Canada AM

Season 6 Episode 320

July 5, 2010

Aired Weekdays 6:00 AM Jul 05, 2010 on CTV

Episode Recap

The Queen is wrapping up her tour of Canada with a high-tech visit to Waterloo, ON today; Big Red Mike won the 151st running of the Queen`s Plate yesterday, the Queen and Prince Philip were in attendance; the UK`s counter-intelligence agency is investigating reports of a link between an alleged Russian spy and the Royal family; a bizarre boating collision in the B.C. interior killed a 53-year old man this weekend; clean up i sunder way in Saskatchewan after an F3 tornado touched down, at least 20 houses were destroyed but no one was hurt; the director of CSIS appears before a public safety committee today to testify about remarks he made regarding MPs being influenced by foreign officials; a tentative deal has been reached that could end a year-long strike at mning giant VALE; the Scottish government is under fire with news that the Lockerbie bomber, released on compassionate grounds, may live another decade; the Governor-General wraps up her tour of China with a visit to the Great Wall and the Forbidden City; Eclipse easily won the top spot at the weekend box office, taking in about $69 million, The Last Airbender was in second place with $40 million, Toy Story 3 placed third with more than $30 million; the clean up of oil in the Gulf of Mexico may be delayed due to high waves in the area of the leak. Omar Sachedina, CTV News Correspondent, report in on the final days of the Queen`s visit; Marci speaks with Maj. Gen. (Ret`d) Lewis MacKenzie, Military Analyst, about the change in leadership for the US military in the Middle East; Paula speaks with Dave Naylor, Sports Journalist, about the possibility of Canada getting another NHL team; Marci speaks with Paul Chafe Writer, about winning the contest for the worst opening line for a novel; 40 years ago today, 109 people were killed when a plane crashed at Toronto`s Pearson Airport, Marci speaks with Lynda Fishman, Author and daughter and sister of victims in the crash, about her book and her devastating loss; Richard Crouse interviews Joan Cusack and Timothy Dalton, Actors, about voicing characters in Toy Story 3; Marci speaks with Stephen Brunt, The Globe & Mail, who is in Cape Town, RSA, about the games of the World Cup; Libby Norris shows us some workout tools that you can get for under $20; Marci talks with David Rennie, Drill Sergeant Major, Ceremonial Guard, about the protocol and etiquette for various levels of dignitaries; Paula speaks with Ray Zahab, Endurance Athlete, about his feats of endurance and quitting smoking; Marci chats with Jennifer Reynolds, Editor-In-Chief, Canadian Family Magazine, about activities to keep your kids busy and active this Summer.
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