Canada AM

Season 6 Episode 334

July 23, 2010

Aired Weekdays 6:00 AM Jul 23, 2010 on CTV

Episode Recap

Conrad Black will be in Chicago today to hear the conditions of his bail, he is hoping to be allowed to leave the US to come to Canada; ships near the site of the BP oil spill have been ordered to leave the area as Tropical Storm Bonnie approaches, BP has suspended its relief well drilling; the body of Sapper Brian Collier is expected to arrive at CFB Trenton this afternoon, he is the 151st Canadian soldier to die in Afghanistan; longshoremen at the Port of Montreal will vote today on an interim agreement that could bring an end to the lockout that has paralyzed shipping throughout the city; Helena Guergis has been cleared of all charges by the RCMP, and now wants to have a face-to-face meeting with Prime Minister Harper to talk about what happened, there is no indication that Harper is amenable to the meeting; the Vancouver Police Force is in some hot water after an officer pushed a handicapped woman to the ground for no apparent reason, the incident was captured on video, the officer has apologized; Scottish Ministers have declined to attend a US Senate hearing examining the circumstances surrounding the release of the Lockerbie bomber, Senators were hoping the hearing would help them understand why the convicted bomber was released, and if there was a deal with BP Oil; severe flooding in China due to a typhoon has killed at least 2 people, more flooding is expected this week; the European Union officials will release the stress test results on banks today; CN Railways made $534 million in profits this quarter; Microsoft says its profit climbed to more than $4.5 billion in the second quarter of this year; the legal battle over Bratz dolls continues, as an appeal courts judge has ruled that a lower court judge made an error when he ordered that the Bratz franchise be handed over to Mattel; a black bear that attacked two men in B.C. has been shot and killed; Susan Boyle is offering a lucky fan a chance to sing a duet with her on her new album by uploading an audition to her website; the 9-metre Big Nickel is celebrating 46 years as a landmark in northern Ontario; a museum in Regina is highlighting the history of the toilet. Seamus speaks with Paula Todd, CTV News Correspondent, about the release of Conrad Black from jail pending the appeal of his fraud charges, and the possible conditions that might be imposed upon him; Marci speaks with Esme Fuller-Thomson, Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto, about a recent study that shows that people who were physically abused as a child are more likely to suffer heart attacks; Seamus talks with Kevin MacDonald, Filmmaker, about "Life In A Day", a new documentary that could possibly star ~you~, an idea that he shares with director Ridley Scott; Marci chats with Dr. Ian Sandler, Vererinarian, who checks out some pet gadgets in our "We Try It Before You Buy It" series, including a cat emery board, the GoDogGo Remote Fetch device, a pet's-eye-view camera, and the Furminator de-shedding tool; Seamus talks with Richard Crouse, who reviews Salt (3 stars); Seamus and Marci sit down with the Friday panel (Richard Crouse and Paul Bliss) to talk about this week's news stories; Seamus speaks with Randall Craig, Co-Author, "Social Media For Business", about how to use Twitter to get the job you want; Marci talks with Loren Christie about how to get great accommodations when you travel; Seamus goes to the AM Kitchen with Steve Adams, Team Cedar Grilling, to barbecue up some chicken and ribs; Marci talks with Kevin Callan, Author, "The Happy Camper", who tests out some camping gadgets for us.