Canada AM

Season 6 Episode 325

July 12, 2010

Aired Weekdays 6:00 AM Jul 12, 2010 on CTV

Episode Recap

At least 64 people have been killed in Uganda as bombs went off where people had gathered to watch the World Cup games; over 250 people were forced to flee their homes after a massive fire broke out in B.C.'s Okanagan Valley; the US teenager known as "The Barefoot Bandit" is under investigation in Canada for a break in at an aircraft hangar in B.C.; an Edmonton RCMP officer makes a court appearance today on charges of second degree murder in the death of his wife, whose body was discovered over the weekend; a pre-trial hearing is expected today for Omar Khadr, the hearing will deal with whether Khadr will represent himself after firing his lawyers last week; a B.C. man who confessed to killing his 5-year old step-daughter will appear in a Washington court today on first degree murder charges, if convicted, he could face the death penalty; BP says efforts to install a cap on the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico are on schedule; the Harper government is considering changing the mandatory retirement age of 65; Despicable Me was number one at the box office this weekend with over $60 million, Eclipse was at number two with $33 million, and Predators opened in third place with $25 million; Japanese currency tumbled after Prime Minister Naoto Kan's party lost control of the upper house of parliament; Switzerland will not extradite 76-year old movie director Roman Polanski to the US. Bev speaks with Geoffrey York, The Globe & Mail, about the World Cup games; Paula speaks with Robert Fox, Executive Director, OXFAM, about the conditions in Haiti six months after the devastating earthquake; Jeff interviews Regis Philbin, Host of Live With Regis & Kelly, on a lobster boat in PEI; Bev speaks with Megan Hughes, CNN, about BP's latest efforts to cap the breached oil well in the Gulf of Mexico; Paula speaks with Ellen Gabriel, President, Quebec Native Women's Association, about the anniversary of the Oka stand-off 20 years ago; Jeff speaks with Robert Ghiz, Premier of PEI, about the cost of bringing Regis and Kelly to PEI and the expected tourist income the show will generate; Bev speaks with Lisa LaFlamme, CTV News, about Lloyd Robertson's retirement and her up-coming job as National News anchor; Jeff speaks with Michael Gelman, Executive Producer, Live With Regis & Kelly, about what to expect this week on the show; Jeff speaks with Kelly Ripa, Host, Live With Regis & Kelly, about being in PEI and her first impressions of the island; Paula speaks with Desiree Arsenault, Calgary Humane Society, about Mandarin, the kitten that travelled from China to Canada accidentally locked in a shipping container; Jeff takes us on a tour of PEI.