Canada AM

Season 4 Episode 187

May 20, 2008

Aired Weekdays 6:00 AM May 20, 2008 on CTV

Episode Recap

Rescue efforts continue in China as people are still being pulled from the rubble alive, a man trapped for 170 hours was found yesterday; a 29-year old man in Quebec is accused of killing a mother of two and could face more charges of kidnapping, confinement and robbery; police in Toronto say they are dealing with a double murder-suicide after a third body has been found in the ashes of a burned out townhouse; the search resumes for the body of second young man in a lake north of Toronto, the men went canoeing early Sunday morning and the boat overturned; the military rulers in Burma have allowed medical workers from neighbouring countries to come into the country to oversee the distribution of medical supplies and aid; Porter Airlines may soon be offering fewer flights between Toronto and its home base of Newark, NJ, as it has been ordered to reduce flights from 14 to 4; a blown tire may be to blame for a deadly accident in Hildago State, Mexico, at least 24 people died when a bus plunged off a remote canyon road; a new study shows that 21% of the people in Ontario have hypertension; a street racing crash in Milton, ON, lead to the death of one person and the critical injury of three others, police are looking for the second car involved in the racing; the OPP laid 163 street racing charges this holiday weekend, including charging a 17-year old with doing 239 in an 80 zone; three people were found dead in a shipping yard in Florida, police believe it to be as a result of the leakage of hazardous materials. Jeff is in Aurora, at the Magna Golf Course, where he talks with Annika Sorenstam about her decision to retire from professional golf; Bev speaks with Elvis Stojko, Olympic figure skater, who has been demonstrating on the issue of whether Olympic athletes should speak out against the Chinese government and their human rights record; Marci talks with Dr. Marla Shapiro about early detection of lung cancer; Bev speaks with Tonya Harding, figure skater, and Lynda Prouse, author of The Tonya Tapes, about Tonya Harding's life and career; Mi-Jung talks with Goldie Hawn about teaching children 'mindfulness' as a way of calming themselves, and giving them greater focus.

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