Canada AM

Season 4 Episode 51

November 12, 2007

Aired Weekdays 6:00 AM Nov 12, 2007 on CTV

Episode Recap

Discredited Ontario pathologist Charles Smith is at the centre of a series of hearings which begin today in Toronto, his testimony helped convict numerous people, many of those convictions have since been overturned; Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf says there will be elections in January, but under the State of Emergency that is currently in place, Benazir Bhutto says that won't be democratic and has vowed to lead a protest tomorrow; a severe storm caused a Russian tanker to spill nearly 2,000 tons of fuel oil in the Strait of Kerch; in California, a federal criminal investigation is underway in a cargo ship crash, the US Coast Guard wants to know if human error is to blame for last Wednesday's oil spill in San Francisco Bay; a new security plan is in the works that could greatly restrict Canadians' access to parliament and the grounds of Parliament Hill; Canadians marked Remembrance Day yesterday, and the families of five fallen soldiers paid their tribute in Afghanistan; a federal government report says that last year's pledge to increase the number of soldiers has been scaled down; about 200 soccer fans rioted in Rome over the death of a soccer fan in what police say was an accidental shooting; Jerry Seinfeld's Bee Movie jumped to the number 1 spot in the box office this weekend, the first time in two years that a movie has moved up to the number 1 spot from a lower ranking; Magna International has signed an agreement to build a car assembly plant in Russia to build cars for Chrysler; there are rumours that Cadbury Schweppes may merge with Hershey's; Music World, Canada's last remaining 'record store,' has fallen victim to Internet downloading, and declared bankruptcy; Liberal leader Stephane Dion says he wants more transparency from Prime Minister Stephen Harper on the government file dealing with Brian Mulroney and Karl Heinz-Schriber; at least 25 cattle farms are under quarantine in B.C. and Alberta after a bull tested positive for bovine tuberculosis; parents in Toronto are debating the need for race-based schools; workers at Montreal's Notre-Dame de Neige cemetery have ended a six-month strike that put a stop to burials there; Tim Horton's founder Ron Joyce and his son were involved in the crash of a private air plane at a Nova Scotia Golf Resort, no one was hurt in the crash. Pakistan is under its ninth day of emergency rule and citizens plan to take to the streets tomorrow in protest, lead by Benazir Bhutto. Eric Margolis, Foreign Affairs Analyst, spoke with former Prime Minister Bhutto on Friday, and speaks with Seamus about that conversation and the situation in Pakistan; the Toronto School Board is considering opening a race-based school; Bev speaks with Lindis Collins-Bacchus, Vice President, ACHA, and Carl James, a professor at York University, to discuss the pros and cons of the issue; Marci speaks with Mark Messier, who is being inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame today; he talks about his career, his future, and the honour of being inducted into the Hall of Fame; Bev speaks with Hilary Swank about her recent on-air hair cut to support the Beautiful Lengths Campaign, as well as her new movie, a romantic comedy, P.S. I Love You; Kris Abel drops by to show Seamus the latest in games for computers and hand-held systems that help keep your brain in shape; students at University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) are getting a hands-on experience in collecting evidence, much like the popular CSI TV shows; Bev speaks with professor Shari Forbes, faculty of science at UOIT, and Jillian McKay, 2nd year student, about the program, its origins and the realistic training house being used; in part 1 of our 'Happiness Series', Seamus speaks with Professor Ulrich Schimmack about how to measure happiness; Libby Norris show us some easy exercises that can help get you in shape for your favourite winter sports; Bev speaks with Sir Richard Branson, currently in Toronto to host a fund-raiser to raise money for Heaven's Angels who deliver food to communities in Africa; Bev goes to the AM kitchen with Korey Kealey to cook up some Jambalaya with Milk, from the 2008 Milk Calendar.

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