaks with Vince Vaughn about his movie Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Show; many working women are not making as much as their male counterparts, according to Chatelaine Magazine, women are earning 92 cents to the male dollar; Seamus speaks with Maryam Sanati, Chatelaine Deputy Editor, who explains how the comparison was done, and whether this is simple discrimination, or due to the choices that women make in their careers; W-FIVE's latest exposee takes a look at police officers who take advantage of their position of power to inflict abuse on people they arrest; Marci speaks with Victor Malarek, W-FIVE, about their most recent documentary and the abuse they chronicled; Seamus speaks with Robert Levy, Managing Director, Brandspark International, about the winners in the 'Best New Products Awards'; in the final part of our 'Etiquette Series', Marci speaks with Lizzie Post, author of How Do You Work This Life Thing?, who answers viewer questions about politeness; soldiers injured in Afghanistan are playing paralympic sports as part of their rehabilitation program; Seamus speaks with Sgt. Andrew McLean, Winner, King Clancy Award for 'Soldier On', about the program that he started, as well as speaking to Master Cpl. Jody Mitic, who lost both his legs below the knee in Afghanistan, about his participation in the program and what it has meant to him, and John Casey, a 'Soldier On' promoter; Marci speaks with Karl Lohnes, Style Editor, Style At Home Magazine, about eco-friendly home decor items; Mi-Jung speaks with Stephane Dion, Liberal Leader, about the possibility of a spring election, with various threats of non-confidence votes being bandied about by both the Liberals and the Conservatives; Mi-Jung speaks with Max Donelan, Professor of Kinesology, Simon Fraser University, who came up with the idea of harnessing human walking power to give life to gadgets like iPods.

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