Canada AM

Season 6 Episode 321

July 6, 2010

Aired Weekdays 6:00 AM Jul 06, 2010 on CTV

Episode Recap

For the second day in a row, Ontario and Quebec are suffering through high temperatures into the 30s, feeling like 40 degrees with the humidex; Toronto lost power for hours yesterday afternoon after an explosion and fire at a transformer station, the power outage affected the Queen`s visit as the Royal York Hotel lost power, generators restored the power in time for the dinner to continue; Europeans are sizzling as well, as temperatures in the 30s hit parts of the continent; the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that Ottawa is not doing enough to protect the rights of Omar Khadr and has given the government seven days to come up with a list of remedies, Khadr has been held in prison in the US for eight years; a Canadian is among INTERPOL`s most wanted, David Carrol is alleged to have been involved in the murders of 13 people; the RCMP will hold disciplinary hearings after 12 of its officers were sent home from the Vancouver Olympics for alleged misconduct including excessive drinking, theft, and sexual misconduct; tar balls from the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico have washed up on Texas beaches; the Queen wrapped up her Canadian tour today with a reception at the Ontario legislature, she travels to New York to speak at the UN for the first time in over 50 years; Michael Ignatieff is in China looking to strengthen relations with the nation; six Israeli soldiers may face punishment after a video of them dancing on the job went viral on the internet; the Loonie closed at 93.90 cents US last night, but has been trading as high as 94.38 cents US today; the hockey world is mourning the death of Bob Probert who collapsed while boating near his Windsor home; torrential rain flooded parts of Tokyo, more than 100 mm of rain fell within an hour. Marci speaks with Amir Attaran, Law Professor, University of Ottawa, about the recent SCC rulihg in the Omar Khadr case, and what this means for the government; Paula speaks with Peter Edwards, Author, Encyclopedia of Canadian Organized Crime, about a string of murders and abductions in Quebec that are changing the face of organized crime there; Marci talks with David King, Robert Half Management Resources, about a new study that says "morning people" are more successful, and what jobs "night owls" can take to be successful; Marci speaks with David Phillips, Senior Climatologist, Environment Canada, about the current heat wave and how long it can be expected to last; she also speaks with Dr. Lillian Wong, Ministry of Labour, about "heat stress" in the work place; Paula talks with Norman Inkster, Former President of INTERPOL, about their use of social networking sites to catch wanted criminals; Marci speaks with Richard Berthelsen, Former Royal Tour Organizer, about the Queen`s hectic schedule; Paula sits down with Cyndi Lauper, Singer, to talk about being Grand Marshall for Toronto`s Pride Parade as well as about her new album; Marci talks with Yael Panet, Wardrobe Consultant, about how to put together a fashionable outfit for under $20; Paula speaks with M. Night Shyamalan, Director, about his latest film, The Last Airbender; Marci goes out to the patio with Chris Mills, Executive Chef, "Joey" Restaurant, for some Summer treats including cole slaw and fish tacos.